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America Shall go the Way of Israel

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

America Shall go the Way of Israel

May 12, 2011

America is choosing a path, which leads the same way that Israel went. Israel, as we know it today, is not the Israel of God, of yesterday. America, as we know it today, will soon not be the America of God, of yesterday. So, what is their common denominator?

Both countries were established by the God of truth, who forbade His people to be involved in religion, in order that they would come under His rule. They were not to assimilate with the other nations under the rule of the prince of this world, called Satan. The other nations were one form of religious state or another (including atheism), with their governments serving false gods as sons of the beast. You cannot serve both God and Satan at the same time.

From these nations of religion, God called one man, Abraham, who would respond to Him in faith and obedience, and He chose to covenant with him, so that He could bless all the nations of the world through him.  This blessing was to pass first through a natural nation and from there it was to move and spread out to become a spiritual blessing to all nations. The blessing that first went to Abraham’s natural son, Isaac, would go to God’s spiritual Son, Jesus, in a crossover blessing at the cross, going from nation to spiritual nation.
Jesus was born man having the blood of Adam in His veins, but He was not born of his corrupted seed. As was Adam given life by the breath of the Spirit, Jesus would be born of a virgin and of the Spirit of God, which made Him a spiritual Son of God, as well as the natural Son of Man, but with none of the impurity of sin in Him. Adam was not born of man; He was created from the dust. Jesus was not only the Son of God, but He was also a part of the pluralistic Godhead, as God the Creator. He was God.

The Law was given to Israel through Moses, but not until Israel had experienced the slavery and captivity of Egypt under Pharaoh’s empirical rule of the first empire, with six more to follow. Their leaders were all bent on gaining world ruler-ship in the form of a One World Order, which must include Israel, if they were to be successful. It was all about Satan’s desire to conquer and rule the world.

The river Nile represented the spiritual waters out of which supposedly came the ancient Egyptian gods. In Genesis, chapter two, the spiritual waters of the Gihon River encompassed the entire land of Cush, which referred to Egypt. These were the waters linked with the seawaters of evil, which God separated from the dry land at Creation, and from the waters from above.

God’s plan was to return His people from the East, to where Adam had been driven when he was expelled from the Garden, back to that same piece of property, which now would become the Promised Land. It would be there where the tree of life would once again be made available to God’s people, but only if they were to choose to be faithful and obedient to the God of truth instead of following the author of lies and the religious belief systems of his empirical governments. His people would be required to purify themselves of all such evil practices before entering the Land.

 Once in the Land the nation grew increasingly more and more rebellious, like Adam and Eve, by responding to the lures of religion and its gods instead of obeying her own God who had commanded her to rid the Land of all religious people, their animals and their gods. Not one was to remain, or their religion would contaminate the Land and grow like leaven within bread. The leaven of religion and of truth are not compatible.

Moses was to choose 12 spies, one from each tribe, to go in and spy out the Land and return with a report of the bounty God had in store for His people. Then they were to enter the Land and drive the Philistinian giants out of what today would be called the Gaza Strip, which they possessed at that time, as do the Palestinians possess it today. The spies refused to obey God, for they cowered before the giants, fearful of their strength instead of trusting in the superior power of God to give them the victory.

By pandering to the strength of the enemy, 10 of the spies never lived to enter the Promised Land, dying in the wilderness. They never received the blessing of Israel, but instead were cursed. To this day that parcel of land is a curse to Israel, as America and most of the world still pander to the evil forces occupying the territory.

Though God caused the people to roam the wilderness for 40 years, the two faithful spies, Joshua and Caleb, who had been willing to obey God, entered the Land as those we could call the faithful witnesses, symbolic of the 144,000 witnesses of Revelation, who will enter the kingdom. These witnesses are multiples of the spiritual tribes of spiritual Israel, a true and faithful church, which will enter the kingdom. There will be no liars or religious liberalists in their midst, for all shall be washed away with the spiritual flood waters of the evil rivers, about to encompass the entire earth until Jesus returns to destroy it all.

For every day of creation, there will be a thousand years of pain and suffering of which Satan, not God, is the author. It would seem that man is a slow learner, taking that long to compute that God is the God of truth and means what He says.

So, Israel turned from God to grow her own brand of religion called Judaism. Of course, its priests were priests of Satan and not of God, as declared by Jesus when He told them that their father was the devil. They condemned themselves and a nation, which eventually God drove from the Land, being unworthy of His perfect provision and victory over their enemies from whom they refused to separate.

Israel, the nation, would never again return to the Land until she returns as the spiritual nation of Jesus and His bride, once He has completed His judgment upon a world, which has rejected Him. So, those who are living in the Land today are a religious mix of just another gentile nation, with Jerusalem anything but a city of David. It is described in the book of Revelation as being spiritually like Sodom and Egypt, the place where our Lord was crucified.

Satan licks his lips as he destroys Israel, first from within, which then opens the door to the enemy to destroy her from without. Isaiah, the prophet, described the situation some 730 years B.C. when he warned Israel that she would cry for sorrow of heart and wail for grief of spirit (see Isaiah 65:14), as is seen at her holiest location of the wailing wall where Judaic men are seen wailing to this day.

Israel has left her name as a curse to God’s chosen people, and so He will slay them (see Isaiah 65:15). He will call His servants by another name, which most decidedly is not Christian, but rather His apostolic church and His bride who will, at last, be a light to the world witnessing to the truth, which the nation failed to do. They will follow Him and He will make them fishers of men.

America became the land, to which God gave the spiritual blessing of Abraham upon the nations – a nation founded on the truth of the Bible under the Law of God, having none of the curse of religion mixed into her government. Canada was a nation under God where He ruled from sea to sea, and the United States, like Joshua and Caleb, possessed the land by trusting in God (In God We Trust). The blessing was very evident in the rich bounty of the land going to the victorious believers because they chose God to rule over them in separation from the religious, empire builders of the world under Satan.

This was a New World established under God, with the truth of the Bible keeping non-believers out. Not one Muslim or one Hindu could enter without rejecting the gods of their religions in order to pledge allegiance on the Bible to God and to the country of their adoption. They would do as the law demanded. Strangers in the land could only enter as long as God’s Law ruled over them in the same way that it ruled over God’s own people.

But now America has made all the wrong choices that Israel made. Just as Israel grew Judaism, America has grown Christianity – Judaism coming to Israel from the first Babylonian empire of Babylon, with Christianity coming to America from the last Babylonian empire of Rome. This is how Satan and his religion entered their nations, before the return of the kingdom, to destroy as many of God’s people as he could possibly deceive.

Make no mistake! The nation now called Israel is at the point of annihilation, and America is at the point of a religious overthrow. At the same time, a branch from the tallest cedars of the house of David is being cut off and planted by the Lord. This tender one will be planted on a high and prominent mountain where birds of all colors shall dwell. It is the mountain height of Israel, where she, at last, will bring forth fruit bearing boughs as a majestic cedar with a blessing for the nations as the inheritance of Abraham (see Ezekiel 17:22-24).

America, you are about to go the way of Israel, but God is neither slumbering nor sleeping. He, Himself, has been preparing the army of David, not leaving the job up to an apostate priesthood, which has refused to tend the flock. Now, the bride of Israel and the true daughters of Jerusalem shall reject Solomon, the symbol of the kings of this world, with his dependence on the 666 talents of gold (see 2 Chronicles 9:13) to embrace their Beloved, who has come to His Garden for His sister and spouse (see Song of Solomon 5:1). Solomon and the Beloved are worlds apart, one having lost the inheritance of Israel, and the other the embodiment of the inheritance, who will share it with His bride, as did Abraham share all with His sister and spouse, Sarah.

The bride of the church will not find her home and her peace in the nation of Israel, the land of America or the coming One World Order. She will find it in a New World Order, the kingdom coming to this earth, where she shall rule and reign for evermore with Jesus, her Beloved and the greatly beloved of God.