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Two Kingdoms

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Two Kingdoms

March 06, 2011

There are two kingdoms – the kingdom of this world and the kingdom of God. This means there are two kings or rulers; Satan rules over the kingdom of this world and God rules over the kingdom of heaven. Heaven is coming to earth and God is going to rule over this earth just as you have been praying for centuries.

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).”

The Bible is the only true history of man from beginning to end. God is its Author, and men wrote it under the influence of His Spirit. In the beginning, at creation, He separated the two kingdoms, the kingdom of light from the kingdom of darkness. After light came forth at creation to dispel the darkness, the waters were separated. The waters define the two kingdoms as spiritual waters– the waters of the empires of this world and the water from heaven above.

The water from above, or that which flows from the throne of God, is the same water as that which surrounded the Garden of creation and was offered to both the nation, Israel, and the nations of America. It could have completely protected both borders from the attacks of the kingdom of this world. The greatest sin man could commit was that of defiling her borders, which God had set at creation before man defiled them and caused the water to become polluted. The waters set the spiritual boundaries of all men in their own lives just as they mark the borders of a nation.

When God said, “Let there be light”, He was also saying that He was setting up His kingdom on the foundation of truth with this wall of truth separating His kingdom from one based on the lies of Satan. The lies come straight from the darkness of Satan’s mouth, which is like a cavern waiting to swallow up all who will believe him and respond to his lure that leads one into a false, religious, belief system, with the lie being the basis of religion and liberalism, or freedom from God’s truth.

Satan’s lies appeal to the pride of men, telling them they can be like the Most High God as gods in their own right, declaring that God’s Word is not truth. He counters the word of God by saying that to know both good and evil allows men to have the knowledge, which God has. This kind of knowledge only leads to creation, itself, being deemed worthy of worship, with little men desiring to be worshiped like our mighty big God.

Now, God threw Lucifer, the angel of light and worship, out of heaven when such pride was found in him; he was cast to earth and into eternal darkness, out of the presence of God, forever. Still, he was a spirit, which had received life and eternity in his make-up. Even the fire judgment would not consume him, so he is destined for eternal burning in the lake of fire, you might say, for the sake of damage control. Lucifer became what we know today as the devil and Satan.

He is like a bush that is not consumed by the flames. But neither is a man, who is born again of the Spirit of life, consumed by the flames for he, too, is like a young tree, impervious to the flames of judgment. It is as though he is walking in the burning fiery oven with Jesus (see Daniel 3:19-25), as one who has sought the Spirit of life and has rejected the lures and lies of Satan.

The kingdom of this world is manifested in empire-building. Babel is the process of building one’s own religious tower to the heavens through the works of man, but such efforts will only lead to the worship of Satan. After the flood of Noah, all men were united in this process, so God divided their scheme and separated them into nations with different languages, which became the basis for different cultures, which were separated into their various regions of the world.

A house divided cannot stand. Satan has been diligently working, from that time until this, through the empires of man, to bring all men back into a One World Order, as that which existed at the time of Babel. The antichrist spirit wants to leave no room in this world for men whose hearts are turned to the Christ, his hated enemy and the Author of truth, against which no sword can stand.

When God divided the nations, He chose one man who would trust in the truth of God, obey Him and separate from the nations of the world to become the father of a people who, like him, would come from all the nations as believers in the Word of God. First there would be one nation, coming from the seed of this man, called Abraham. Then this nation would cross over through the cross, to become a spiritual nation. Its name was Israel and always will be Israel.

It will become the house of Israel and the family of God; His Son Jesus, the Christ, will be the King and Ruler of His kingdom to come on earth. This spiritual house is made up of those who believe in the truth of who Jesus is as the Savior of mankind, with the inheritance of the throne going to those believers who have asked for the Spirit of life to be returned to them, so they can come out of the darkness of their death sentence.

This is the incredible gift of Jesus, who took our sins for us on the cross. God, in His mercy, has rewarded undeserving man with a second opportunity to choose life over death. However, there is a stipulation whereby man must repent of sin, hating it to the point he wants to change his life and make himself ready for the kingdom. God is purifying those who are willing to be purified for kingdom living.

Now the day is right at hand when Satan’s Babylonian system is going to fill the entire world with the last of its empires, the Revived Roman Empire, which will rise up in the form of a One World Order. The unity of Babel will be restored to fulfill the heart desire of Satan, which is to rule this world and be worshiped like God. The participants in this government, for but a brief period of time, will receive their rewards from this world, but there will be no treasures for them stored up in heaven. The last destroying, violent, terrorizing Babylonian empire is going to rise up very quickly and self-destruct equally as quickly.

Jesus came into this world, right on schedule. He showed up, to the hour and the day, as prophesied by Daniel, to come against the head of Satan at the cross. God told man that this would happen when He described the curse that man brought upon himself as recorded in God’s book of true World History. Do not think for a minute that He will not do away with the One World Order and replace it with a New World Order, on the day He rides into Jerusalem in victory through that eastern gate.

The Garden saw closure on the east side to Adam and Eve who had chosen religion over truth, which is where the east gate is, which Jesus is going to open again to truth only and to His followers in truth, who will accompany Him when He returns to Jerusalem. His tomb was found empty, and because of this He lives, and is ready for the coming day of His kingdom victory. Pharaohs, Caesars and Mohammed and all the other would-be-gods of the lie, lie dead in their graves, deader than doornails, the names of whom are only kept alive by the lies of religion.

None of these men could ever bring kingdom living to this world. America was called out by God to demonstrate to the world the benefits of kingdom living under Him and His truth of the Bible. She was separated from the East by the seas of evil to become the West – the destination of the descendants of Abraham, in fulfillment of the covenant promise to him for all nations. America has been a place of blessing for all nations, the people of which wanted to enter this land on God’s terms, honoring the truth of the Bible upon which they swore allegiance to God and country. Take note of how this kept Muslims and other religious cults, which rejected God, from entering America; at that time, there were no mosques being built of any shape, sort or size on the prairie land of this great nation.

The media shows us how the lie works. If you hear or see the lie played out often enough, you will actually come to believe it, and Satan will have the victory as truth is ejected from the land for the lie, opening the door for the cultures of the nations to enter and destroy God’s country. We, the fools, not they, allowed this to happen when we took the guardianship of the Bible from our borders. The enemies of America were simply watching and waiting to take over, once God’s people decided to eject Him and His book from the land that He had given to them. The religious cults know to attack the schools and the courts demanding that the Bible be rejected and then they are in position to destroy the nature of America from within, in the same manner as the nation Israel was destroyed from within, before her.

The religion of Babylon returned with Israel to the Promised Land. Nehemiah and Ezra did their best to rebuild the wall of truth and placed a moat of spiritual waters around it. But the hearts of the people were captured by Babylon and so Judaism became the official religion of the nation, with high priests appointed by Rome and not by God. Israel broke out with a full-blown case of religion, which caused her to be driven from the land and scattered among the nations of her lovers.

We all saw what happened to her descendants, scattered among the nations, when that little dictator, called Hitler, got a hold on them. They, whose ancestors were once a nation chosen by God, found themselves being sent to the smoking oven, as seen by Abraham in his dark prophetic dream. These people had lost the protective hand of their God who had only wanted the love and obedience of their forefathers, which would have kept them out of the hands of the devil.

America is declining faster than one would ever have believed possible. The cultures and illegals are pouring in quickly now, as God gives us the kind of governments we deserve for our infidelity to Him. Surely we have seen what happened to our older sister, Israel. Do not ever think that it is not going to happen to America, despised by the world because she allied herself to Jesus and the truth! The religious right are not the right at all; they are more like the religious goats on the left. If it is stated often enough that truth of God is the same thing as religion, one will believe it, which was the plan of Satan from the beginning.

There were two governments in the Garden and there still are two types of government today, the same as there were yesterday. Choose wisely and take authority over the beast or the beast will take authority over you and, like the lions in the lions’ den, it will tear you to pieces with its sharp teeth. The only protection you will ever have from the beast comes through Jesus who defeated him when the world thought He was dead. But He has risen from the dead and is very much alive today, ready to return soon to this earth to put a stop to the warring religious empires of Satan.

Get ready, for He is coming as swiftly as lightning, which will be seen from the East to the West! All knees will bow before the King of the kingdom of God, here on earth, and truth shall rule forever more. There will be no darkness in His kingdom, just as there was no darkness in the Garden of God at creation; the light was called forth to dispel it. And so it will be in the end as it was in the beginning, when all things were created good, in God’s Garden, which He planted eastward in Eden.