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The Wall

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Wall

March 30, 2011

The Garden of Eden was a walled enclosure. It was not a wall as you and I know it to be, but rather it was a spiritual wall of truth with a moat of spiritual waters surrounding it. In Genesis, chapter two, this water was referred to as the Pishon River surrounding the Garden where the gold of worship was good gold. God’s form of trade is worship in spirit and in truth; for He is a God of truth who cannot tolerate the lie.

The only way to have prevented the lie from entering the Garden was to be obedient to God and to reject the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which was offered to Adam and Eve by the serpent. But they did not obey and they ate of the fruit of the tree rooted in lies. This was the beginning of sin, with the curse of death coming upon them and all of their descendants, which exists to this day and upon this generation. The wall of truth came tumbling down, and made way for the lie to rule where God had ruled. Satan took control when the Spirit of life departed from man.

The Way established in the Garden, beginning with the eastern closure after the ejection of Adam and Eve from it, is, in fact, the way back to eternal life, which had been lost to man through his sin. It is the Way of Jesus Christ running throughout history, from Creation to kingdom, as was clearly identified in His declaration that He was, and is forever more, the Way, the truth and the life. The wall of truth must be built again by His church, which is the only fortress against which Satan cannot prevail.

He cannot steal life where the wall of truth keeps the lie out. When truth is the guardian of borders, God reigns within and there is always victory over the lies, which lead to liberalism from God and the acceptance of a belief system, known as religion. Herein lies the foundation for the cultures of the world, separated from the people of God who are protected behind the wall of truth. All of these cultures, together, make up the cults of eastern religion, which God separated from the West.

He established the nations with the dispersion of Babel, to form the gentile nations doomed within the snare of religion, which allowed Satan to rule over them. God had a plan to set up a nation of His own to reflect the light of the pre-incarnate Jesus to the world – who would be born the Son of Man and the Son of God. He would tear down the walls of religion and rebuild the wall of truth around His people called Israel. The nation was blessed and chosen of God, but, like Adam and Eve, Israel embraced religion and rejected the truth even though He came to them in the person of the God-Man exactly as promised in the prophecy of Scripture.

During the western progression of the Way through history, the seat of God’s rule moved from Israel to America. It was here that, at last, a strong wall of truth formed the border of a nation opened to all people of all nations. They were allowed to cross her borders, but only on the condition that they embraced the truth of God and did so by swearing allegiance on the Bible to Him and to their new country.

For God will not share His glory with another. He would not in the past, and will not in the future, have any part with the religious cults of the world. They worship the wrong things and their trade is in the gold of this world, which they worship instead of God. Their dependency is on a religious, economic and governmental system coming from out of Babylon. This will be Satan’s route to world dominance by means of a back-to-Babel kind of Babylonian One World Order. America and Israel will both reject their roots in God in order to have a part in the last of Satan’s seven empires, all of which will have ruled over Israel.

In sharp contrast, the reviving apostolic church will call America to separation from such a system and to be the light of liberty to the world. This is her calling from God who will bless her because she will begin life on the right foot, building a wall of truth, which will separate her from the rest of the world. It is a firm strong wall, which keeps religion out. To the contrary, the descendants of the nation Israel wail at a wall of religion that separates them from God. The truth of the Bible ruled in every phase of American life – in classrooms, courtrooms and in the halls of government, which saw her prosper under God when she honored only Him and kept the cults out of His nation.

One of the early breaches of the sworn covenant with God occurred when the gold seekers went west in search of the gold of the world, wanting it more than they wanted the gold of God. Satan licked his lips at the thought of gaining control of the West with his religious idol of gold. America opened her doors to him in the most westerly part of God’s country. They did not stake their claims for the cross, as had the early explorers done when they traveled westward; instead they made selfish claims for the riches of this world. Subsequently, California has become the heart of wickedness within this nation.

A recent terrible breach occurred when America allowed the United Nations, with her member states from various cultures and religions, to set up shop right here on American soil, defiling God’s territory with the forerunner organization of the coming One World Order. It broke down the walls of our borders, which will ultimately see cultic rule within this nation. If we continue to pander to the cults, we will destroy America and she will lose her blessing as the land of spiritual Israel to become just another nation of the world ruled by religion. If we reject the religion of the ruling cult, we will be killed by the new Caesar, called the Antichrist in his modern arena for the lions.

How we have been blinded by the Romanism of Christianity just as Paul, the apostle, formerly Saul, the Pharisee, was blinded before knowing that his miserable state within religion was the cause of it!  His encounter with the Light blinded him and he had to come to understanding before he could see again and recognize that religion was the cause of his blindness. He went from death to life and immediately built a wall of truth to replace the religion in his life. The waters of his life were also changed and the spiritual water of life began to flow through him.

Until the blight of the United Nations is removed from American soil, it will be a conduit for cults to gain control of the land, first, by trying to remove the laws of God and then remove God, Himself, so that there will be an open door for the free flow of cults into the country. Pearson, Trudeau, Carter and Clinton, to name a few, have all been strong forces of the liberal movement from within to dethrone God and enthrone Satan, with his push ever closer toward a One World Order throughout the world. Obama represents, perhaps, the strongest antichrist push of all our treasonous American leaders.

The Reagan era was the last of the anti-liberal movement from within the country to put a halt to liberalism before it exploded into a full-fledged satanic attack on America, in order to blot out all borders of truth from this world. He was a president who understood the evil behind the empires of the world as well as the wall of truth, which made a city shine upon a spiritual hill ruled by God. Without this wall, America will shrivel and pass away, as did Israel, who rejected the truth of God for the religion of Judaism. This is the legacy of the Judeo-Christian brotherhood – one of religion, which can never produce the wall-keepers of truth.

It will take a revival of the early apostolic church, which was taken captive centuries ago to Christianity and the Romanism of the Babylonian empire, before this can happen. Just as Jesus fought the traditions of the Judaic Pharisees, His true church, today, will stand on truth to challenge the religious Laodicean Christians, who make Jesus sick to His stomach. He will spew them out of His mouth and, at the same time, He will empower His bride. She will have no part in the lies and belief systems of Satan’s institutions of religious traditional practices, the roots of which go back to Babylon.

She will restore the wall of truth that came down in the Garden, for which purpose Israel and America were called into action by God, but fell far short of completing the job of rebuilding the wall. She, like John the Baptist, will cry out in the cultic wilderness of this world for men everywhere to repent of sin and come out of that great harlot, Babylon, and into the truth in purity and readiness for the coming of the Lord and His kingdom, which He is about to set up here on earth, once His judgment on this evil world is over.

Make straight the Way from the Garden back to the tree of life and to a kingdom once again walled in truth, with the clean water of the Pishon River, which flows straight from the throne of God, surrounding it.