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The Table

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Table

August 23, 2011

Has man not had enough of Satan’s religious, controlling empire-living yet, which has caused all the wars of history and has resulted in the suffering of man? Is he not ready for the kingdom and a clean table of spiritual food prepared for him in peace?

When God created the heavens and the earth, the heavens came first; the earth was without form and void, with darkness on the face of the deep. He was bringing earth and heaven back into unity with one another by removing the darkness and putting His plan for a good earth in place, the moment He said, “Let there be light!”

Jesus said of Himself, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life (John 8:12).” This Spirit of life is the Spirit, which permeated all of God’s creation. Out of the darkness sprang forth life because of a Creator who gives life to all good things. The spirit of death in the darkness must give way to life in the light because of Jesus. Darkness cannot rule where there is light. The two spirits, by nature, must be separated.

The prerequisite for created life required that the darkness of death be dispelled, and the seawaters be separated from the dry land and the waters from above, then the Lord God was ready to provide the food necessary for His creation. Until the food was made available in absolute purity, He did not create the man. And until it was established that light came from the heavens, from above like the water, there was no man. If the darkness were to continue to be dispelled, then it was required that man know the source of his spiritual water and spiritual food, and eat only that, if he were to live and not return to the darkness.

In the act of creation, God gave the message to man as to how he could retain eternal life. It was required of him by God, the Creator and Ruler over him, that the food of his table be only that which was created for his own good. He was forbidden to eat that which was not created in harmony with the light and was contaminated by the elements of darkness.

For, at creation, God had created all things good for man, and there was nothing, which was not good for him. It was the addition of evil to the good, which would reintroduce darkness and the spirit of death, when man ate of the tree of the knowledge of both good and evil. This was the fatal spiritual combination of the first belief system, called religion, mixed with truth.

Now, God had given man free will, with the ability to choose between good and evil, and to Satan He gave the right to test man in the Garden, just as He gave him the right to test Job. Satan was allowed to mess up God’s creation, but only if man worked in conjunction with him to make it happen, by choosing to be a son of Satan instead of a son of God.

Satan knew well that all he had to do was to convince man to disobey God and reject His truth for a belief system, if he wanted to destroy him. He appealed to the lures of the flesh, with great success in the beginning of what would become a spiritual battle for the souls of man. It would last for 1000 years of suffering for every year God spent working upon His Creation to provide only good things and peace for man.

The process of messing with the spiritual aspect of creation is called sin and rebellion to God’s plan for man, which was for him to live with all things created good for him, having no knowledge of that which was evil. Under these conditions only good things would happen to good people, but in the rebellion of man, it became another matter. There would be no one to know only that which was good, since pain and suffering had been introduced to man through his own fault and through no fault of God.

This package of lies and a belief system called religion came with a table of contaminated spiritual food, which would kill man. God warned him, before he ever rebelled, as to what the consequences would be. It was not a pretty picture, for God told him that he would surely die if his table of food became one of religious contamination.

The minute man sinned he was cut off from God’s table of pure food, for God would allow no contamination to come near it. He was a God of truth and light (Deuteronomy 32:4, Psalm 31:5, Isaiah 65:16), not a God of religion and darkness. If it were allowed at His clean table, the table would eventually become filthy with religion, preventing the light from shining in the darkness.

But light has the power over darkness to dispel it and the river of life (the Pishon) always accompanies the light of kingdom living as was established in the Garden. These are the pure, clean waters, as clear as crystal, which emanate from the throne of God from their spiritual source of life. To the contrary, they are the Empire Rivers, which bring spiritual darkness with their flow of religion, the waters of which God will allow to flow very forcefully indeed, before they are finally dried up once and for all. You might compare the force of the water to that of Niagara Falls.

The symbol of these evil waters is found in Genesis, chapter two. The first world empire of the known world of its time was Egypt (Cush), fed by the religious, deadly waters of the Gihon. Of course, at that time, the entire world came under the influence of Egyptian religion. The second world empire, which established its own religious/government rule, was Assyria, represented by the spiritual flow of the Hiddekel River, at which time the Gihon River was dried up. Next, a new religion took root in the world. With the defeat of Assyria by the Babylonian Empire, the second river, the Hiddekel, was dried up to make way for the flow of the Euphrates River in Babylon.

The Euphrates River continues to flow to this day, with the religious spirit of Babylon permeating her waters, which would flow throughout the duration of three more empires. This is the religious system, which Satan will use to finally destroy as much of mankind as he possibly can. We presently are in the last of the four empires, with the fourth now in the process of being revived as the Revived Roman Empire about to arise under the ruler-ship of the Antichrist, more deadly than all the others put together. It is represented by a beast, almost beyond description, with its evil and wicked ways. Hitler was but a mere symbol of the nature of the Antichrist ruler to come.

Jesus defeated Satan at the cross, whereby He provided the way and escape route for all of mankind, to come out of the evil destroying empires and back into the Garden Creation of kingdom living in His kingdom on earth. It requires eating, again, at a table set only with truth – the truth He provided for His apostles and then multiplied for the multitudes of the nations, caught in the vice of evil. This multiplication was as manna from heaven, but only for His people who look to Him as the Way for their salvation from sin and rebellion.

He offered man a way out of the death sentence and back to the tree of life, but it would require absolute purity of food so that there would never be any contamination in His kingdom again. His spiritual food comes only from the gospels of the pure apostolic church, which He established, and never from the counterfeit religious system of Christianity, which came out of the devil’s Babylonian system of Rome, gushing with the spiritual waters of the Euphrates. There will be seed-yielding herbs and fruit of all sorts, except that which comes from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, being contaminated with the spirit of death. There will be absolutely no religious fruit of any sort at God’s table.

And, so the Babylonian number of 666, the number of man and the mark of the beast, found in a one world governmental, economic and religious system is going to be placed on those who will submit to the system. It is coming to its fullness at this time of the gentile final world government, controlled by the last river waters of Genesis called the Euphrates. They are about to dry up with the Lord’s closure to religion and a reopening of the east side of the spiritual Garden, which will lead back to the tree of life.

 It is time for the all-out attack of the Antichrist in his dying effort to establish His final Empire, only to see it crumble as it is crushed by the stone, the Cornerstone called Jesus, accompanied by His church of 144,000 witnesses to the truth. It is decision time, with the last call of the Spirit and the bride to come out of her, Babylon the Great, and prepare in purity, for the kingdom in which we want to spend an eternity with our Lord.

Will we eat at the table of Satan, because we are in religion, or will we join our Lord and Savior at His table, eating in the purity of truth? Religion built the wall, which separated man from the Creator in the beginning. It is only by truth we scale that wall, never to return, leaving the religion of Satan behind, forever. In truth, we become the benefactors of God’s perfect justice on the right side, as sheep separated by the Good Shepherd who will put the goats of religion on the left, destined for destruction and to never monkey with His flock of sheep, ever again.

Choose carefully a pure, clean table and then put on your wedding garments; for the wedding feast of the Lamb is right at hand. It is wedding time and we must be dressed properly in pure white wedding garments fit for the King’s feast for His bride.

You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord’s table and of the table of demons (1 Corinthians 10:21).