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The Floods and the Fires – Psalm 29

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Floods and the Fires – Psalm 29

September 04, 2011

Have you not had enough of the floods and the fires in America yet? It is all up to you as to how much you shall receive.

Michele Bachmann got it right about Washington and should not have made any excuses for what she said. The shaking of Washington was all about judgment coming upon the nation. There are no two ways about it; what is happening in Washington is simply the result of America getting the kind of leadership she deserves, while the shaking of God, gives the leadership and the people what they deserve.

If America wants satanic rule (which comes with the rule of secular humanism) instead of God ruling over her, she will get it. He will simply turn her over to the liar and deceiver, so that lies and deceit will rule in America instead of God. Is there anyone left who still doubts that liars and deceivers are enthroned in Washington?

Pick up your Bibles and read Psalm 29, my friends, and if you have any doubt as to who is behind the fires and floods in America, as well as in the rest of the world, then you have a slight problem with understanding. This is the only book, and Jesus is the only One who can open our understanding as He breaks the seals of the scroll for us.

Don’t look to Mark Steyn for your answers, or to any other academic who depends upon his own intellect! Do not look to your diplomats, with all their posturing, for they have no answers! For goodness sake, do not look to a religious priesthood, which smiles its way through crowd-pleasing, religious worship services, for it has no answers! For the most part, the priesthood merely is a reflection of the cultural moral standards of the day. 

There is only one source for answers, which comes from a God of truth who created all things good and gave us a Bible full of answers. It was mankind in rebellion to God, which fouled things up, because it had no love for the truth.

This is an amazing psalm, which places the voice of the Lord in power and majesty over the waters, not over any particular water, but rather over all the waters of the world, which are symbolic of the spiritual flow, which comes from two different sources – the water from beneath (satanic), and the water from above (divine). God rules over both, with the water from above flowing directly from His throne.

The waters from beneath He separated from those from above, when He created all things good for His people and for their environment. However, when man rejected Him and chose sin, God released His right hand of protection over man, allowing him to receive the waters of his choice, as the evil destroying waters they were. God simply said to man that He would give him that which he chose to receive.

Please don’t go crying back to God and ask where He is when bad things happen to good people. First of all, there is none good in God’s eyes, so we only get what we deserve as sinners. And God removes Himself from being our Protector, when a person or a nation rejects either Him or His Law, in order to embrace religion.

There are only two kinds of spiritual waters; they are the waters of life in truth and the waters of death in the lies of religion, which make up the belief systems of men. The power of God over the spiritual waters is released to allow them to render judgment; they are the floods of judgment, which are spoken of in Psalm 29. Along with the floods, the psalmist points to the judgment of the divided flames of fire, the same two forms of judgment afflicting America today.

He calls us, the people of spiritual Israel, to give glory due to God’s name and worship Him in the beauty of holiness and not in the jarring and clanging of cultural cymbals; this will empower Him to work mightily for us. There is no power working for us when the glory due Him goes to idols or other gods; it simply brings down the judgment of His wrath. His first commandment is written on stone to empower and bless us. How is it possible that the religious have missed this? The religious pagans, without Bibles, might have done so, but the religious Christians, with Bibles, have no excuse.

How have we missed His clear message about the spiritual rivers of water flowing from the religious, would-be world empires? The message of these waters is in the first book of the Bible, but if you can believe it, we are at the dawn of the 7th millennium of recorded history, the Bible being our records, and still man does not know the difference between truth and religion. He has been so blinded by it, just as Paul, the apostle, was blinded when he came into the presence of the brightness of the light of the Lord, as a man of religion.

The shaking of God’s people, described in Psalm 29 as the shaking of the wilderness at Kadesh, points to the natural shaking of earthquakes as the sign of spiritual shakings as well. The problem at Kadesh was a spiritual one of the Israelites neither trusting in their Supreme Commander, while making their exodus from Egypt, nor obeying the commandment He gave to go in and possess the land. The spies, chosen from the tribes of Israel to go in and check out the Land, lacked faith in the power of God, which some call lack of courage, but God calls, sin, and so He warns us over and over to be of good courage.

Israel went into Egypt as the little Hebrew children of a fledgling nation to grow through protected adversity. However, they departed from Egypt as a fully grown army set free to protect their freedom. They were bought and paid for by the Commander-in-Chief, who then gave all the commands. It simply was required of God’s people that, as His army, they must trust in Him and obey Him, to maintain their freedom.

He splinters the cedars, some chastened, some judged. By His voice He divides the flames of fire, with the scorching serving to cause birth (born again of the Spirit of life through trust), while the devastating flames of judgment will strip the forest bare of the trees that would not rest on the Lord in trust. As easily as He gives life, He can also take it away.

According to Psalm 29, not only is He enthroned over every flood that has ever taken place throughout history, but also God’s power extends over all of the fires of history. The voice of the Lord is over the waters (Psalm 29:3). If He is enthroned over the waters, how in the world could anyone not think that He is the power behind today’s floods? It is no different today from what it was in the days of Noah, when He protected the righteous and destroyed the wicked men with a great flood, who were given over to terror and violence in their time.

Are the floods and the fires any more happenstance than is man, himself, about whom nothing is happenstance at all? He was created by the very breath of life, which came from the mouth of God, and man was birthed by the Spirit of life. That is why the Pishon River surrounded the Garden, the land of Havilah, the land of the good gold of worship in glory and holiness – words our culture loathes today. God can as easily loose the waters by His right hand of creation or destroy with the same hand, which releases the waters of judgment. You should tremble at the sound of His voice as it thunders over the waters.

The prophets, apostles and the bride of the church hold the scepter in their hands, given by the Lord and King who has allowed them to speak for Him at different points of history. To them is given the sword and power of truth, which prepared them for kingdom living. Why would we choose to be on the Titanic, which takes us down to the bottom of the sea, instead of looking up and choosing the treasures of a heaven of the future, only to forsake them for the glitz and glamour of the ‘here and now’? This is what happens when we listen to the lies of a secular culture.

There is a great difference between the religious waters of bitterness and the water, which comes from the rock, as Moses and the fleeing Israelites soon learned. Take note of how ancient Israel was given clean water to drink, as was America, who trusted in God for her provision, while the rest of the world suffers under religion and very questionable, in fact, downright polluted waters.

The floods are bringing polluted waters into America, because she did not understand what she should have known all along about the power of the truth and the contamination of religious waters, which drive the cultures of the world. We have lacked gratitude and have shown disrespect for our glorious and holy God. A little leaven will fill the whole loaf, with even a little amount of religion (leaven) being enough corruption to be unacceptable to the Lord. It is all about the whole truth and nothing but the truth of His Word, so help me God.

It is time we stand on His Word again in America and send the cults packing back to their religious lands whence they came, where they can live by their satanic laws in their own lands, but not in this land of liberty under God. Their law is not acceptable to Him, nor will He allow the enemy to remain among His people. He splits the cedars with the ax of His Word, and places a tall wall of truth between the two, which no man can scale without Jesus.

The Lord sat enthroned at the Flood, and the Lord sits as King forever. The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace (Psalm 29: 10-11).

The voice of the Lord divides the flames of fire (Psalm 29:7).