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Prophecy of the Sixth Day

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Prophecy of the Sixth Day

March 11, 2011

The Word of the Lord came to me on this sixth day of the week just before hearing about the earthquake in Japan, which had effects as far-reaching as the coasts of both the United States and Canada.

“Hear Me, ye people of America! Your days are numbered for your wickedness is great. Blood drips from the knives of those who cut away My innocent young babies, calling them fetuses when I call them children of Mine. Who are you to think I will allow you to continue in your murderous ways while you languish in your houses, like kings in palaces, eating, drinking and defiling My name? There is no victory in murder, only a very big price to be paid. Even a king after My own heart paid the price of such a terrible deed and the sword did not leave his family. Now, it will not leave your nation, with its lust for blood.

You are as dead men walking, without any understanding of your condition. ‘I am a king’, you say, ‘king of my castle’, yet you are king of nothing; you have no kingdom. You have defiled My land and have made yourselves a source of mockery to the world, which should have looked to you to find its way. Instead, all it sees are fatted cows and wild bulls, which have left the barn of protection to roam the fields. I will leave you there to eat grass like the beasts of the field that you are, until you raise your heads toward the heavens, where you will soon see the coming of the Lord.

What did I do to you that you so hate Me? You honor and respect Islam with its god called Allah, but you will not let My light shine into a world growing darker by the minute. It was not Allah who gave you this great land, or provided you with the finest foods of the world. He did not give you your cars and your houses; he did not keep famine from your door. He does not wrap his children in arms of protection, for he has no power, but rather is nothing more than a figment of man’s religious imaginings.

I will send floods of evil waters to overflow your land. In My wrath I will set your forests on fire and turn your trees to ash. You will look like a land of devastation and I will not hear the pleas of hypocrites who call upon My name when it suits them, only to then relegate Me to a place of shame, without honor or reverence for My name. All the while, you strut about like little gods in what you think is your domain, but I alone am the God of America who has dominion from sea to sea, and I will not share My glory with any other gods.

Your sin of multiculturalism is a stench to My nostrils. Now I will give your lovers to you and leave you as a wayward wife to your wayward ways. Fools remain fools, with no need of any help to move onto the broad road of destruction. They smile at the first Jezebel they see along the road, who sits at her door with her finger crooked, calling them to enter into her chambers.

I have endured your cursing, your evil ways and your harlotry long enough, for now is the time of reckoning; you shall go unpunished no longer.

Come out of her, My people, before the judgment comes. The gavel has been raised and is ready to fall, but not before I claim My bride and take her out of it and into a place of protection with My protecting seal set upon her. She shall be as white as snow with a covering of the rainbow mantle. Nothing will touch her while she witnesses to the truth at the side of her Beloved.

Repent and look up! It is the last call to a very sick people to come out of her, Babylon the Great, that mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth, to be healed! Separate unto Me that it may go well with you!”

Thus says the Lord!