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And He Shall Have Dominion

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery
And He Shall Have Dominion

July 09, 2011

And He shall have dominion from sea to sea – or so it says, written in stone, on our Canadian Parliament Building. And why were our ancestors so brazen as to write such a thing without consideration for atheists or Muslims?

The truth of the matter is that it was probably impossible to find an atheist among our Founding Fathers and there were zero Muslims in the country, let alone in the government. They were not even considered in the equation, as people of religions that conflicted with the Word of God, established as truth in the Canadian Constitution.

This was God’s country, not Allah’s, and the land was given to His people by Him, as the spiritual descendants of Abraham, every bit as much as the Promised Land was given by Him to Abraham’s natural descendants. Do you have any doubt as to who led the Israelites out of Egypt, through the wilderness and, finally, into the Land? So why should you have any doubts about who owns America and who gave it to His people?

Only a fool would refute the fact that, as Abraham’s descendants grew into the size of a nation within Egypt, that God, by His right hand, separated the nation Israel from the old world system and delivered her from the hands of her enemies. After liberating her, He then took her to a land He had created for His people, the day He created the Garden of Eden. The Garden was only for His created son and descendants, which would honor, worship and obey Him. They were to be partners in government with God the supreme Ruler, just as He was with the nation and, now, with America, the home of the spiritual nation.

Unfortunately, Adam never respected his Creator, nor would he obey Him. In a deliberate act of disobedience, he chose to listen to the lure of the devil, which delivered him into the sin of rebellion against God. So, he was driven from the Garden forever to be ruled by the devil in his territory apart from the Garden that was surrounded by the river of life. The river that went out of Eden parted to become four riverheads, three of which became the spiritual waters of the coming religious empires of the world, over which Satan would rule.

The same piece of property, which had been the Garden, would now become the inheritance of one man called Abraham, chosen of God from among the nations to father a people who would come under God’s rule. He made a covenant with Abraham, whereby the conditions required that this people honor, worship and obey their true God. The corollary for this was that they were to have no religious connections with the idols and gods of the religious nations surrounding them, from whom God had separated them. Israel, too, finally had to be driven out of the Land, for there is no place for light and darkness to dwell together. God cannot, and will not, dwell within the confines of religion, which is as the sin of witchcraft in His eyes.

Like Adam and Eve, through Israel’s refusal to obey God and act in rebellion to Him, she became a nation corrupted by the religion of Judaism, until she was ripe for the empire waters to consume her. Eventually, God drove her from His Land to dwell among the tombs as a nation demon-possessed.

It was at the height of her rebellion when God sent His Son to earth to redeem the spiritual descendants of Abraham through the cross, which would lead to the founding of the church, against which the gates of hell would not prevail, as it had prevailed against Adam and the nation before her (see Matthew 16). He would allow it to grow within the religious system, which Satan used to lure her into submission by a belief system other than Judaism, which the Roman Caesar named Christianity. Like the term Christian, even the name of this new religious captivity was used to mock the followers of Jesus, the Way, by mocking Him with His own name of the Christ, while laughing at God to His face.

But God had spoken and His Word cannot be broken. He would leave His church in the spiritual Egypt of Christianity until it grew like the nation. Then, when it was approaching the time of fullness, He would draw out His own believers and separate them in purity from religion. He would break the chains that bound the church within the confines of this Roman-based, Babylonian system of Christianity.

God had begun the process of separation, by bringing His church to America, a garden and land He had prepared for her, which had none of the religion of the known so-called civilized world in it. He brought men of great spiritual commitment to truth, rather than to any religious doctrines, to this great expansive land, to settle it and make it the home of the church.

It would be a nation under God’s Law, as Israel had been before her, when she stood on truth, having no other gods before the one true God. He would give His people victory over their enemies as He protected their shores so they, in turn, could be the light of liberty under Him before a world chained in darkness by the controls of religious states.

And what about the North American Indians? Did they not have rights? They were nomads, who had no claim over the earth or any part of it, which belonged to the Creator. The world and everything in it belonged to Him. Like all pagan people, He wanted to free them from pagan religion and offer them the same liberty in Himself that He wanted for the entire world.

Columbus understood this very well. The Indians needed liberty as much as anyone, perhaps more so, for they were entrenched in paganism and their wooden idols, the totem poles, generally having become savages, who thought nothing of killing whenever it suited their purposes. They had a natural relationship with spirits, but they were the wrong kind, which could not unchain them from the spirit of death.

Instead of freeing the Indians and incorporating them into God’s country under Him, the governments of America failed them and isolated them on Reserves, leaving them to their own governments and pagan ways. In requiring nothing of them, the government, in cahoots with the institutional church, dragged their children from them and put them in another religious system called Christianity, the priests of which nearly destroyed the lives of their children. What they had needed was the Law of God and the truth and freedom to live like everyone else in a country under God.

So, on this past Dominion Day of 2011, under God who is the One who has dominion from sea to sea, have we not honored rights over His Law so that every religious nut has the right to insist his god is equal to our supreme Ruler? As religious immigrants, our governments are handing over to them special, infringing rights, which are treated as though they pre-existed for them and their gods, when they were not in the plans and constitutions for this land. Liberty and freedom can never become the by-products of religious rights.

Freedom of religion simply meant, “This is the Law of our land, you will obey it, whether you like it or not, because God has set it up for us through our ancestors and spiritual descendants of Abraham. You are free to worship whichever god you like, on your time, but you will obey the true God’s Law on His time and in His land as foreigners in the midst of spiritual Israel. You came here to participate in this freedom, which only God offers to His people. You will swear allegiance to Him and do so, on the truth of His Word, or you will not come to this country.” That pretty well eliminated the religious/state from which most early immigrants were trying to escape in order to be partakers of the liberty and freedoms the American Founding Fathers provided for us and for all immigrants coming to this land.

Can one hold dual citizenship in America? It is spiritually impossible, for it keeps one compromised between the religious enemies of this land and our nation founded on truth. You cannot have it both ways and be loyal citizens to this country. One must make an exception for the two nations of North America, which are as one under God and should remain so in this world of satanic empires, if they want to continue in liberty.

We cannot be both national patriots and participate in the international laws of the United Nations, which are not under God, and in fact are the enemy of God’s truth. The two governments of America should be unanimous on this issue and keep His people separated from religious states, the religion of which is like leaven; it will fill the entire loaf even if there is but a small drop of it. How long did it take the liberal-driven agenda to fill the hearts and minds of American citizens with the concept of multiculturalism?

On this past Dominion Day, we were seeing religious rights trumping the Law of God. Flags flew more to honor a future religious king and queen of the religious world than to honor the supremacy of the God who rules over Canada. Instead of weeding out those who are in agreement with the enemy of freedom and liberty, we say, “Come, for we have broken faith with God to honor cults in this land.”

Did you know that our motto in this land now is ‘Multi-cultism, not truth’, and it stands for a nation based on multiculturalism instead of on the truth of God’s Word, the Bible? Approximately 85% of the American population reads and trusts in their horoscopes at some point in time if not regularly. The false church refuses to close the door on cults and, instead, assimilates into this cultic society.

The response of the church to cultism is, “You are right, you who live by secular humanistic values; homosexuality is a blessing, not an abomination, as God’s Word says.” Yes, your institutional Christian churches tell you that they know better than God, and, furthermore, they will do the Adam thing again, in rebellion to God. What does the God who created marriage know about the institution of marriage in this modern day of ‘tolerance’, the big, politically correct word for endorsing sin?

Unfortunately, on this past Dominion Day, the voice of the true church is very small, indeed, compared to the shout of the mob from a liberal multicultural society and the false priesthood that permeates it. Has it not all grown like leaven in this, the nation of Canada within God’s country of America? The hypocrites mouth the words, and, in absolute disgust, I listen to those of an anti-God spirit sing the National Anthem out of one side of their mouths, in which they pray to God for freedom in this land, while out of the other side of their mouths comes the cry to get rid of God within the land.

The government does it, the Board of Education does it, and the purpose-driven church of Christianity does it. Yes, Mr. Rick Warren’s purpose-driven church, along with the help of the agenda-driven others, all come together to lead the way in the dismantling of the cross, the same cross, which the early explorers planted all across this land, claiming it for Jesus from sea to shining sea.

The agenda stems from an anti-Christ spirit, which says, we must take down the cross so we can join in unity with the other religions of the world. The aim is to see the government of America under God give way to a union with the nations united under a One World Order, over which Satan will have his world empire at last. It will be ruled by the Antichrist, who will be entered by the devil, just as he entered Judas.

Think carefully, Canada! Do you mean these words, or are you part of the problem of hypocrisy, which will usher in the end of the land of liberty under God?

O Canada,
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all our sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The true north strong and free.
From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Even the CBC, within its liberal audience, offered a poll, only to discover that 86% of the Canadian population wants to keep the words, “God keep our Land” in the National Anthem. So, why are we so stupidly allowing the minority of 14% to rule this country under God? Could it be we have become a nation, so schizophrenic in nature that we are unable to discern fact from fiction or, the lie from the truth, and, in our condition, have become like a train off its track, racing to its destruction?