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The Spies of Exodus

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Spies of Exodus

April 12, 2011

One of the most significant stories of the Bible is that of the Hebrew spies, sent in to spy out the land of Canaan. They were chosen from among the leaders, one from each tribe of the fathers of Israel. God had a plan for using their influence upon the people, who behave like sheep who follow their leader, regardless of whether or not the leader is good or bad. The Lord God wanted a good report from them, and then He wanted their obedience to His commands and not to their own imaginings.

One of the most important moves in all of history was right at hand. God was about to deliver the Promised Land into the hands of Abraham’s descendants who had grown in significant numbers, while dwelling in Egypt over a period of 400 years.

They had just been delivered from the hands of the Egyptians, by a miraculously-led move of the hand of God, through a parted sea, allowing them to escape into the wilderness on the other side, so that they would be separated from the Egyptians by the seawater. At the same time, the entire Egyptian army of Pharaoh was wiped out by God, as His hand allowed the parted seawater to come back and cover over them while in hot pursuit of the Israelites.

Did the Israelites have such short memories that they had so quickly forgotten God’s ability to defeat the enemy in the most unlikely of circumstances? The difference between the Israelites who made it to the other side and the Egyptians, who did not, was the blood on the doorposts of the Israelite houses. All were to be kept inside the house, protected by the blood covering for their firstborn from the hand of death, which would destroy the Egyptian firstborn, who, to the contrary, had no such protection on their doorposts.

God also gave them several warnings about the nature of the bread; leaven was to be cut out of the bread from the first day to the seventh. The people, who did not obey this command, would be cut off from Israel for disobedience and the sin of rebellion. Since Jesus is the bread of life in truth and leaven referred to the religion of the Pharisees, the leavened bread then represented truth mixed with religion. By the same token, the unleavened bread symbolized truth free of any religious encumbrances. The Lord was adamant; there was to be no leaven of religion amongst God’s people Israel if they were to successfully inherit God’s Promised Land.

The exodus of the nation is prophetic of the crossover at the cross of the spiritual nation coming out of the world of religion at the time of the Second Coming of Jesus, when all the religious nations of the world, such as Egypt, will be completely destroyed. The empire-building nations will have fulfilled Satan’s desire for a One World Order, upon which Jesus will destroy them all, just as He destroyed the armies of Egypt. At the same time, He will take His own out of the control of the world to come under His ruler-ship in His New World Order of government when He forms His kingdom for which we have been praying the Lord’s Prayer for centuries. He and His church shall rule over a world-wide kingdom, which will serve Him as King, and He will provide just recompense for services rendered to the throne.

Never again will that which is earned be taken from those who have earned it, only to be given back to the government to give to another who has not worked for a just wage. One will take ownership only of that which belongs to one and to no other. The priesthood shall judge the people, and shall serve the King in truth with justice for all, and there shall be no religious temples or corrupt courthouses within the kingdom. This will be a kingdom with absolutely no leaven of religion; it will rest on a solid foundation of truth, with no opportunity for puffed-up egos.

Why was the death of the firstborn so important as the last plague upon Egypt? Satan stole the firstborn of God called Adam, and his comparable partner, Eve, so that the Spirit of life, which made them into eternal, living beings, was taken from them, along with the sap of the vine of the tree of life, which sustained them. This meant they would die with no possibility for life after death. Yet, in God, all things are possible. Through the blood of Jesus, who, as the perfect sacrifice, took man’s sin on the cross, man could be healed from the illness of sin, which leads to death. It was for this reason that God had the Israelites place the symbolism of His blood sacrifice on their doorposts for protection from death.

The firstborn of unredeemed mankind was doomed to die, yet, through the mercy of a merciful God, he was given a second opportunity to live again after death by sharing in the resurrected life of Jesus as the first fruit of His restored marriage bed with man. Death could not claim either Him or the entire human race born as sons of the beast, if they repented of sin and trusted in the resurrected Lord for their own resurrection.

By His stripes all men are healed, and though they will die once, they will be given a new resurrected body in which they will live forever, having had the Spirit of life returned to them. This process is something we have come to know as being born again, and Jesus clearly stated that unless one is born again of the water and the Spirit, one cannot see the kingdom of God. It is as simple and as complex as that.

Just as there are two very different spirits in this world, there are two very different types of water – the water from above and the water from beneath – running their spiritual courses throughout history, beginning with the seawater. That which was separated from man was brought back together with him, causing pollution to the entire earth, including God’s Garden of creation.

The spiritual rivers of water, which crossed her borders and flowed through the Garden that was one and the same with the Land of promise, would eventually do its destruction. The wicked, who loved religion more than they loved the truth, will be washed out to sea, caught in the flow of the spiritual river, which will take with them all of their debris of religion, so that no sin will be left behind.

These are the empire waters of the world described in Genesis, which would wash through Israel and take all of those who chose religion from the Land to join with the nations, whose gods they loved. Until the land is cleansed, and until Jesus and His pure church, which is free of religion, return together, Israel shall not be returned to the Land. Those who dwell there today are a corrupted people, a nation full of world religions, awaiting the judgment, which will cleanse the entire Land and return it to the pristine nature of the Garden. Jesus, not Adam, will reign forever more with a bride born again of the Spirit of life with a love for the Lord and a hatred for Satan, the former angelic being, called Lucifer, who never valued his position in heaven, given to him by God.

With the spies, we encounter the same kind of failure on their part that we saw in Adam and Eve, when they failed to obey God, only to lose their lives, which were a gift from the Lord. They rejected His command to possess the Land in order to act upon their own desires, showing their lack of trust in their God and Creator.

Today, the Lord will not tolerate men trusting in their own understanding instead of trusting in Him. Such rebellious behavior breeds the likes of academia, which is a pretty sure recipe for destruction. Within the Christian church, we are seeing the same cowardice and fear as that exhibited by the spies, when it comes to obeying God; the church sees the giant, instead of recognizing the much greater power of God. The entire church system will go the way of the spies.

The seawaters of evil are being released now by the Lord. They are coming in judgment, as we can see with the subterranean earthquakes emanating from the floor of the ocean to set off tsunami-strength waves that overflow the land. No part or nation of this world will escape their destructive force, and though one might die in this judgment of God, one can also be healed by the stripes of Jesus, to live a resurrected life in the coming kingdom. This is the glorious healing of God, which will rid us of the infirmities of this world and free us up for a wonderful life in the kingdom. It can now be seen just beyond the horizon.

And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. And whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely (Revelation 22:17).