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Religion – The Misunderstood Word

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Religion – The Misunderstood Word

July 18, 2011

The downfall of America can be attributed to the misunderstanding of one word; that word is religion. Legislators and institutional churches have failed because of their lack of understanding of the difference between the words truth and religion. God is a God of truth, who abhors religion and the idols created by it. His first commandment forbids having any such idols before Him, for they will be worshiped in place of Him.

Satan’s lure of man in the Garden of Eden resulted in the establishment of the first belief system apart from the truth of God. It was this liberalism of man from God that brought about man’s separation from God in the sin of rebellion against Him. Satan denied that God’s Word was truth, setting up the foundation for the first religious belief system, which recognized God but did not recognize His truth.

The difference between all of the other nations of the world and America is that our constitutions were set up recognizing the supremacy of God over the two nations with His truth reigning supreme in the areas of classroom, courtroom and the Law of the Land, with His Law being the basis for government. Directly proportionate to the erosion of God and truth in America, to embrace religion, is the loss of God’s provision, power, and liberty. Likewise, the morality, the peaceful conditions and prosperity of the nations are eroded at the same time.

America, with the rejection of truth, will no longer be a light of anything to the world. To equate the truth of God with religion is like calling light darkness, an animal a person and water the equivalent of dust. No matter how many religious systems exist, and there can be as many as there are numbers of people, truth remains the same yesterday, today and tomorrow; it does not change regardless of what man believes.

Truth is not a religion; it is the Word of God, as written by His Spirit guiding the pen of His prophets. Jesus, and not Mohammed who was never a prophet, is the Word made flesh. He, alone among all men, is the Way to the kingdom on earth. He has the truth concerning all things, and is the Giver of eternal life. In Him our Founding Fathers trusted and to Him is given dominion from sea to sea. This means no false gods of religion can usurp His throne, for He will share His glory with no one.

To put truth in the category of religion is a spiritual impossibility. For too many decades now, truth and the Bible have erroneously been classed as religion, which is an insult to God and man’s intelligence. Where has our so-called Christian Law Association been, which has allowed such a travesty of truth to have taken place? To cast truth into the category of religion is to say that a wheel can be square.

When Mr. Trudeau brought in the Charter of Rights, he created the door-opener to every nutcase’s religion, such as Islam, trumping the supremacy of truth in the Land. But this could only have happened when Christianity, a form of religion, itself, joined the culture in accepting the lie of Satan, which literally states God’s Word is not truth, but is instead just another form of religion. But Satan is a liar and a deceiver and this is a lie.

God’s Word is truth and, by its prophetic nature, is self-validating, with no further need of justification. God placed its safe-keeping in the hands of His prophets, with it being 100% prophetic from start to finish. God never entrusted the penmanship of the Bible to one religious leader.

Only God knows the beginning from the end and everything that will happen in between. Allah, as a pseudo god, has no such power, nor was there ever a prophetic word written concerning the coming of the false prophet, Mohammed. He never took away the sins of man to redeem anyone; he merely increases them by endorsing the killing of all who will not embrace the religion of Islam. They know it is a religion and do not have the right through prophecy to call it anything other than what it is.

Unfortunately, Christianity is a religion as well, entombing the true church within it. The true church must be revived again to be as the church of the apostles called to witness to the truth; for the gates of hell will not prevail against her as it will prevail against the religious institutions of Christianity. They are today as the Laodicean church described in Revelation 3:14-22. America must again become the church/state relationship she once was, if she is to survive.

God’s plan was always for God and man to rule as partners in truth. Satan’s plan was for religious empires and for Satan and man to rule in a one-world religious/state government that will be anti-Christ in nature in its determination to squelch the truth of God and His plan.

In understanding this, one can understand why Christianity, which is the brainchild of the religious empire of Rome, will also embrace the antichrist spirit as has Rick Warren and the purpose-driven Christian church, in its alliance with Islam at the expense of the cross and truth.

Where were our Christian lawyers when they could have demanded that the courts immediately return truth to the classroom in conjunction with the dictates of the legal and the justice systems, which deemed the Bible to be the truth required for the swearing-in of our judges and government officials? Unfortunately, they too were blinded to truth by the religion to which they adhere.

Truth can never be classed as religion and, therefore, is not subject to the laws that call for separation of religion and state. Truth is inextricably attached to the Law and the Law of God is the foundation for our nations.

Obama would have you believe otherwise, but then he adheres to Satan’s dictates of religion and, in doing such, is as blind to the truth as was Paul the apostle blinded by the religion of the Pharisees, that is to say, until he came face to face with the light of truth. Harper is a little, but not much, better. He swears on the Bible he carries, but then allows abominations to God to become the laws of his government. Compromise is not part of God’s deal with His people.

Truth has rights in America, in both nations under God. Religion has no rights. People have the right to believe what they like and to worship how they please. However, their beliefs should never be allowed to alter our constitutions under God in order to please the smallest number of people, even one, if one should have, heaven forbid, hurt feelings because of our laws. If they do not like our laws and do not respect our supreme Commander, then they should move to another country, which supports their beliefs and religious systems.

You will notice, with Trudeau’s Charter of Rights, also came trade with the Communist, anti-God nation of China. You will also note that this is bringing about the demise of the American economy as God, once again, begins to demonstrate who is the Creator of not only the earth, but also of the universe, which He rules by His righteous right hand. He can as easily destroy a nation as He can raise it up, and He most certainly will do it again as He has done it in the past.

He will not tolerate religious idolatry in His nation over which He rules in truth. The revived apostolic church, by witnessing to the truth, will challenge the antichrist spirit of religion, while Christianity will blend into the coming world religion of Satan.

Be careful about the choices you make, for the Kingfisher of men from the Galilee is fishing His own out of the seawaters, which will take down the last of Satan’s religious empires, the Revived Roman Empire made up of iron and clay, as was the iron ship Titanic. The rivets of the ship had no staying power against the breath of God who blew upon the water to create the deadly iceberg, which sliced into the side of the ship, with rivets and iron being torn apart.

It never is a wise thing to challenge the power of God, for man is as vulnerable as the grass and the grasshopper, when God decides to blow the breath of His Spirit upon him and flatten him to nothing but the dust whence he came (see Isaiah, chapter 40).