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A Man’s House is His Castle

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

A Man’s House is His Castle

March 04, 2011

The Middle Ages produced the great castles of Europe, many of which were protected by a wall and a moat. Both were for the protection of the nobility, which dwelled within the castle wall. The moat resembled a canal filled with water surrounding the castle to prevent battering rams from coming in contact with the wall and ladders being used to scale it. Usually, the only access to the castle was a drawbridge, which could be lowered and raised, as required, to prevent anyone from entering. The nobleman who dwelled within the castle was like a king in his own house.

There is a saying that a man’s house is his castle. There is even a law called the Castle Law, which deems man justified to defend to death his own home, and those dwelling therein, from forceful entry. It allows him, by law, to kill an intruder simply by nature of the intrusion, all of which rest on the principle that a man’s house is his castle, where he has the final say in all matters.

Jesus said that the body is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. It is interesting to note that the prophet Isaiah described the righteousness of the servants of the Lord as coming from the Lord Himself, pointing prophetically to Jesus and His bride of the church. The bride is the wife of her Maker who becomes as a Husband to her. She then can bear spiritual sons and daughters for God in the Spirit, as it fills and enters her body, making of her a new creation.

It could be said that her body is the house of the Spirit so that her Beloved Husband and Protector dwells within her. The living water surrounds her like a moat so that no weapon formed against her can prosper. Every tongue that rises against her in judgment shall be condemned. Jesus is like a drawbridge, pulling Himself up to His full height, stretching into the heavens, leaving no possibility for the enemy to come against her.

The Garden was the first estate of man having the moat of the living water called the Pishon surrounding her borders. When man sinned, God withdrew His protection of the spiritual waters around him to the extent that man was doomed to die. Adam lost the Spirit of life with its spiritual water departing with the Lord, no longer providing His moat-like water protection.

Adam literally threw himself into the fray of the coming empires designed by Satan so that different waters flowed in and around him, ultimately causing his destruction. And so, in Genesis, the Lord named these deadly, spiritual rivers. They were all doomed to dry up before that great and terrible day of the Lord’s judgment upon the wickedness of mankind for choosing these spiritual waters over the water of life. It has placed no value on this gift of enormous value.

Isaiah refers to the destroying waters of Noah, of which God promised, in His covenant with him, that they would never fully cover the earth again. These are the seawaters covering over evil, which the Lord separated from the dry land in order to protect His precious creation. These waters must all be pushed back from the land again, before the return of Jesus.

This is the understanding, which led Jesus to tell Nicodemus that he must be born again, if he were to inherit the kingdom of heaven. What Jesus was saying was that on the cross His death not only caused His blood to flow for the salvation of man, but it also allowed the living water to flow again, as it released the water of life to men simply for the asking.

The living water represents the same Spirit of which Jesus was born to Mary and of which man must be reborn so that he will live and not die. It is an incredible gift, which man can claim for himself at any time. Would man not be a fool to reject such a gift, which offers life? God certainly thinks so.

Every man and woman is like a king or queen residing in his/her own castle of the body when he/she asks for the spiritual flow of life to be redirected through him/her. The water is like a moat around the born-again man, offering the protection of the water of life to him. The body, like the temple, can be destroyed but unlike the temple, it will be rebuilt in a day with eternity inscribed within its walls.

Truth is the wall and together with the moat of living water, the bride of the church becomes a light like a star of heaven to the world. She is a living, pulsating image of the living Christ simply because, unlike Adam and Eve, she has chosen life and eternal servant-hood to her Husband as opposed to allowing the gates of hell to prevail against her.

Nations are all the same, with the exception of America where God replaced the rule of religious despots with His rule, building a wall of truth at her borders to raise up this nation as the light of liberty to the world, with the Spirit of life reigning over her. Clear, clean running water has been the blessing of God to America. But we have responded to His goodness by saying, “Thanks, but no thanks! We can manage the waterworks ourselves.”

Really! Just how good are we at managing ourselves without God? Has it not been all downhill since we began ejecting God and His Word out of the country? Perhaps we are beginning to see just how well we can manage without Him, the wall and the moat He had provided for His own.

He does not make the same offer to Islam, so Islam wants to steal and take His lands by force in the name of its god, Allah. God merely asks us to be soldiers of the cross and He will provide the victory. We, instead, chose to take away the foundation of truth from our children so they no longer are able to serve in any army except those, which fight for empires, under the rule of Satan.

God never intended for America to be involved in the wars of religious empires; she was separated as the West from the East so that the two would never join spiritually again. God put a distance between them, but America has been steadily trying to break it down so that she can share in the waters of the East, along with their gods. Instead of wanting the oil of anointing, she wants the oil of the eastern world.

We have become fools without spiritual understanding. We are nothing more than couch potatoes, about as Laodicean as we possibly can be, so that Jesus will spew us out of His mouth. We know nothing and teach nothing of worth, leaving this nation vulnerable to the heat of the coming judgment.

It is not global warming that we need to fear, but rather the heat of the fire judgment. It is going to be heated up seven times during the seven-year tribulation period. You will be able to walk through the flames without being scorched only when you have a moat of living water surrounding your castle, be it your body or your nation (see Daniel 3:19-25).

Claim mastery over your castle and defend your nation to the death. The waters of evil are threatening to cover her as they seek to drown out the breath of life, leaving her as desolate as Israel was left before her.