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The Packaging of God

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Packaging of God

July 24, 2011

God is the Creator, which only a fool would deny as being the obvious truth. One can concoct any kind of theory one chooses, but there must be some authority for it, if it is to be believable. No one has found any evidence to substantiate the theory of Evolution, so it remains without validation. There simply is no fossil evidence for the much talked-about transitional stages of the beast turning into man.

Most important, is the so-called original stage of Evolution. Can the evolutionist identify the source for and the moment when the breath of life turned unintelligible substance into a human being capable of understanding? If man is just happenstance, who, or what determines when death will occur and the breath of life will depart from man to return him back to substance?

Who, or what, gave to you, once a fetus or an unborn child capable of understanding from the moment of conception, the breath of life? Was it the father, mother or the doctor who first slapped you on the back? Is any of them responsible for your breath of life? Is there not a confidence in the natural process of things, under a Creator, which does not exist for an evolutionary process, rooted in happenstance?

God is Creator who is a loving, sharing God. He is a gift-giver, who, like a potter, creates His own packaging, which He can as easily destroy as He can create it, if the packaging ceases to be pleasing to Him. He creates for His own pleasure and then, for that of His created.

In whichever medium He chooses to work, whether it is art, music, sculpture, poetry, etc., He packages His creation with that same medium of choice. We, through our giftings, are only able to draw upon that which He has put in place. In other words, we have been given limited creative powers, subject to working within His realm of creation, in which He has created all things.

God’s creation is unique. Everything He does is established, yet is a work in progress, with no happenstance about it. Every step of the WAY is prophetic of the next step. His creation comes with a guide book, which describes how to make it function properly by remaining with the original plan for His Way. Unfortunately for man, he ignores the guide book and refuses to read the instructions or adhere to them, so creation goes off the track, which was built for it.

The packaging is done in three different stages, with each stage explained in the guide book. Again, it would take a fool to deny that the plans and the packaging were cleverly laid out for us, long before this generation ever received the breath of life as a gift from the Creator.

There was the first packaging of the God of love and of truth, which came with the original creation, in the cradle of a Garden. There, God placed His created, packaged bundle of light, life, breath and understanding, called man, who came to life by the breath of God’s Spirit of life. This gift was created for the primary function of being enjoyed by the Creator, giving what belonged to Him to His creation, so, in turn, it could enjoy Him. His creation was planned to produce a mutual love affair, like that found in a covenanting marriage bed of commitment, between God and the man of His creation.

There was nothing false or devious in the packaging. This is a God of truth and love who is all about good things and the rightness of them for His creation, with Him being the focus of it, requiring the reverence and gratitude from man, which is due a Father of creation.

It is before His Holiness that He expects His creation to bow. The truth of the matter is that, within the confines of this love affair, God has given to the man He created a free will to choose to love and obey Him, in the same way that He loves the man. If he rejects his God in the sin of rebellion to the plan, then God will destroy him as a fruitless creation determined to be such by man’s own choices.

God is looking for a family from His creation, which will adhere to the rightness of His plans. This is what is referred to as the righteousness of man, if he is to be compatible with the rightness of a holy God and Creator.

As incredulous as it may seem, the man refused the conditions of his Creator to accept an offer from one who wanted to destroy the creation, something about which the Creator warned His creation. Such disobedience to the instructions would lead to separation from the Creator (liberalism), to man’s spiritual demise (religion), to captivity under satanic empirical governments and, ultimately, to death, itself.

Sickness and suffering would be the outcome of his sin of rebellion, which would take away from him the incredible gift of the breath of life, which the Creator had originally given to the man. As the God of love, truth and light, He cannot co-exist with darkness. There is no understanding in darkness and how could such a fallen creation be a part of the ruling family of the universe, as the inheritors of His kingdom?

So, the first packaging was destroyed and a new package of truth, light and life came in the Person of Jesus. The breath of life was not merely breathed into this Man. He was born of the breath of life through the consummation of a virginal woman by the Spirit, one in whom there was none of the seed of the corrupted man, called Adam, which could only bring forth corrupted fruit. Through the union of the perfect God, joining with His creation of humanity here on earth, it would be possible for Him, in the person of His Son, to take man’s death penalty upon Himself to redeem or rectify a fallen creation.

The death sentence requirement of man’s life-giving blood for his sin of rebellion, would be taken away by this Son of God, who would bear our pain and suffering unto death. A second spiritual package was being offered to man again, that would allow the breath of life to be returned to him. It would be as though he were born again, in the Spirit of life, but without a death sentence hanging over his head, which would be taken by God’s Son.

This packaged gift of God was both His Son and the Son of Man, who would call Himself the WAY, the truth and the life, the light, the bread from heaven, the good shepherd and the door back to the Garden kingdom reestablished again here on earth. This was the package of the promise.

The third package is one and the same as the second packaging. God took the Spirit of Jesus back in the victory of the cross, which could not destroy Him, for there was no sin of rebellion in Him against God, His Father. When He left to be with the Father after carrying out His duty to provide redemption for man from the penalty of death, He departed, but not before giving a promise to man.

He would go to prepare a place for those who believed on Him for salvation, and then return to claim His own from a wicked world of sinful men, who were still caught in the captivity of death. They are the ones who rejected His offer to die in their place, so they will be required to bear the burden of death for themselves. They will surely suffer their own experience of the cross.

The Son had saved those who would confess their sin and then believe on Him for their salvation, so that His Father could reclaim, once again, the spirit of those who desired to be with Him in the kingdom to come on earth. It would be the third packaging, which would finally establish the Garden kingdom, right here on earth, the package in which the bride of man is included with her Bridegroom.

Eventually, the promise will be fulfilled through Jesus and His accepting bride of man in the purest of a love relationship, the perfect marriage bed that can produce only good fruit, in rightness with God. The packaging of the Creator will be complete and the Prince and His bride shall live happily ever after when they pass into eternity as the ruling family of the universe, here on earth.

And man’s prayer shall be answered: “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).”

And he who did not comprehend the light and did not choose to believe the promise of the second package will as surely as sin return to the darkness and the dust in which there is no understanding. He will never again be able to experience the incredible gift of life, which can only exist where there is mutual understanding, love and truth.

Man chose his own destruction through sin to, henceforth, experience the suffering, which resulted from his choice; he preferred the lies of religion to the truth of God. And so the light departed from him, as he wandered this world in a wilderness of darkness, doomed to never again enjoy the gift of light and understanding, which came from the breath of life from the Spirit of God.