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The Great Satan

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Great Satan

September 15, 2011

Is the United States the great Satan? It is a question, which addresses the pot calling the kettle black, and there is some validity for doing so. There is an attack on the liberty of America, and it is precisely shown with the demolition-style falling of the World Trade Towers of New York.

Did God cause such a thing? No, but He did allow it, just as He is allowing the floods and fires to consume the nations of America. We have had hints of the great shaking taking place, but they are only hints of the major shaking yet to come.

America is in free-fall as she shifts from a free nation under God and His truth to a controlled nation, like all the other nations of the world, under Satan and religion. As surely as the three towers went straight down, America will take her position within the three Babylonian towers of man in a One World Order, which will be brought down by the Lord God in one morning in one hour, in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall (Isaiah 30:25).

This is the day when God binds up the bruises of His people who have been attacked by the antichrist spirit from the moment God established His government in the Garden on the foundation of truth, with the provisions for man all provided by Him (see Isaiah 30:26). Man simply had to maintain God’s kingdom on earth as He established it.

The great Satan’s aim is to destroy it, attacking the three areas established by God – truth, by religion, God’s authority, by man’s authority, and the provision of God, by man’s economic provision based on trade and bartering. A biblical term for describing trade is found in the words, the way of the sea, with sea trade and bartering replacing the work of man, to till the ground and tend the provision of God.

America was established by God, based on His Garden plan, rather than the Babel-like, man-made, tower-building plan of Satan. It was a nation returned to the foundation of His truth, the Bible, which left all the controls of the religious system behind. The United States, in its embryonic state, was founded by people who were escaping the clutches of the religious controls of England’s fluctuation between popes and the Anglican archbishops who were established to make way for the legitimizing of the king’s divorces.

Canada, interestingly enough, made a break from the religious system, but still clung to the controls of a government, which supports a king-of-the-world type of ruler-ship. She remained compromised by this God-worldly-king rule, just as Israel compromised herself when she wanted a king to rule, like the other nations. Cromwell got it right when, in victory, he rejected kingship in England, but the hearts of man soon turned his victory around to place the king of religion, government and the economic tax system back on the throne over the nation, just as God told Israel their choice of a man-king would do.

Do not miss reading 1 Samuel, chapter 8, which gives about as clear a picture of the great Satan and his form of government as you will ever get. It was exemplified over the centuries by the empires attempting to gain world ruler-ship; first Cush (Egypt), then Assyria, and finally the Babylonian system of empires, all represented by the spiritual waters of the rivers of Genesis, chapter 2. Hence, we have water baptism to show the necessary spiritual change required if man is to be baptized again into the spiritual waters of life, which ruled in the Garden before man sinned, with his being ruled afterward, by the religious waters, which come from the world and not from God.

Here is what Samuel, the prophet, was told by God who wanted to warn Israel about moving into the government of the great Satan and away from His government with which He blessed man for a second time in world history; the first time was the blessing of His government at creation. The prophet Samuel told Israel that a king of the world, ruling in place of God, would take the sons and daughters of man to form his armies. They would be used to make his weapons of war. Their daughters would serve the lusts of the king, while he would take a tenth and the best of the produce of the fields and vineyards for himself and give them to his own servants. It is a process of taxation, which would serve the king more than the people.

All in all, the king would use the nation to turn it into a socialized system to serve the government at the expense of the workers. In that day of the great slaughter, which we are rapidly approaching, we see this situation forming in America today. Obama is set on taking the United States out from under the rule of God and placing her within this kind of a social system where the government takes the hard-earned dollars of the people and redistributes the wealth among illegals, non-workers and foreigners. He wants to take from the rich as his answer for solving America’s woes. He wants to do exactly what God said the kings and rulers of the world would do.

It is a very rich, religious system in the book of Revelation, which is going to come down as that harlot, Babylon the Great, mother of all harlots, the religious, economic and governmental systems of man (666). Surely we can presently see the world political situation coming to a crisis with the financial, governmental and religious situations around the world becoming increasingly heated and more dangerous.

The tower of Babel was destroyed and the people dispersed and divided into nations according to language, so that God could ultimately bring forth His own nation out of the other ones in order to show how government was intended to function under Him at creation. Hence, we have the only two nations throughout history, which were ruled by truth in liberty and freedom from the religious controls of the other nations of the world. These two nations of Israel and America were to be the light of liberty to the world, so that the world could choose whether or not it wanted the God of peace or the great Satan of wars and destruction to rule over it.

Is America the great Satan? Not yet, but she is very quickly moving into his camp by voting men who embrace the antichrist spirit into office. We are placing agents of the great Satan in places of ruler-ship, who are hypocrites of the first order – claiming God while denying His power, using His name to carry out the work of Satan in both our religious and government systems.

Trade with other nations has become an obsession instead of protecting the jobs of American and Canadian citizens, giving them the right to work their own lands and reap the benefits of their work. The work ethic of God’s system has been replaced with world trade, and so God has just shown how very quickly He is going to bring all three systems down as the markets plunge and the whole world trade system is being shattered before our very eyes. It is then the great Satan, the Antichrist, will set his plan in place for the coming One World Order. The good news is that it will only last as long as it took to bring the World Trade Towers down.

My friends, you will either be in the towers of man’s making, or you will have your feet firmly planted on terra firma in the truth, the provision of God, and His ruler-ship, in place of being ruled by the kings of this world. When the disaster hits and the fire of judgment explodes upon this world, and it will do so very soon, God has given us the warning with a very clear picture of what will happen. Man will feel as desperate as those who were caught in the fatal New York towers of inferno with no place to go and no one to save them. You can see that, in terror, there were many who preferred to jump to their deaths, rather than remain in the fire.

Think carefully, and choose wisely, for the Bible tells us it will surely happen. Babylon the Great is coming down and the towers of man are all about to disappear. Do you, America, want to disappear with them?