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The Hypocritical Oath

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Hypocritical Oath

October 03, 2011

In an address at the annual dinner for the Human Rights Campaign, Barack Hussein Obama, of Muslim origin and pretender to the Office of the President, told his cheering crowd that there is a deep shift in attitudes towards homosexuality going on across the nation – in legislatures, in courtrooms and at church socials. Really!

What is really going on is a promoted homosexual agenda, with indoctrination being carried out by governments, courts and the classroom, as they force it down the public’s throat. When the people were allowed to speak by voting on the issue, Californians, generally the most liberal people of all the states, voted to show their distaste for such liberal measures with a majority vote rejecting the acceptance of what homosexuals call equal rights through marriage.

They have the same equal right to marriage as any other human being, but their problem is that marriage is only between men and women. Adam and Steve can never be fruitful, the ultimate result of consummating a marriage. There are many different co-habiting relationships, but they will never be that of marriage, unless there is a covenanting agreement between a man and a woman. It is not negotiable according to God’s Word, which needs no help from Adam and Steve, who want to change it to embrace an abomination.

Obama, in referring to the GOP presidential candidates, theoretically directed a question and answer to them: “You want to be a commander-in-chief? You can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States, even when it is not politically convenient,” which, for him, means standing for open homosexuality within the military. Really! Is that what Obama, AKA the anointed one of Harvard scholarship, is doing as the poster boy for the Chicago gang behind the Community Organizers, or is he standing up for homosexuality because it is politically convenient at election time to do so?

He claimed in his speech that support is building for gay marriage, and to some degree this is true because his, like all liberal administrations, is turning the children into the victims of his political aspirations and his liberal policies. The schoolroom has become the place of the building blocks for an agenda, which has involved the indoctrination of an entire younger generation, using the methods Hitler used to raise Hitler’s children. The parents dare not interfere or there could be repercussions for them.

Some call the concept of homosexual marriage a move toward equality under ‘human rights’. In point of fact, the word ‘sin’ of ‘human sin’ has merely been replaced with the word ‘rights’ of ‘human rights’. In this situation, equality then means that evil becomes synonymous with good. Charter-of-Rights-Law and declaration of rights are nothing more than an immoral replacement of God’s Moral Law in a nation under God and one, which trusts in Him as Supreme Ruler over the commanders-in-chief.

The Constitution of the United States of America places Obama in the position of His Book, called the Bible, being deemed to be the Book of truth upon which the commanders-in-chief have been sworn into office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and Canada. At his own request, Obama, like some other presidents, added the phrase at the end of his oath, whereby he says, “So help me God.”

Now he took this oath of office declaring his trust in God and in so doing recognizes God and His Word to be truth; for God has declared of Himself that He is a God of truth, while Jesus claimed oneness with the Father as the Word made flesh.  Understanding now that this is not a religious book, but rather a book of truth and the basis of truth for Obama, it then becomes necessary for Obama to look to it as his guiding law when making judgments on moral issues.

So, what does this Book have to say about homosexuality within the ranks of the military? It states in Leviticus 18:22 that a male shall not lie with a male, as with a woman, for it is an abomination, nor should one mate with a beast, which is perversion. This is the Law coming from God who is indicated by the Constitution to be the One in whom America trusts, something with which Obama agreed when he took his oath of office by swearing on God’s Word.

This means the military is entrusted to God’s Word first, and to the commander-in-chief, secondly. For the commander-in-chief to endorse and incorporate homosexuality in the military, both the military and the nation become defiled, according to God’s Word. For He goes on in Leviticus to say that it is by the abomination of homosexuality and the perversion of bestiality that the nations He has cast out before His people have been defiled. Obama’s endorsement of this abomination would ultimately affect the ability of America to have victory over her enemies. To bring homosexuality into the military brings not only a threat to it, but opens the door for disaster to come upon the nation, according to the book of Leviticus.

The practice of homosexuality is a choice, which can have serious consequences for all involved, as does any form of immorality within the military threaten its soldiers. How can any of us forget Fort Hood, when a Muslim of a religion, which wants to see America destroyed, was allowed to penetrate the military? You will note that Mr. Obama had very little to say about the cause and results of allowing such a man into the military, who killed his fellow soldiers while shouting praises to Allah. Against the Word of the Bible upon which Obama swore, he also endorses the active participation of Muslims within the military.

God commanded His people to drive the enemy entirely out of the Promised Land before taking possession of it. In view of the Word upon which Obama swore to carry out his duties as commander-in-chief, is he doing what is best for the nation according to this same Word by introducing homosexuality into the military, or is he doing what is politically convenient at the risk of endangering not only the military but also the homosexual? Is he serving either one in truth, or is he serving himself and his political career by being a hypocrite?

One has to ask how much of his leadership is built on hypocrisy if he doesn’t stand on the truth in this area. Does he also go against the Word as a hypocrite, in relationship to the murdering and killing of the unborn child? Does he pray to God publicly for show, but refuses to allow children to pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ in the classroom? Knowing the only Holy Book of truth is the Bible does he respect and endorse a book of apostasy called the Koran, holding it up as an equal to the Word of God? It is, in fact, a book of paganism, as were the books, which were condemned in the book of Acts and then burned (see Acts 19:19).

What kind of an oath did this man take? Was it not a hypocritical oath taken before God, in the spirit of hypocrisy, where he could say one thing and then do another? God’s Word assures us that the nation will fail if this man is allowed to continue with his homosexualization of the military. According to the Bible, he is surely leading America to the brink of disaster. He is serving neither the homosexual nor the military, for the entire nation will be judged for the hypocrisy of this one man. There will also be an accounting on the part of the nation for all his other decisions against the Word of God.

When will man learn that victory comes with obedience to God and that failure comes from disobedience to Him? Take a good look at the disastrous history of Israel and you will see the future of America. They both have chosen to become just another gentile nation after having known the ruler-ship of God, only to reject it for kings and rulers such as King Saul and Obama. How foolish we are for choosing little men who are hypocrites to rule over us when we could have God!

Homosexuality in the military spells out the word, D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R for which we can hold one man responsible when he took a hypocritical oath. This is an area in which Obama cannot play the blame game and place it back upon the shoulders of George Bush; it rests squarely upon his shoulders.

Obama implored the HRC crowd to stand with him in his re-election campaign. Is this not what his address was all about? He has knowingly and willingly dishonored the Office of the President and jeopardized the nation for the sake of his political career, by employing politically correct language in order to get elected. He declared, “This is a contest of values” and those are about as true words as he has ever uttered.

It has become a contest between those who stand as hypocrites and those who stand on the truth. One could say that once again we are facing the giants of history in a contest between left and right, between East and West and between evil and good. It is time for another David to rise up and face the giant.

Reference: Barack Obama: ‘Incredible champion’ of gay rights, by Julie Pace – Associated Press writer 10/2/2011 5:45:00 A.M.