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Stoning and Slavery

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Stoning and Slavery

April 22, 2011

The illegitimate president, Barack Hussein Obama, remains illegitimate without presenting to the American people a proper birth certificate, which could declare him legitimate, immediately. He has lied to the people and has been deceitful. He has over-ridden the Constitution of the United States and has filled government offices with czars who promote Communism, Socialism and Islam with little or no respect for the American way, freedom of enterprise or freedom of speech.

Having said this, one cannot blame him because he has gotten away with such despicable behavior in the Office of the President; one has to ask where the opposition is hiding when it is in a position to call his number any day, backed by a people who voted it into office to do so. Instead, it responds to his behavior like lame ducks, unable to take any action against him even though it is supported by the Constitution to do so. It whines, but does nothing.

From the day Obama claimed to be a Christian, but then went into action pulling the Bible apart, particularly criticizing its principles of stoning and slavery, the public had its first clue about the nature of the man, his phony façade, and his complete lack of understanding about Scripture. At the same time, he raised the status of the Koran to a holy book, bowed to eastern Islamic potentates, and has become principal advocate for the United Nations’ determination to put limitations on American rights to freedom of speech with respect to speaking out against the evils of Islam.

It would appear that all one can hope for in the future, concerning Obama, is that, before any more damage is done, the man is voted out of office and declared illegitimate with all laws passed within his regime declared to be null and void. Under the Obama regime, the United States has quickly moved toward becoming no different from the other countries of the world, having lost the glory and bounty God lavished upon her. Under this same regime, America has neglected and let down her greatest ally, Israel, with respect to the encroachment of Islam in the Middle East, leaving her to go it alone in a sea of religious hatred, waiting to destroy and devour her.

There is no end to the down-side of this man and the effects he has had on the future of a free America, but I want to zero in here on his lack of understanding regarding the practices of stoning and slavery in the Bible, of which he is so critical. He is a victim of a religious background, which has kept him from understanding the total goodness of God who created all things good in Genesis, chapter one.

So the question he raises in order to challenge God is one that questions how a good God can allow such painful things as stoning and slavery. By implication, Obama suggests that God really is responsible for some dreadful acts. Therefore, the subsequent question arises as to how Christians can place blame on the dastardly deeds of Islam against the alleged infidel. His first error is in thinking that the Bible is a book of Christianity. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth of the Bible denounces religion of every shape and sort. Even the book of James, chapter one, declares that only the purity and freedom from religion nullifies it, and Jesus clarifies this by saying that the washing of the Word of truth makes one pure and clean.

His attitude is one that suggests it is within his scriptural boundaries to attack God’s Word from within America, where the Bible is deemed by both the Canadian and American Constitutions to be the Book of truth. At the same time he is supporting the United Nations in its desire to subject the American people to laws that would declare it hate speech and a crime punishable by law to openly criticize the evil nature of the Koran, considering such to be an attack on the protected religion of Islam.

History is written in the Bible before it happens. It is written in the spirit of prophecy. The events of ancient Israel set the pattern for events happening in America and around the world today. Let us look at the practice of stoning, in particular. The Word tells Mr. Obama exactly who Jesus is, yet the chances are he has never read the message and accepted what Jesus has to say about Himself.

Isaiah, in the Old Testament, tells us clearly who the Lord of Hosts is – Someone to be hallowed and Someone to be feared. He is our dread and sanctuary at the same time, for without Him there is no other way for man to return to God from his sinful nature. He is a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense to both houses of Israel and a trap and snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Many among them shall stumble, fall and be broken, be snared and taken (see Isaiah 8:13-15).

In cases of sin, where the stubborn and rebellious son refused to accept the teaching of his parents and chose the pathway of sin, God stated in the Law that he should be stoned. The evil person was to be put away from among the Israelites, for he would be an ongoing source of contamination to the people. Seeing the results of sin, which ultimately leads to spiritual stoning and death, is the best teacher, but Mr. Obama still does not understand or comprehend God’s purposes of teaching that He is not going to break His Law of stoning in order to be inclusive of sin and apostate religions.

Like the woman caught in adultery, there is no way out from the righteous nature of Jesus who is like a stone that cannot co-operate with sin. Her destiny was sealed had He not come to take that sin for her in His righteousness if she would have faith in Him for her own salvation and would forsake her sinful ways to live a life, pleasing to Him. Jesus spoke directly to the stoners, the religious scribes and Pharisees, saying, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first (John 8:7).” 

Jesus is alluding to the spiritual stoning, which is coming with the judgment. Only He will have the right to ‘stone’ in righteous judgment. He is a stumbling rock to all mankind but He also is its salvation from the crushing. Mr. Obama should not sneer at the words of the Bible considering stoning; he, too, will be subject to the stumbling rock of Jesus, along with all sinners. Liars and deceivers are not exempt.

The apostle Peter writes that Jesus is referred to as a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious. The believers are also living stones, being built up as a spiritual house and a holy priesthood, one acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. Peter quotes Isaiah, saying that God lays in Zion a chief cornerstone, elect and precious. Those who believe on Him will not be put to shame. Spiritually, they would never meet the wrath of the Lord. However, the disobedient who have rejected the chief cornerstone will find Him to be a stumbling rock and a rock of offense (see 1 Peter 2:4-10).

The prophet Daniel tells us what the Lord does to the rebellious and disobedient who choose to embrace the empires of Babylon. The statue of gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay, representing the empires of the Babylonian system, will all come down in the final analysis, just when Satan has set up his One World Order, which he has been seeking since the sin of Adam threw the world back into the hands of Satan. The stone cut out without hands is, in fact, Jesus, the cornerstone. He will strike against the last empire, represented by the feet of iron and clay, and shall break it into pieces until it is crushed and, like chaff, taken away by the wind so that there is not a trace left of it to be found (see Daniel 2:31-35).

Stoning in the Law is prophetic of how little tolerance God is going to have for the rebellion of men and how He is going to deal with those who choose to live a sinful life. He is a righteous God who cannot coexist with the evil of any kind of religion.

As for slavery, fallen man is in a state of captivity to death. He is chained by Satan and by his evil nature. Jesus came to set the captives free. As a black man, Obama should welcome this liberty in God instead of trying to lead a freed nation back into the religious captivity of men under Satan’s religious empire-building nations. The worst of them today are the Islamic and Communist nations, the two ideologies Obama so loves. It would seem that this black man of spiritual slavery, who could be set spiritually free by Jesus, has chosen to reject freedom from the Son of God, to become the real proponent of slavery.

The purpose of stoning in the Bible, prophetic of the coming judgment, seems to completely elude him. The man is a fool who dares to challenge God’s Word and His purposes for dealing with sinful men to bring them back to a state of righteousness. Stoning and slavery represent the judgment aspect of God, which man had better understand or he will get caught in the snare that enslaves. There will be no escaping the judgment of stoning when the Cornerstone from heaven crushes the rebellious and disobedient, once and for all time.

Learn this lesson, Mr. Obama, and learn it well! Pray that you might cease your foolishness in ridiculing God’s Word, which will still be with us declaring the truth long after you are dead and gone!