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In the Name of ‘Fools’

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

In the Name of ‘Fools’

May 30, 2011

“The sin of multiculturalism is a stench to My nostrils.” These were the words given to me as I wrote Prophecy of the Sixth Day, the commentary for News n Blues, Volume #567.

Approximately two months ago, in this same commentary, God also gave me this warning: “I will send floods of evil waters to overflow your land. In My wrath I will set your forests on fire and turn your trees to ash. You will look like a land of devastation and I will not hear the pleas of hypocrites who call upon My name when it suits them, only to then relegate Me to a place of shame, without honor or reverence for My name. All the while, you strut about like little gods in what you think is your domain, but I alone am the God of America who has dominion from sea to sea, and I will not share My glory with any other gods.”

And, exactly as warned, the heartland of America has been made desolate by floods greater than any seen before in the country’s history. Fires ravaged the state of Texas, leaving desolation in its wake. The same can be said true of California and other parts of the United States and Canada. We are presently in a time of great devastation for no other reason than the fact that we have brought religious idols into this land and have rejected God’s sole ruler-ship over this, His nation, where we trust in Him and He rules from sea to sea.

Unless we stop the building of mosques, and the promotion of eastern mysticism in this nation, then we will continue to see more of the same with even greater devastation than before, which will affect every citizen of America. Surely, one is not so blind as to not be able to see that the price of food has begun to climb! This is just the beginning, as the devastation brings about scarcity to the point of unavailability and finally, famine.

How is it that when the pain hits and we begin to feel our losses, only then man looks up and prays to God? The same ones praying during devastation have allowed the Bibles to be taken from our children, who are being separated from God, which has allowed the devil to have a heyday with them here in God’s nation where we were called to guard and protect them. They are worshiping demons as they listen to satanic, degenerate, immoral music, day in and day out, with earphones, which keep them traumatized by the sway and rhythm of the serpent.

Rebellion to God is the sin of witchcraft, the penalty for which is death.

Every mosque planted in America is a breeding ground for terrorism. One might say that this sounds radical but, in fact, it is a statement made about the fundamental nature of the religion of Islam. A person is a Muslim because that person adheres to the doctrines of the Koran. You will see American Muslims claiming their peace-loving nature as a people, but at the same time, they attend mosques and adhere in every way, right down to the dress code of their religion, which demeans women and subjugates them to the control of men who have the right to kill them if they choose to do so in the name of Allah.

I say this because of the example set by certain Muslim men in America who have killed Muslim women, which includes beheading them – yes, right here in this land, where they insist that Shariah law rule over them. The mosque is the training ground for these acts of terror. Are we not at war with terrorists? Then, how is it we are allowing the enemy to be trained within our nation? Is this not the result of the Political Correctness our advocates of liberalism in America are advocating?

The truth of the matter is that Political Correctness would be better called the brainchild of stupidity. This is why the book of Proverbs uses the word ‘fool’ thirty-seven times to describe the stupidity of man, and Solomon, who became the consummate fool himself, uses the term twelve times in his book of Ecclesiastes. Thirteen times the book of Proverbs speaks of foolish behavior and three times the book of Ecclesiastes does the same.

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent (see Isaiah 29:14).” Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world (1 Corinthians 1:18-20)?

The wisdom of today is Political Correctness, which has most decidedly turned us into a nation of fools. It is this kind of wisdom, which advocates allowing the enemy to grow within our borders. Where is the wisdom of the Political Correctness that even allows discussion on the subject of building a mosque within sight of the New York Islamic jihad at the location of the downed World Trade Towers of 9/11? Many Americans and Canadians were killed by Muslims on that date and, yes, they were Muslim terrorists, each and every one of them, who deliberately wiped out Americans and their land-marks, for no other reason than to fulfill what they are being taught in their mosques.

They learn that such butchery fulfills the dictates of Allah and his so-called prophet Mohammed, who, in point of fact was never a prophet, to kill and annihilate anyone who is not willing to adhere to the religion of Islam, which is nothing more than witchcraft. A fool can call the Koran holy, but there is nothing about it that is holy, and there is nothing in it that comes from a holy God. It is a book of religion of which Satan is the author and, hence, it is only good for burning in the eyes of the righteous (see Acts 19:19).

Political Correctness, the foolishness of men, tells us to honor evil, that is to say to honor religion; God’s Word tells us the very opposite. In fact, His first commandment tells us we are to have none of the gentiles’ idols before Him. Israel finally met her demise because she refused to obey God and rid the land of its religious idols.

Who is Israel’s enemy today? They are the adherents to the doctrines of Islam, who are about to consume her. The Philistines of the Gaza area, to whom Moses sent the spies to check out the Land, caused the spies to be afraid and they refused to go in and drive them out, as commanded by God. They are the Palestinians who inhabit the same piece of property today. It would appear they are getting ready for the battle with what the West so foolishly calls an Arab Spring, but, in fact, is the regrouping of all Muslims under the Muslim Brotherhood in preparation for driving Israel out of the Land, into the sea and finally into extinction.

This is where Political Correctness is leading America. We are plagued by the foolishness of our leaders, whom God is giving to us, since our hearts prefer religious mosques, Zen temples and other buildings of evil spirits to be built in our midst, instead of obeying God and keeping His name holy in this land. There is no other word to describe us but ‘fools’, for the enemy will eventually finish the job with Israel, and then turn to the West to terrorize and destroy us.

It is not by men’s wisdom, but by the Spirit and mercy of God, that we are saved. It is the foolishness of men, which is destroying this nation today, and there has never been a time of greater foolishness than this – the age of Political Correctness. America’s own foolishness will ultimately lead to her being consumed at the hands of her enemies, who are found right within her borders as opposed to those on the other side of them.

Army Major Nidal Hasan was a self-appointed jihadist, trained in America and, as a Muslim, allowed to function within the U.S. military, which is fighting Muslim terrorists around the world. He slaughtered his fellow military men and women at Fort Hood, for no other reason than the fact he was allowed to function within the military, within American borders, for politically correct reasons. Can you imagine allowing German officers within the ranks of the allies during WW I and WW II? We seemed to still have some degree of sanity in those days, with leaders who led fearlessly, instead of bowing to the enemy and to Political Correctness.

Witnesses say Hasan was screaming “Allahu Akbar”, meaning Allah is great – the jihadist battle cry, as he took aim and shot at 51 people. The sad irony is that despite the FBI’s attempt to keep an eye on Islamic terrorism within the country, they cannot stop it from happening when dealing with the maniacal behavior of men taught in mosques to kill for Allah. It is their duty to achieve the submission of all people to Islam. And so, for the sake of Political Correctness, America puts the lives of the military at risk from within its own ranks, which our leaders are allowing to be infiltrated by the enemy. Try and explain that one to the parents of the wounded and killed at Fort Hood!

Mosques can mean nothing but disaster, as they grow in numbers across this land. The Islamic world is laughing at America, as they see the name of ‘fools’ written all over her. They confidently declare that the Muslim flag will fly over the White House, when, one day very soon, Islam will rule over the United States of Islam. Will Islam-Can be far behind?