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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery


August 16, 2011

Nothing could be surer than the fact that the goodness of creation will be restored. Creation began with redemption, and history will conclude with redemption with the words God spoke when He said, “Let there be light”.

The only global warming we are experiencing is that of the Son, who is about to return. The sun is but a sign of the brilliance of His coming. How is it that we missed the brilliance of His light when He dwelled among us? The reason we missed Him was that the world was in darkness again, blinded by religion.

There was no truth coming from the priesthood, except from the true priest of the Levitical, high priest lineage of Jesus’ day, John the Baptist, whose birth parents, on both sides, gave him entitlement to the office. Yet, he looked at Jesus and said I must decrease as you increase. He, unlike the Roman-appointed, Judaic priesthood, was not blinded by religion; by the Spirit he knew the truth of who Jesus was.

Jesus did not need baptism. There was no need for the changing of the waters in His life; He was already born of the Spirit of life, and of a virginal woman who had none of the seed of man in her. The Virgin Mary was able to produce the good fruit from the right spiritual root. Her fruit came from the tree of life. He was not the child of the compromise that comes from the tree of the knowledge of both good and evil – the tree and source for the waters of religion. Jesus was thoroughly truth, through and through, born of the Spirit of the God of truth and of life.

God is not a God of death; He is a God of redemption. Without the understanding of the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz, you will not understand redemption. The entire world is as the woman Ruth, waiting for the Redeemer so she can once again birth a son of the right inheritance within the house of God called the house of Israel. How is it that we can understand the kingly inheritance of the house of Windsor but we cannot understand the kingly inheritance of the house of Israel, which takes us from the natural into the spiritual nation of Israel?

It comes from a lineage, which began within the house of Abram, in a crossover blessing that was put in place the day God called Abram from a house of religion, into His house of truth. It continued with the crossover of the inheritance going from the first son of Abram, called Ishmael, to the second son, Isaac, who was the son of the bride, and not of the woman from the religious empire of Abram’s day, called Egypt.

When the Virgin Mary bore Jesus, a whole new line of inheritance was established, coming from the Spirit of God. It was a spiritual line that required the adoption of the Son of Man, into the nation, so sons of David would be born of the Spirit and not of the seed of man. Each and every one destined for the kingdom, who is written in the Book of Life, will, henceforth, be adopted into the house of Israel, with the bloodline of nations having no part to play in the kingdom prepared for this true house of Israel. The natural sons of David did not produce the kingly line; He was Jesus who, in the Spirit, would establish the kingly line of spiritual inheritance for the kingdom of God on earth.

God demonstrated the truth of His Son’s birth. The kings of the East, representing the kings of religiously-ruled empire nations, came to bow to this King born of the Spirit of God. They saw His light of heaven, which indicated to them that He had arrived in the world. They read the stars, the signs of the times, which God gave to us at creation, when all things were created good.

God allowed them to see through spiritual eyes, which had been blinded by religion, up until this time. They saw the light of His coming through eyes, which had been opened by the Spirit of God and of Life. These kings were nothing more than religious magi. They were religious soothsayers who were shown the light of truth created by the spoken Word of God.

Shepherds came to the manger scene, representing the priesthood in charge of the flock of sheep to which Jesus so often referred. He was the Good Shepherd of truth and the Teacher of truth. The leaders and teachers of His flock would bow only to His truth and never to Satan’s religious lies.

This was demonstrated so well within the nation, Israel, when Jesus clashed with the Roman-appointed priesthood, as He would clash with our Christian priesthood if He were here today, and, as He will do battle with it when He returns. He told the blinded priesthood of the religious Pharisees that their father was not God, the Creator, but rather the devil. These are not my words, but rather His (see John 8:44).

When Jesus created His church, it was not a religious institution; it was a group of men, comparable to rock solid stones, as was their Cornerstone, standing on truth as His voice for truth. They were called to fish men out of the spiritual waters of religion, like the Kingfisher of men fished those who could hear out of the religious waters of the religious empire that ruled over the Israelites in His day, inflicting the pagan worship of Caesar upon them. The nations began taking the church into religious captivity during the 3rd century A.D.

Jesus prophesied about the crippling of His spiritual bride of Israel, the church, and just how long she would be in captivity when He did the miracle of healing the woman who was crippled for eighteen years, with a year being as a hundred. It was a miracle of redemption, pointing to the church coming out of her religious captivity at the beginning of the 21st century, after approximately 1800 years of religion crippling its voice for truth.

At this time, the church will make her own exodus. The Lord will set her free of the Babylonian system, which wants to brand her with the satanic number of man, being 666, the number of the religious, economic, and governmental system of Satan’s religious/state empires. It is the mark of the antichrist system with man ruling over man, instead of God ruling over man, as He had intended for His creation.

The religious leaders did not like Jesus healing the woman on the Sabbath, prophetic of the Sabbath rest from religion, which will come in the 21st century, the dawn of the 7th day or the 7th millennium. Jesus describes this woman as a daughter of Abraham who has been bound, and then He emphasizes the truth with the words leading us to prophetic understanding: “So ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound – think of it – for eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath (Luke 13:16)?” Could anyone miss His emphasis pointing to the bondage of the church under religious systems from the 3rd century to the 21st century – eighteen hundred years of church bondage? Think of it!

It is now time for the restoration of the woman, the true church of Jesus Christ, so she can go into labor as the woman of Revelation. She will, at last, bring forth the good spiritual fruit like Mary, which Eve and her line of harlots could never produce in the rebellious spirit of Jezebel, that religious zealot and feminist who did not submit to her husband.

Yes, Michele Bachmann, you have got it right; never apologize for your submission to your true husband, Jesus. He requires it of all mankind and definitely of anyone who is going to rule and reign with Him in the kingdom. God is still Ruler over America; the government hasn’t been able to completely rule Him out as Ruler over her, yet.

Try as they will, they will never rule out the One who has redeemed mankind from the sin of believing Satan’s lies of religious liberalism, which speaks of the rebellion as being freedom from God’s truth. The lie is a New Age, power message for today, which really is as old as the Garden of Creation; it states that the power is within you to be your own god.

The foolishness of evolution tells man he has risen out of the depths of no understanding as a beast, to the understanding of a god. The truth is that man was created in the image of the living God, given the understanding of the Spirit through the breath of life, only to sink into sin and the rebellion, which leads to blindness and back to darkness. This inevitably follows the poor choice of choosing the devil to be one’s father of religion, as opposed to desiring the God of truth for a father.

God is going to establish His house of Israel on earth as it is in heaven. He is going to send back His Son to earth to set up His kingdom before the religious armies of Satan fully destroy it. He will redeem His own of the ages who will accept His redemptive work of the cross, which was borne by Him for our redemption, restoring their freedom from captivity to Satan and his spiritual empire waters that bring death in their wake.

Look up and look to the cosmic signs in the heavens. Earthquakes, floods and the shaking of the earth are coming when human hearts will be in terror as that, which was created firmly beneath men’s feet, falters when the hand of God’s protection is removed. Since we do not want God, He will leave us to our own devices to find out just how powerful we are, as little gods, compared to His power, as the One and only Almighty God, Ruler of the universe and all that dwells therein.

Yes, the heat is on, as Jesus begins to draw nearer to the earth. Who will be able to withstand the heat of His burning? They will be those with an upright heart, who love the Lord and are looking in anticipation for His coming. For they know that He is their Redeemer and that their Redeemer lives and is returning.

“For I know that my Redeemer lives, and He shall stand at last on the earth; and after my skin is destroyed, this I know, that in my flesh I shall see God (Job 19:25-26).”