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Herman Cain

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                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Herman Cain

October 12, 2011

Herman Cain continues to surge in the polls, in the race for the highest office in the land – the Office of the President. And what does this man, as a fresh alternative to the career politician, have to say about his success? He told CBN News that he did not want to run for president but God, on the other hand, wanted him to run as the Republican candidate and had been in the race with him from the beginning. Now, how politically incorrect can you get by mentioning the G-d word instead of offering one’s religious credentials?

He does not stop there, but rather goes on to put himself among the ‘loonies’ in the politically correct, career politicians’ books. He actually confessed to the public that he could hear the call of God on his life. Could he be in deep do-do with them for suggesting he hears the voice of God? Cain says that he resisted the call of God and went on to equate himself to Moses being called to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. Like Moses, Cain said to God, “You’ve got the wrong person. You can’t be talking to me!” Now, Cain is speaking my kind of language – he is talking ‘exodus’, and hearing the voice of God. He went on to say that it took a lot of “conversations with God” to overcome his reluctance to seek the presidency.

The politically correct must still be reeling from such language, which has ignited a flame within the electorate who are sick to death with career politicians and their plastic presentations, behind which lurk forced and overly-polished political candidates. As one watches Cain’s ease with which he makes such seemingly, politically outrageous statements to the public, one can only breathe deeply of the fresh air one feels in his presence.

Who is this man, if not a potential David for whom America and Israel have been crying out to God, a man who will stand and face the giant, which wants to conquer America? Does he not look at the Saul-like leadership of Obama, cowering behind his do-nothing army of czars and say, “Do you not know who you are as the leader of the armies of the living God?”

In humility, as the son of a domestic and a chauffeur, he resisted his calling, but now as a successful, former chief executive officer of a business success story, he is prepared and up to the challenge. In his memoirs he wrote, “The political establishment doesn’t get it, and I am fine with that. But you can be sure they’ll get it in January, 2013, when I am taking the oath of office as president!”

And in true Davidic style, Cain steps up to face the anointed one who is able to deal with the other politically correct politicians who speak the same political language that he does, but he shakes in his boots at the very idea of having to stand before Herman Cain. Our modern David has the audacity to declare that he comes in the name of the Lord of hosts, whom the anointed one has rejected from having any part in his presidency. Cain will put the fear of the Lord in him as he cries out to Obama to try him on for size and he will deliver him to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field. The day they clash on the podium will be the day the world will know that there is a God in America (see 1 Samuel 17:46).

At the Values Voter Summit on October 7, he stated very clearly, proudly and unashamedly, that if he were president and if one should choose to mess with Israel under his regime, then that same one would also be messing with the United States of America. As he continued with his speech he declared, “We are up against a lot of stupid people in America.” In Biblical terms, they are better known as “fools”.

Cain has the effect on the public of being perceived as a business man who can bring simple answers and solutions to the economic malaise afflicting America. He sees the need for her economic problems to be treated more like one might treat the economics of doing business. He doesn’t see politics as changing him, but rather he sees himself as changing politics by adding some business smarts to government in a Reaganistic style. He is a hard worker who can bring to the office the advantage of understanding good, capitalistic, business principles for which America hungers.

He is a man of no patience with the left-of-center, socialist cry-babies of the anti-Wall Street protests whom he sees as attacking American capitalism. Though not an endorser of the ‘buy-outs’, neither does he endorse the jealousy of such protesters who want other people’s money, which they believe should be shared with them. He has learned at the feet of his father who worked very hard to buy his own Cadillac and not take somebody else’s. Cain declared, in a CBS “Face the Nation” program, that he had very little patience for such things. He also stated that his parents never played the victim card.

Such statements cause the black racist supporters of Obama to go ballistic; for they have no real answers to such principles. So, they resort to their usual mocking of the man. They rush to find support in Hollywood among the stars such as Harry Belafonte, hoping he will come up with an argument to give some credence to their case. But Cain marches on in the polls, oblivious to their claims, with his pungent rhetoric and a personality, which is so enjoyable and engaging to the public that it causes the enemy to cower before his Davidic stature.

“Don’t blame Wall Street”, he says, “and don’t blame the banks. If you don’t have a job and are not rich, blame yourself.” Now, how politically incorrect can it get to suggest one might be responsible for creating one’s own circumstances? Cain must be out of touch with the new educational system, which no longer gives passing grades for achievement, but rather for showing up at class. It would appear to the left that he really needs a course in political correctness while the patriots on the right revel in his language.

America has long been looking for an inspirational leader, and thought they had found him, in Barack Hussein Obama; but the myth of an anointed one was very short-lived. The governors think they have the answer to the political scene, but even Chris Christie has the usual political bombast, which leaves him looking like he is in an eternal state of political over-drive. None of them has the inner knowing and the settled presence, which emanates from this unique man called Herman Cain.

He calls himself an ‘American black conservative’, which speaks of his great patriotism, his pride in being who he is and his desire to uphold the capitalistic system of free enterprise. He sees how the system has made this nation great by allowing the son of servants of the rich to rise to the same position as that of the man or woman his servant-parents served. He sees no class, no race, and no hindrance to becoming the rich and the famous, if it is this to which one aspires.

However, he is a man of God and man of principle, with great business acumen. What more could you want as a challenge to the giant of socialism, bent on destroying the capitalist system? As C.E.O. of Godfather’s Pizza, he served up the natural food of ‘God, the Father’. It would appear that he is the C.E.O. whom ‘God, the Father’ has chosen to serve up His political food, as well – something, which could return this nation of America back to being a winner, if the nation will only accept His choice. God can easily spot a David in the midst of a people full of fear and economic turmoil.

From all appearances, the Supreme Ruler over America has His eye set on Herman Cain as the man to deliver His people from the grip of a complete economic disaster. In Cain’s own words, he stated, “Get ready for an aberration of historic proportion!” Could he be the black man whom God has chosen to lead ‘the exodus’, whereby His people are delivered from economic and governmental slavery? Oh, the incredible irony of it all!

The question is, “Is America ready for him?”

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