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The First Three Chapters

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The First Three Chapters

October 18, 2011

The first three chapters of Genesis have finally fallen out of my Bible, after having turned to them for reference, so many times. This is my third Bible with which I am about to begin the taping process in order to keep it together, along with all my notes, written on their pages. Each time I go from one Bible to the next, it is like leaving behind a jewel and a best friend, lost in the move.

This Book begins with God’s incredibly perfect and wondrous creation, not only of the earth, but also of the vast universe and the heavens. He declares that a day is as a thousand years in His sight. Time is of no importance where eternity is God’s trademark. Yet, there was a cancer found in His creation, which had to be cut out – something with which a holy God cannot co-exist. Out of the darkness upon the face of the deep, represented by the spiritual waters, which had caused this darkness, God was about to begin a redemptive plan whereby the light would dispel it, as the clean-up process began.

He was about to set in motion a plan to create for Himself a perfect partner who would choose light instead of darkness. Through the giving of the Spirit of life, to the dust of the earth from which these dark spiritual waters had been removed and gathered together as the seawaters, He created His partner of man. He created them, male and female, blessing them and commanding them to be fruitful and to multiply.

Herein rests the beginning of the covenant of God with man. He offers man a position in His government plan, where God rules over man, and man rules over each and every living creature, naming them according to kind, with no blurring of the species.

There was no evolutionary process between man and the creatures – there was a division so sharp that God made man, male and female, so they would be comparable partners in His creative process, making him a fruitful partner to God in ruling His universe. All things are recorded exactly as they happen, and, presently, God is about to redeem His creation and His government plan with a New World Order, as opposed to the coming One World Order of Satan, with His kingdom coming on earth. The entire Bible of God’s Word verifies it with history written in prophecy, unfolding exactly as prophesied in every single word.

God knew what had caused the darkness; it was the result of the evil spiritual waters, which were working in opposition to the light needed for life on earth. It was a lying, religious spirit, which worked in direct opposition to the truth. The lie would twist the concept of the separation of the species and the authority of man through his relationship with God over the beastly creatures, so that the suggestion would be put in men’s hearts that they were not created by God, but rather evolved from the beast.

God called this dark, lying spirit Satan, or the devil, who was the author of lies, deceit and confusion. He had been driven from God’s presence and cast to the earth when pride was found in him; he wanted to be worshiped like the Most High God instead of worshiping God. This object of creation, which had once been beautiful and obedient in God’s sight, became ugly, filling the entire universe with darkness, spread by the lie. It is only possible for it to be dispelled by the truth.

The God who created the universe is a God of truth, and by the commands of His voice, He created the heavens and the earth; Satan is not a creator and has no creating power; he only counterfeits that which God creates. The truth is at the heart of the Spirit of life and the tree of life, within which rests eternity. The lie is at the center of the spirit of Satan, which brings death by a belief system apart from the truth, and which we know to be the source of religion leading to liberalism in separation from God’s will.

In the beginning, Satan had access to the throne of God in his created state as a worshiping angel of beauty in heaven called Lucifer, and so eternity was built into this angel of darkness, who called himself the angel of light. God warned the newly created man about another tree, the very opposite from the tree of life. It was the source for the curse of death, as opposed to the blessing of the covenant, which was found in the theocratic government of God on the shared throne of His kingdom. It was called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as opposed to the knowledge of only that which was good.

The spirit of Satan had entered the serpent, which was perched and waiting in the forbidden tree to lure man into believing the lie about truth. To this day he uses the beast and the incredibly stupid lie about man evolving from the beast on his way to becoming like the Most High God, a message at the heart of every religion, which leads to liberalism and separation from God. The thought is very alluring, which suggests that because we are good, we have rights – the religious right to heaven through good works, the source of our present-day Christian social gospel. God calls it the broad road to destruction and death.

He warns man that if he listens to such lies and implements them into his life by eating of this wrong spiritual food, he will surely die. But man has never heeded God from day six of creation, the number of man, only to bring upon himself the curse of the broken covenant. The rest is history, all about God’s incredible mercy and His decision to give man a second chance through a plan for redemption from the curse of sin by taking it upon His own shoulder. He would send to mankind His Son of light and life who would suffer the terrible wages of sin on a cross where He was crucified – His Son, and Son of Man who would selflessly suffer and die in man’s place so man might live.

He was the light of the world, who dispelled the darkness. He was truth made flesh so that His body was the real spiritual food of life – the bread of life. God had closed off the Way to the tree of life to man so he would not eat of it and live in eternal darkness because of sin. His Son would open up the Way, again to the tree of life, but only in accordance with the covenant plan. Once again, man would have to choose between the two trees – between Jesus, the Son of light and truth, and Satan, the fallen son of darkness and lies. For the good tree of life was nailed to the dead tree and had victory over it at the resurrection. Satan absolutely hates the cross with its meaning of the resurrected life, and seeks to destroy it with every opportunity that religion will offer him.

So the truth will always lead to Jesus and the cross as the Savior of mankind. The antichrist spirit will acknowledge what cannot be ignored, but, then, will deny it with lies and their fabrication of reality. The real becomes unreal and the counterfeit becomes the reality.

Hence, I flip back to Genesis, chapters one, two and three, where one discovers that every word of prophecy in the Bible takes root in these chapters. The Bible is a covenant story, never broken by God who is seeking a comparable partner from man who will not break covenant with Him by embracing prideful, religious practices. Instead he will keep the Commandments and will love God, His goodness and His truth with all his heart, soul and mind.

God wants a marriage with man, made in heaven, not a divorce made by man, the created of God on this earth. All was made good and in truth and so it shall be once again, a renewed re-creation in truth. He is calling His true believers to come out of harlotry to witness as the apostles of the early church witnessed to the truth. This is the harlotry of the religious empire-building nations. She must come out of the dark waters, which flow through them, having contaminated both Garden and Promised Land, and now are contaminating the church.

The covenant of God with man guarantees that the river of life, and the spiritual waters of life, will once again flow around a coming kingdom under the ruler-ship of Jesus who broke the curse of the Garden. God will have a fruitful creation and His will will be done on earth as it is in heaven, with a purified partner who is able to share in His holiness. He will not share His kingdom with another.

And so, as I put this third Bible to rest, I open the fourth one and begin the flipping process once again, as new revelation comes forth from the timeless words, which describe the past, the present and the future. It is the only Book, which can give life, yet it continues to pile up the dust as man devours the words of men, while ignoring the incredible Word of God. And so, from dust to dust!

Without the truth, man will never make it into the lifeboats when the sea claims the harlot of this present-day, iron empire of the religious empire systems of government through which the seawaters are released. Mankind has come from the dry dust and shall go back to it as the corrupted, spiritual fruit of Eve, the first harlot to her God and Creator.

But there is a new spiritual line that begins with the virgin, Mary, who birthed Jesus as the first fruit of the Spirit of life, and the only One to be begotten of God and not created. He is the Husband of all mankind with the church being His bride. He will come, and He is coming soon, to set up His kingdom here on earth; for He is the light of the world, drawing His own to Him. The true church will repent of all her sinful, religious, lying ways and instead of taking down the cross, she will love it, in separation from those who love the world, the lie and the lure of their spiritual father and master, the devil.

If it is Halloween and the honoring of demons you want for your children, then it is Halloween you will get, but as for me and my family of believers, we will serve God and never bow down to such evil religious idols ever again.