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His Narrow Path, or the Broad Road of the Beast

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

His Narrow Path, or the Broad Road of the Beast

June 28, 2011

The Bible is His story written in advance by the Spirit of God, using the pen of men, making it His Holy Book. There is no other book, which is its equal. Every chapter contains prophetic words of things to come, according to the pattern, the principles and the precepts of God.

The Old Testament is fact and is related to the future by the events, which took place in the natural, setting the pattern for the future, spiritual events of history. The picture is there, telling us all things, which must happen before the redemption of a world in darkness is complete with its transformation to the light.

The process behind the theory of thermal dynamics, which applies to all things and living creatures, causes their return to the darkness, which God dispelled in the beginning when He said, “Let there be light.” By the word of His mouth there was light. But the sin of man plunged creation into a downward spiral leading back to darkness. God will allow it until sin takes man back into the fullness of the darkness, a time known as the fullness of the gentiles. At this point man will cry out to God for the paradise lost to sin and rejected when he chose Satan to rule over him, instead of God.

It was at this point that the lie replaced truth and Satan became the father of a new form of creation destined for death. His tool for the conversion of creation was the lie and deception on the left side of God, with the truth, seated at His right hand, being rejected by him. In the day of the fullness of the evil of the gentiles, the left will rule the entire world in fulfillment of the desire of Satan to rule and be worshiped like the Most High God. It will lead to the worst time this world will have ever known throughout all of history.

Yes, history is written in advance, beginning in the book of Genesis with the waters of the rivers defining the satanic rule of the empires to come, seven in all, which will finally take over control of the world before the Lord returns to rule, with the darkness once again giving way to His light. The Euphrates River represents the five empires of the Babylonian System of empires, growing in size and power until they come to the end time of their fullness.

The mark of the beast, the mark of Satan upon man, is found in the darkness engulfing the souls of men through a belief system that trusts in a world government, world economic system and a world religion, 666, the number of man, instead of trusting in the God of truth and the words of His mouth, found in the Bible. God’s Word provides the markers for the pathway to the light and life of the kingdom, with the seal of salvation being the seal placed upon the Spirit-filled church. It is made up of the witnesses to the truth, in a world quickly becoming marked by the darkness of the world system being placed upon it.

God has always divided world nations, friends and families, so that His people are on the right and the goats or satanic-led people and nations are on the left, the goats of society, for whom there is no place in a kingdom of light. They have all been given the free will to choose between light and darkness and they have chosen darkness, lies and death.

The first man and woman, Adam and Eve, chose darkness; the nation Israel chose darkness, and now America is choosing darkness. God has given centuries of His mercy, holding back judgment from mankind, giving men the opportunity to get it right. He, Himself, even came to take our judgment for us, making His final offer for eternal life to man. Either we accept the price His Son paid on the cross, or we pay the wages of sin, ourselves, which are death. The culture we live in is one of spiritual darkness that blinds us to this truth, trying to get man to believe that there is no evil devil or a good God who created all things.

The book of Revelation puts it on the line with respect to whom God will hold responsible for the great falling away and the rejection of God’s proffered, protecting hand to His people. Judgment begins in the house of God, upon a false, Christian priesthood like that of the false, Judaic priesthood of the Pharisees, which has caused the church to fail miserably during the church age. It will be found to be deserving of the same judgment that came upon Sodom and Egypt.

The spiritual waters of Satan will come in direct confrontation with the spiritual, living water that flowed from the side of Christ at the time of His crucifixion, the same living water that went out of Eden to water the Garden. They are as the spiritual waters of the Antichrist and his empires of man, which challenge the living water of the Christ.

The last of the empires will rise again only to fall as the Euphrates River is dried up to make way for one last empirical force to come out of the East, whence the evil giants of history have always come. That harlot, Babylon the Great, will ride the beast but it will be to her destruction, for she is no match for the Christ, whose Day has come to take vengeance upon those who have sought to destroy His own, from the day He created man for His own pleasure.

And so, in Revelation, we see the river waters of Genesis that had parted from the water that went out of Eden, the flowing Spirit of life, becoming the satanic, religious flow of the empires coming to their fullness just before the end. They have been the spirit behind Babylon the Great, the spirit of lies that brings defeat to man, which will be defeated by the King of kings and Lord of lords. He will destroy His enemy and chain Satan, before returning to rule with His bride, the true church against which the gates of hell could not prevail; for she loves the truth of the right and hates the lies of the left.

Make no mistake! The political situation today in America and the world is nothing more than the result of a spiritual battle between the left and the right, which goes back to the Garden of creation. It is between liberalism from God and liberty in Him. It has always been the lies on the left, and it still is, as is shown to us by Weiner and Clinton, not to forget the many lies of Obama, with the truth battling them from the right.

However, it must be stated that the line between the two has become blurred, with Satan attacking the right from within, the method he has always used to destroy first, the good fruit of the marriage bed of creation and, secondly, the government of God. Was Satan not found in one of the trees within the Garden? Did Satan not enter one of the twelve chosen by Jesus to be His apostles, causing him to deliver his Master and Savior to the religious leaders? Will he not enter the leader of a nation under God to deliver it over to the religious/state ruler of the united nations of the coming One World Order?

America, wake up. It is time to return God to the nation if you ever want to see the light of day again, in this, a failing nation, falling into the abyss of immorality and darkness, from which there is no return. Repent and turn back in this, the final hours of His story, before your days of liberty are numbered forever!