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The Iron Empire of the One World Order

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Iron Empire of the One World Order

September 20, 2011

Why do you suppose that of all the ships, which have gone down throughout all of history, the one that the entire world remembers, over all others, is the Titanic? It was the great iron works of man, of which it was claimed that even God could not sink it. And how did He manage to sink it? It was very simply done by a small slice taken out of its metal undergirding by the frozen seawater of an iceberg, the same seawater that God separated from man at creation, but was returned to the land by man’s rebellion.

The seawater of this world represents the darkness of evil on the face of the deep, which we can see is a destroyer of evil men, when God decides to release its full force. He caused the flood of the waters in the days when He found Noah to be the only man of righteousness, while terror and violence filled the world at that time, as it does today. God commanded him to build an ark of safety for himself, his family and animals of diverse species, before God destroyed the rest of the world.

This massive, floating, iron hulk of the Titanic represented the last and final empire of man, which is right at our door, taking form within the three areas of satanic control – economics or trade, religion, and government (666). From the day Satan lured man away from God and into the rebellion of the Garden, he became the ruler of this world set upon bringing the fruit of man into a One World Order ruled by him, in the person of the Antichrist.

The process for this Order was begun at Babel, a place where there was unity of language and purpose in reaching the heavens through the tower-building of man, seeking to regain the eternal life he lost in the beginning through sin. Satan had counterfeited truth with religion, the first belief system, which was made up of a mixture of lies and a twist of the truth. Upon this foundation rested the making of the first World Order under Satan.

However, God had a plan of salvation for man, which would separate His portion of the people from the rest of the world, being only those who would choose to embrace the truth, instead of the lies of religion. So, He broke up the Babel plan and created nations with separate languages, in order to divide and weaken the pagan works of man. From out of these nations He would take one man, Abraham, with whom He created His own nation of people based on the salvation plan and the return of a Garden kingdom on earth, once again, where God rules and man is a partner, rather than a rebel with his own cause.

God called His nation, Israel, and He separated it to come under His rule, taking it out from under the religious rule of Satan. He would lead His people to a Land, which was nothing more or less than the promise of a kingdom to come one day in the future. When Jesus and His army return to take possession of the Land, by entering through the unsealed east side of the Garden, man will once again have access to the tree of life, taken from him when he was driven from the Garden of Eden. This will be the climax to the plan of redemption and restoration in Garden-living under God, as was intended from the beginning.

 But this will not happen until evil has run its course and has come to its time of fullness within the gentile nations of religion, where they function within the spiritual waters, which bring death eventually to all who rebel against God. Man is running Satan’s course, which is steadily moving him toward the re-establishment of Babel with a united religion, a one-world economic system and a one-world government, all carried out under one official language.

History has been the story of God bringing forth His kingdom again on earth while Satan, at the same time, is establishing his ruler-ship to the point of all mankind worshiping him in a One World Order ruled by him. This great antichrist leader will look ever so good to man because, inherent in his plan is the foundational lie that the union of religiously controlled nations (U.N.) will bring peace. He will be considered to be a peacemaker, but it will all only lead to a false peace.

However, the Bible, with all its warnings about getting deceived by all of this utter foolishness, tells us the truth; when man thinks he has peace and liberty in the satanic plan, it is then that all hell will break loose and Satan will go on the killing spree, which is the ultimate end to which he has been working throughout history. There is going to be a seven-year period of terror like man has never known. The reason is that there have been seven empires throughout history, all working toward the final one, which is described as having the strength of iron, the likes of which will take man into its iron grip at the back of the neck to break him and separate him forever from God.

Those seven empires are described by the spiritual flowing waters, which run into the sea out of eastern religious sources – the first being Egypt, with Pharaoh the very symbol of Satan, himself, then Assyria followed by the Babylonian system of four empires, the last of which is divided into a two-part empire separated by time but kept alive by Romanism. You will note in Genesis that the Euphrates River was not dried up, but in Revelation, it dries up as the final destruction of that Great harlot, Babylon, is complete.

The prophet, Daniel, 600 years before the time of Christ, was given a vision of the last five empires, which make up the Babylonian system of four empires, the final one of which is divided into two parts, to make up the five. If anyone doubts the prophecy of the Bible, there is no greater example of it than that which is found in the book of Daniel. Daniel was captured and taken into Babylon where he was given the understanding of a dream, given to King Nebuchadnezzar.

 In his dream, he saw a statue of gold, silver, bronze and iron, representing his empire and those to follow it, each of which would successively become stronger than the one before, beginning with the Babylonian, followed by the Medo-Persian, then the Greek and finally, the two-part Roman Empire, the last of which is represented by the strength of iron, which is binding and the strongest substance of all.

Now, the legs of the statue represented the two parts of the Roman Empire. It was set on feet with toes of iron mixed with clay – ten of them like the final ten divisions of a One World Order – strong in unity but weak in cultural differences. So, as they are partly strong and partly weak, so shall this kingdom be strong and fragile at once – the iron mixed with ceramic clay shall mingle with the seed of men (but not with those born again of the Spirit of God). The aim of Satan’s henchmen is to weaken all the nations through multiculturalism, so that they can be brought together. This is where political correctness is leading a deceived world.

In these same days, the one true God of heaven will set up His own kingdom, which will never be destroyed. The Lord shall break the iron empire into pieces and consume this alliance of nations with their mix of iron and clay. In so much as Daniel saw the iron kingdom shatter all others, he also saw a stone cut out of the mountain, without the works of the hands of man, break the iron and clay in pieces causing the entire statue of empires to come crashing down. God made this known as certain to Daniel, who told the king the meaning of his dream. With this the king fell on his face and praised the God of Daniel, the God over all gods and the revealer of secrets.

The Roman Empire was kept alive by the Romanism of the Christian church, established by Caesar and his pagan high priest of Rome who became the Pope of a political, religious system, called Christianity. History, not I, tells us so. Jesus most definitely did not establish any religious system, the likes of which He continually challenged, as He would have challenged Christianity, had He been here today.

Roman politics continued with Europe fighting religious wars over Israel, and eventually over the entire world as Germany exerted her Caesar-like strength and controls over the latter centuries with the power of the toes growing steadily into a European union, which will eventually evolve into a world union of ten major states, with Rome, once again, at the heart of it. It will have an iron grip, but will be weakened by the effects of multiculturalism and insurmountable spiritual differences.

God always called for separation of His people from the other nations of the world, for He knew and warned of the disaster that would befall His people by recognizing and worshiping their gods. To join with other nations would lead to a Laodicean people with little or no resistance to Satan’s devious ways. By such associations and lack of understanding, discernment can be lost.

The stone, which comes against the feet of iron and clay, is none other than Jesus who will come against Satan at the height of his pride, at which time he will declare that not even God can destroy his iron empire. Little does he know that the solid ice of the sea is but the picture of the power of the Rock! God simply releases His hand of protection from the sea, in the same manner as His hand caused the sea to part and allow His own an escape route, after which His hand brought back the same waters over Pharaoh and his army to destroy them.

Satan used his religious and political system to lead Jesus to the cross where he thought death could defeat Him. But death had no claim on One born of the Spirit of life, and later, on those born again through Him of the Spirit of life. This was His incredible gift of life, which He returned to His believers first at Pentecost, to bring forth His first fruits of salvation, made fit for the marriage bed of Christ with man.

Of course, man is fascinated by the sinking of the Titanic, which is a prophetic picture of the horror of the sea and the damage of its waters upon prideful men. When these waters are united with the dry land again, because of the rebellion of man, they will be used like the Red Sea was used in the days of Moses for judgment upon the religious empires.

The rich and the poor, side by side, experience the same fate, whether or not it is death by drowning in the seawaters of Satan, or life in the boats of salvation, which provide the only victory, man can have over the sea. The power of the seawater is so great that even the elect would be lost, if it were not for the fact that Jesus is returning soon to take them out of the judgment reserved only for those who do not accept the great gift of life, He offers at the cross.

How sad that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God (see 1 Corinthians 3:19). How much time man spends reading the words of philosophers and the opinion writing of academia, when most of it is foolishness beside the Word of God! The Bible is full of understanding, and tells us exactly why the political situation is as it is in the world today. What fools we are to leave the truth unopened and collecting dust, only to replace it with the wisdom of the world, which, in fact, is not wisdom at all but mere foolishness!

Note how the foolish men of liberalism always mock the wise who stand on the truth of the Word! They call them the religious right, which is, in fact, like a black pot calling a white kettle black. There is no religion in the right at all; there is only truth for its foundation. Religion is the foundation for the empires of goats on the left.

And so, nothing is new, for the Roman-held nation of people in Antioch mocked the followers of Jesus who rejected their religious gods with the mocking term of ‘Christian’, the name used to take the church captive to the Romanism of the iron empire. Now that it is fully Romanized, Christianity is ready for the blend with the religion of Islam and, eventually, with all the other religions of the world; they call it Chrislam, which will evolve into the United Religion (U.R.) of the United Nations.

Make no mistake! Christianity is rooted in Romanism and is merely another world religion that will join the rest of the pack belonging to the final Babylonian iron empire, but not until the true church makes her exodus in truth out of all of the religions of her day, before Satan’s time is up. Christianity will be destroyed by the same seawater of the empire-building nations of the world when she chooses to go down with the beast, by taking his mark (666) and riding him to the bottom of the sea. The spiritual rivers of the former empires dried up, as will the Euphrates River dry up when that statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is shattered by the Rock of our salvation, and the world has seen the last of Babylon the Great, mother of all harlots.

Like the Titanic and the New York towers of trade (rooted in Babel), it is all going to come tumbling down to be claimed by the sea, which will take them back to dust, where they belong. Satan did not have victory at the cross; He was Jesus who had the victory. He offers the same victory to you and me, whereby we are required to choose whether or not we want to be a part of the family of God. It is up to us to choose, not with the wisdom of man, but rather by the divine working of the mind of God, which looks like foolishness, yet, is anything but foolishness.

God is the God of truth; He says what He means and means what He says. Do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for you will surely die!