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The Shopping Cart Incident

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Shopping Cart Incident

November 04, 2011

Two twelve-year-old boys threw a shopping cart down from four stories above, only to have it land on the head of Marion Salmon Hedges who was shopping for Halloween candy with her thirteen-year-old son at the East River Shopping Mall in East Harlem. The public’s first reaction was one of shock and incredulity at the behavior of children so young and, yet, so warped in their thinking that they would do such a thing.

The woman received serious injuries, which have left her in a coma-induced, critical condition in hospital, with the possibility she may never recover from the neurological damage done to her body, if indeed she should live at all. She is intelligent, well-educated and known to be a pillar of strength in her community, as well as a very caring woman, whose life may be taken by children who have never known anything but criminal activity and violent behavior in their young lives.

Where do such children as these generally come from? In most cases, they are products of single parent homes subsidized by the state, where mothers have the children out of wedlock, with the fathers disappearing, instead of accepting any responsibility for the children they father. There are pockets of society, made up almost entirely of one-parent families, struggling to survive, with the children turning to crime for lack of parental guidance in their lives.

So, who should be held responsible for such heinous crimes, if not a culture and a failing church, which is joining the culture rather than being a light to it? Does the church today not openly accept the partnerships of live-in couples without batting an eye or even making an attempt to deal with the importance of the marriage covenant, which is the only way God intended relationships to become fruitful and multiply? If one rebels against the marriage covenant between a man and a woman, how likely is it that this same person will keep covenant with God within the marriage relationship He desires to have with man?

These one-parented children often grow up to become unruly little beasts, without discipline and structure in their lives. They will have no idea about the covenant relationship between a man and a woman, and the commitment involved on the part of both parties. Ultimately, these children become the radical demonstrators who seek hand-outs, rather than work for a living, only to end up in street gangs such as those involved in the Wall Street demonstrations.

They want an equalization of society where the government replaces the duties of the absentee fathers and working mothers, once the children have come of an age to receive welfare payments. They have never learned to take responsibility for their own actions to the degree that a part of them dies and never matures, as we produce a generation of half-dead young adults. Their lack of emotional security often erupts into violent crimes, such as that of the two young boys in question.

God knows better than anyone His plan for marriage, the family and the importance He places upon them for the well-being of the fruit of the marriage, the children. How is it that our churches are endorsing and voting for Christian leaders in government who are passing laws, first, to kill our unborn children by legal abortion, and, secondly, to kill our teenagers by liberal laws, which will destroy marriage and the much needed two-parenting families to direct the paths of these otherwise, hopeless teen-agers. She was Hillary Clinton who first talked about the need for the global village to raise our children, by which she meant the state, or government, should take control over the children, without interference from the parents.

One generation learns from the previous as to where they will place their values, especially in areas such as sex and marriage. Where is the church as the school teaches the liberal concept of sex education to our children, literally telling them to go ahead and have sex before marriage if they so choose, with the state-run system supplying condoms to give a false sense of security to their actions? We know where the heads of academia are, but where are the heads of church-going Americans who tolerate such nonsense in the schools?

Return the Bible and the Word of God to the schoolroom and violent crimes among the youth will decrease. Return the sanctity of marriage to the culture and the violent crimes being carried out by our youth will disappear proportionately to the degree that we accept God’s marriage plan as the proper and moral way of doing things.

God is going to shake every tree; those, which are not fruitful branches, will be pruned and cut away. He will not tolerate crime and violence in His kingdom that is coming soon to earth. Such violent behavior will continue to increase unless we, in America, do something to stop the dismantling of the marriage vows, which are meant to be taken as a life-long commitment to the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman. Marriage is simply not a possibility between Adam and Steve, or between Mary and Eve. The fruit of the marriage must be welcomed into the bosom of the family and then be instructed in the truth of God’s ways, which is the only way to serve the well-being of the family and the nation.

With respect to crimes, people generally ask the question, “How could this happen?” But when the answer to this question is found in the wisdom book of God, called the Bible, the people turn away from the truth as did the Pharisees turn from Jesus. America needs enlightenment and understanding and she needs it yesterday, if she is ever going to see an end to the increase of crime and violence and the latest new rage for mob violence. It is taking on a new form with mob rule in the streets of cities across America. It is nothing more than a demonstration of the rebelliousness of our youth, who have been victims of the disintegrating morality of our culture, which all began with the breakdown of the family and a lack of responsible parenthood.

The covenant of the Law sets the basis for God’s marriage with man – first, through man’s relationship to God, and secondly, man’s relationship to his fellow man. Children are to honor their fathers and their mothers. How is this possible without a father taking responsibility for his family, instead of turning it over to the state? We are seeing a growing state system designed to raise our children through government sponsored nurseries to government-controlled schools.

It all leads to the social state of government-controlled child care, government-controlled welfare, government-controlled health care, government-controlled pensions and government-controlled old age security payments. Out of it all, comes a lazy, useless society, with a hand out for everything, with the expectation of those who do not, or will not, work, receiving from those who do work in order to take responsibility for their own families.

Is it any wonder children learn to be irresponsible from their parents, only to end up in shopping malls throwing shopping carts over railings, with the potential for killing people? Are these children not the walking dead, condemned long before they ever reach adulthood?

It is back to the Bible and back to the Law of God before we will ever see a change in the quickly deteriorating state of American culture. Even the liberals are becoming squeamish, as we move, at an ever increasing speed, toward Hillary Clinton’s concept of the global village for raising our children. It would mean that marriage and the family could no longer be a hindrance to the quickly emerging One World Order under the Antichrist. He has always hated the very idea of God and man in a relationship like that of the marriage relationship between a man and a woman, committed to love and support one another and their offspring.