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Destruction From Within

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Destruction From Within

October 16, 2011

It is with sadness that I watch the winds of change bringing about a turn-around within the heart of America with respect to God’s role in the nation. His removal will cause her destruction from within. No great nation has ever been conquered unless it has first sown the seeds of its own destruction from within.

Why do you think the first Commandment of God states that He is the Lord God and there shall be no other gods before Him? By breaking this Commandment the seed of destruction was sown within Israel, just as it is being sown in America, today. The religious rights for people of other nations have been introduced into this land, and by these laws, every pagan religion has received the right to enter into God’s land and then set about to dismantle His Law.

Could these pagans do this to America without our help? The answer is “No!” The Christian institutions, which have come in the name of Jesus, have turned out ‘Christians’ and men of religion who are running our governments instead of men of truth. Religion opens the door to hypocrisy, whereas, truth will close it. The Ten Commandments are the truth of God’s government. Charters of rights offer the right to interpret God in whatever way one likes, thus building the foundation for a roadway doomed to crumble and fall the moment the soldiers of liberalism begin marching on it.

There is a big difference between the roadways upon which the true apostolic church of Jesus Christ marched out of Jerusalem and into the world, and those we are building in America today. The Christian institutional foundation is crumbling as the system called church becomes fragmented and broken into a multitude of religious pieces; with them, all our present foundations are crumbling. The voice of the early Puritan church laid an entirely different foundation for the nation, which placed the purity of the Word, free from religious Romanism, at the heart of the newly forming nation of America.

Her Roman Empire roots were shed to allow the light of the purifying movement of Protestantism to fill America’s borders from sea to sea, yet, not entirely. The truth of the Word strengthened the successive generations because it, and not religious rights, ruled in the classrooms, the courtrooms and the halls of government. When the truth is taken away to be replaced by religion, such leaven enters in and begins the process of filling the entire loaf as we are witnessing today with the religion, which America had discarded.

The act of terrorism of 9/11 was allowed by God, in part, to show the picture of a nation being destroyed from within. The men and women on those planes were going about their normal business day, traveling by plane to business destinations, or to meet with friends and families, or simply just on route for a holiday. They never suspected that their souls would be required of them that very day.

The horror of the deed left America stunned and mesmerized by the enormity of what had just taken place. The towers fell straight to the ground forming ash and killing hundreds who were caught in them – they, too, not knowing they would face death that very day. When the towers fell, there was nothing but twisted metal left smoldering, as many ran from the scene, trying to escape the dust from the ash.

We have arrived at that stage within the nation, to which God has demonstrated His intention to bring down the spiritual towers of man, which have risen up across the land.  We have opened the way for a powerful attack by Satan to use religion to destroy the nation from within, as Bibles are discarded. Muslims want to build their institution of religion at the very site of Ground “0”, to demonstrate their encroaching take-over of the nation from within.

A Laodicean, religious church must ultimately be held responsible, the people of which should, in fact, be the voice of truth for God in such darkness. This would be the way to escape the night of the coming final judgment. Where is the Davidic army when America needs it? Why have we chosen to give up the truth and God’s Law to accommodate the enemy in a land under Him? We know He will not tolerate it and allow us to go unpunished.

Crosses were planted all across America by early explorers claiming the land for God. Now, the same so-called people of God are dismantling them and taking them down to make way for a mega religion, as we break covenant with Him. He will honor us if we obey Him, but the Mosaic covenant of the Law carries with it a curse as well as a blessing. The Hebrew children of Israel would choose for themselves, which they wanted to receive, depending on whether or not they obeyed the Lord or ignored His Law, in order to be like the other nations, by inviting the kings of the empires and their religion into God’s land.

The very future of America, as to whether she is blessed or cursed, will depend solely on what she does with God and His Word. The politicians can discuss tax plans and economic policies as much as they like, but it will be to no avail unless they come to realize that America is dying a slow death from internal causes. We have removed God, His Law and His Word from the heart of the nation, to break covenant with Him, and for that reason, America will be cursed. Just one look at the Wall Street violent protests, and we will catch a glimpse of Satan reveling at the curse.

Lincoln said it, and we would do well to heed it – “America is the best, last hope of earth.” God sent Jesus to spread the good news of salvation throughout the world. He, in turn, called out His church to spread the gospel of truth. It was never His intention that a religious organization called Christianity, straight out of the Babylonian system, would take His church captive to Romanism.

America became the new homeland of spiritual Israel, the church; it was here she could grow in separation from the religious controls of Romanism. The failed Early Roman Empire was kept alive by Christianity until the present day when the Revived Roman Empire, as a One World Order, would come into existence.

In order for Satan to stop the spread of truth, he must possess America. As the blessed of God, are you willing to follow in the footsteps of Israel and hand God’s nation over to Satan and his religious controls? Are you willing to say yes to mosques and no to crosses, or are you going to reach out and embrace the blessing of the Mosaic covenant, which God wants to offer His people?

The choice is yours – a choice between embracing the light or running with the others to try and escape the darkness caused by the ash and dust of the fallout, when the towers of man come down. The fall of the towers is to make way for the kingdom on earth for Jesus and those who have clung to Him in these final hours of history as His church and His bride. The cross is foolishness to the perishing but to the believer, it is the power of God, delivered to His people.