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Two Trees; Two Governments

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Two Trees; Two Governments

May 23, 2011

There were two trees in the Garden and one government; the government was under God who had created all things good, in which there was no pain, no suffering and no war, only peace. The provision of food was provided for the human being who had the Spirit of life breathed into him, so that all he had to do was to till or work the ground, for its yield of plenty to come from the earth.

Now, God warned man that these conditions would remain in the Garden Kingdom as long as he were obedient and ate only from the tree of life; for God had dispelled darkness by the light and had separated the spiritual waters of the sea beneath from the living water that came from above. However, if he were to disobey God by eating from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thus introducing evil or sin into that which was entirely good, man, the beasts of the field and the earth would all become contaminated and man would surely die having rejected the Spirit of life for the spirit of death.

The good life-giving, clean waters of the Pishon River, which surrounded the Garden, would by necessity be exchanged for the spiritually dead waters that would fill this Garden territory under satanic world empires. Through man’s fall into sin, Satan would gain ruler-ship over him, having deceived him by the voice of the serpent, causing God to depart from the darkness of fallen man to allow this new form of satanic government, which he had chosen, to rule over him.

Henceforth, the earth would not yield its food, as God had originally intended, without struggle, without sweat and without hard work. Men would rule over men, so that the strongest would subdue the weaker by means of wars, with the suffering and pain they bring. Satan wanted to be worshipped like the Most High God, for which reason he was driven from the heavens to the earth. He had become a victim of his own pride, whose aim it was to take as many down with him as he possibly could.

Now, he set his sight on the Garden, that precious piece of property over which God had given ruler-ship to the human being. Satan was determined to be as wily as a serpent in order to get it. It would take six millennia for him to wage enough wars and kill enough people to finally achieve his one world empire that would place this little piece of property, which God had chosen for His kingdom, back under the devil’s ruler-ship.

All of the nations of the world would belong to Satan, ruled by the religions created when man chose a belief system based on satanic lies over the truth of God, that is to say, all but one. God was going to take one man from these gentile nations and form a people of His own under His ruler-ship again and under His Law. This man’s name was Abraham, a gentile who believed and obeyed God in faith to receive His promise.

God, who had driven man from the Garden, would return him by faith to what would become known as a land of promise, the Promised Land, for God was going to covenant with a nation called to faith and obedience to receive the inheritance of the Promise. It would be ruled only by God, so there were to be no religious idols left in this land or other gods that would reduce the nation back to the status of the gentiles, like that of all the other nations around it, vying for world ruler-ship.

But this nation called Israel was faithless and disobedient in the same sinful rebellion as that of Adam and Eve. God allowed first, the Egyptian empire to rule over her, then the Assyrian empire, which would carry the northern half of the rebellious people out of the land and into the nations. Then the remaining southern part called Judah would follow in the shoes of her sister nation to be carried off to Babylon for her rebellion to God, until the Promised Land, like the Garden, was emptied of His rebellious people.

Yet, God had a plan for the kingly line of David to return and inherit ruler-ship over this Land, thus fulfilling His plan for His people. God was going to come to earth to establish His kingdom, Himself, starting with the same original Garden, which became the Promised Land making Jerusalem the capital of His kingdom. Now you can rest assured Satan must prevent this from happening if he is to rule the world. If he does nothing else, his aim is to annihilate those Israelites who claim the Land for their own. In this manner, the spirit of the Antichrist is established to come against the Christ.

God came in the form of His Son, Jesus, Immanuel, who was rejected again by the Hebrew people who preferred Caesar as king during his Roman rule over the Roman Empire, one of the Babylonian system of empires. They had become a religious people held captive to Judaism, so the Lord God bypassed them and formed a church by faith, which would at last become the true Jew and the sons and daughters of Abraham.

 And so, spiritual Israel was formed as the church, to fulfill the spiritual blessing of Jacob upon the tribes of Israel, when he was dying in Egypt. Israel now belonged to the faithful of all nations, whom God took to another land. It was a new world ready to receive these faithful men and women of God who wanted to be ruled by Him, His Law and His truth of the Word, called the Bible, instead of being like the other gentile nations of the world.

Israel became a place of desolation, as God’s people moved ever westward to a land not settled, which could grow in power to demonstrate the Light of God to the world, and the victory and peace to be found within the borders of His rule. He would make her a great nation, as promised to Abraham. Satan knows Israel and America were God’s nations under His rule. So, as with Israel, he wants his Babylonian flag flying over America as well, when the final Babylonian Empire, the Revived Roman Empire, at last becomes the One World Order, to which all wars have been leading.

His deception is the lie that this empire of United Nations will bring peace. Not so! Just when everyone shouts, “Peace, peace!” all hell will break forth with Satan, the destroyer, bringing a holocaust upon this world, the like of which has never been seen before. If Jesus were not to return, all mankind would be lost to sin and rebellion.

However, God knows His own who are faithful and obedient, and He is going to bring them safely through this seven-year period of tribulation and extreme suffering, hunger and illness. When they have come through the tribulation, Jesus will ride through the sealed East Gate into Jerusalem with His bride, the church, and then, and only then, will the true Israel of God take possession of the Land before the millennial rule begins.

Those in Jerusalem today, though having the name of Israel, are like Sodom and Egypt, having chosen Satan rather than God to rule over them. The sons and daughters of Abraham are such because they are faithful and obedient to the Christ, the seed of the woman in the line of David and the son of inheritance of Abraham.

The King is coming to put an end to the warring empires of the world and to establish His kingdom here on earth. The evil, spiritual empire rivers of this world will all dry up and the Garden/Land will once again be surrounded by the Pishon, the river of life, which flowed from the side of Jesus at the cross.

On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water (John 7:37-38).”