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A Woman Shall Encompass A Man

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

A Woman Shall Encompass A Man

August 13, 2011

The political battle, raging in the United States of America at this time, is nothing more than a symptom of the times. It tells us exactly where we are in Bible prophecy with the source of the battle being a spiritual one. The struggle is between the armies of religion and the army of truth. It is between the East and the West; between the left and the right; between evil and good.

My dollar is on the left and evil gaining the upper hand, for God has given us freedom of choice in the vote, and if we look at the history of God’s people, beginning with Adam and Eve, followed by Israel, and now by spiritual Israel, we see that man chooses evil every time. He chooses to return to the East, whenever God delivers His own westward from out of the eastern, religious, controlling governments of nations under satanic rule.

We are in the time just before the judgment of the seven-year tribulation begins, when a woman shall encompass a man (see Jeremiah 31:22). Not only is this a literal situation, but the church must become as a woman at last standing on truth, rejecting man and his love of evil. She will become a true bride for the Lord God and become part of the adopted family of Israel in harmony with God’s righteousness, which will make her fruitful.

As we look at the Republican candidates running for the Office of the President of the United States, standing against the lies and deception of Obama, one candidate stands out over the others as a woman with the right qualification for leadership. Michele Bachmann appears radiant in her desire to return America to its constitutional position as a nation under God.

She stands fearless and determined, in the face of all odds and party pressure, to not vote for anything that would allow Obama, presently holding the office, to continue on his wild spending spree, which sees him transfer the hard-earned money of Americans out of their hands and offshore into the hands of foreigners. They are the same foreigners, who, in fact, for the most part, are committed to destroying the very same Americans who have turned their money over to them.

The accusers within her party seem to be the congressional members who were former governors of state, claiming she does not have the necessary experience, which they claim they have had as governors. Are these accusing governors not the same elected members of Congress who, with all their experience, have taken part in the lousy job of getting America into the financial mess in which it finds itself today? They dare to accuse this woman, who stood firm, as an elected Congresswoman, for good fiscal policies that would limit the present presidential spending spree. Which of the two, do you believe, is actually showing leadership skills in Congress?

Let us examine Bachmann’s record to see whether or not that which they say about her is true! Is she not the same woman who ran on a platform to stop the insane spending of Washington and, true to her word, refused to budge from her position on spending, which helped to get her elected? Is she not that same woman who raised five children of her own, along with 23 foster children, managed to graduate and practice law and go into business with her husband, whom she faithfully admires as her best friend and helpmate, only to then go on to serve her country in government? Does she not show signs of genius, with respect to her management skills so far, with respect to both her family and her public life, only to leave her accusers far behind her in the polls, as her star continues to rise?

I ask her illustrious critics, just how capable they, with their secretaries and staff, would have been at managing all she has managed and still find time to serve their country and campaign on the presidential trail? Do most of them not have wives to run and manage their homes? It becomes laughable as I think of them even attempting to manage the home and their public life at the same time, and do as good a job of it as she has done, had they been faced with the same degree of responsibilities. Whether managing home or state, the same principles of industry and trustworthiness apply.

This is all without taking into consideration the considerable amount of funds some of her critics have to support their political campaigns. This is a woman who has risen from poverty and conquered adversity to arrive at the position where she is today. In my opinion, there is no one more capable or more prepared for the job of president than this little woman who is a human dynamo wearing a skirt instead of men’s pants. As a woman, you might say that she is one who encompasses the man.

A man such as Mitt Romney, a former state governor, also seeking the Office of President, seems to have a double standard, as opposed to Bachmann. He says he is personally standing for traditional marriage between a man and a woman, yet, as governor, he legislated for and gave money in support of the homosexual agenda (reference: ‘Mitt Romney’s Deception’ by Amy Contrada). He claims religion as his foundation, yet he leaves me in doubt as to what the real foundation is, upon which he stands. Bachmann, the so-called inexperienced one stands firmly on her word of truth.

I put it to you – which one of the two would you want to trust in the Office of the President? Would you trust a governor who says one thing and legislates another or a woman who sets her standards on the platform she espouses and in the thick of a nasty battle, stands true, strong and firm on her principles? Have her life experiences and her unyielding stance not better prepared her for the job than running a state government as an untrustworthy governor? Why would you have reason to believe such a governor would not go the route of Ann Coulter, once he is elected to office?

Again, I have to compare Bachmann’s unyielding steadfastness, plain intelligence, articulateness and commitment to the truth of her promises compared to another woman in the political public eye, a political commentator on the right. I have always admired Ann Coulter’s intelligence, articulateness and political savvy, as well, but unlike Bachmann, she now has me questioning both her intelligence and her commitment to the truth.

She has decided to champion the pro-homosexual faction of the GOProud organization within the Republican Party in the position of spokesperson and defender of the homosexual agenda, effectively claiming the agenda to be one and the same with equal rights. She has accepted the title of Honorary Chair and Gay Icon of its Advisory Council and, henceforth, shall be known as the Queen of Fabulous, a title of which she is proud.

GOProud is a radical, pro-homosexual, activist organization of socio-liberal thinking, which promotes a spiritually, physically and emotionally destructive lifestyle. I do not have to tell you this; the statistics speak for themselves. Surely, she can see the difference between an agenda and a right! Is she not capable of realizing that homosexuals have the same rights as every other member of society, including the right to marry? However, they want the institution of marriage to be altered in a manner that will never happen. Only a man and a woman can enter into matrimony and be fruitful according to God’s plan. They can have whatever other kind of relationship they may choose, and call it what they will, but they will never be able to have the relationship of marriage between two men or two women.

So their agenda becomes a lobby to get governments to change the nature of marriage, ignoring the unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle that it is. Ann Coulter starts with agreement to their claim, that their immoral lifestyle is the result of a homosexual gene, which God gave to them and which causes them to behave in a way He calls an abomination. When a man chooses the immoral lifestyle of thievery, which God also calls sin, should he, the adulterers and all other kinds of sinners not also have the right to claim that God gave them a gene that makes them behave immorally? God is not confused about His creation and what His plans for man are. His laws are very clear and never changing.

Will Coulter next choose to champion the lifestyle of thieves, and all other kinds of sinners who indulge in immoral behavior, clearly denounced within God’s Word, saying they, too, cannot do anything about their situation and society must change the law to accommodate their rights and hurt feelings? Do we not use the moral code of God to protect society with His moral law against wrong-doing? If not God’s moral law, then whose law will it be? If one kind of immorality can be given special privileges, then why not other forms of immorality as well? They are all straight from Satan, himself, who loves to deny the truth of God, in his antichrist spirit.

You may well ask about the homosexual right to serve in the military. Well, what about it? Is it not the duty of the Supreme Commander of the military to keep the health conditions and the safety of the solider as a top priority? Why in the world would you uphold other health standards, only to introduce a dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle into the bed, the showers and the trenches next to the soldiers? Should health requirements not guarantee military safety wherever possible, or should the demands of an agenda for special rights supersede the soldier’s rights when they sign up to serve their country?

If the military can refuse a man the right to serve for health reasons, such as weak eyes, or any other physical handicap, without it being considered an infringement on the rights of that man, then is the Obama administration not so bound by political-correctness that it is afraid to stand in defense of our soldiers? We are looking at issues that could present a physical and emotional health threat to the entire military. Has Coulter given this any thought before assuming her new role of office within the Republican Party?

The rest of society is being bludgeoned into accepting the homosexual agenda of man to change that which has been established as the law for millennia, with Ann Coulter choosing to challenge the Word of God, by calling that which He calls sin, a right. She now declares herself to believe that special rights are one and the same as equal rights. This is a political woman in the public eye who, unlike Michele Bachmann, will never encompass the man, in any sense of the words, though both now hold office within the Republican Party, no matter how low or high the office.

Watch carefully what the left will do, and already has done, in an attempt to portray Michele Bachmann, a woman of principle and competence, as an angry woman seeking an office far above her capabilities. And what exactly were the qualifications for office of Obama? He has had no business background, no governorship, a Harvard career very much in dispute and, on top of all of this, he rode into office without any proof of American citizenship, which still is very much in doubt.

What did the media have to say about this before his election? Where was Newsweek in the days when the American public needed a real warning about a real threat to the nation in the person of a man with a Muslim upbringing, suffering from a weakness for Islam that causes him to bow to the enemy?

The problem is that the left really stands on a foundation of religion, and it is the right, which stands on truth. They are the goats on the left, the sons of Satan who love the lies of religion and mockery, while the sheep who know the Master’s voice, are placed on the right. The Master is the Son of God. Make no mistake! He is a God only of truth and never of religion; those are not my words, He says so Himself (Deuteronomy 32:4, Psalm 31:5, and Isaiah 65:16). He makes the world’s best Ruler over any country; for, after all, He created the entire world by His spoken Word of truth, and the Word is made flesh, in the person of Jesus, also the Creator.

Go for it, Michele Bachmann, but the question is this: “Is America ready for the truth, or is it too far gone in its morally sick condition caused by the politicized propaganda of the present-day educational system and agenda-driven media? Let’s pray there are still enough little, old, gray-haired ‘terrorists’, called the Tea Party, around the country, who will see her worth and vote for her! If so, she just might get her well-deserved opportunity to serve in the Office of the President, in a country under God, and not under Allah or any other religious figure.