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Time of the Fullness of the Gentiles – Chapter 13 of History

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Time of the Fullness of the Gentiles – Chapter 13 of History

November 01, 2011

We are quickly moving into that period of time, which is known as the fullness of the Gentiles, when the entire world is going to be deceived and spiritually go mad. Take a good look around you and see the demonstration of violence in the streets world-wide, even within America. Listen to the music of the concerts our youths are attending to see just how vile it has become and how they scream their delight with it. Note, above all, how our freedoms and liberties are being washed away by the ideologies of socialistic, Marxist-style governments, which are gaining control in both of our own lands of America!

It is as though we have skipped from chapters one, two and three of Genesis to move directly to chapter thirteen, in time. It is a time for separation of God’s people in preparation for the kingdom when the entire earth will belong to the descendants of Abraham and they will be numbered as the dust of the earth. If man could number the dust of the earth, then his descendants could be numbered, but he cannot (see Genesis 13:15-16).

Abraham has just separated from Lot who chose to travel eastward into Sodom, perhaps the most wicked of the gentile cities. He cast his tent with evil. It was after this that the fire of God’s judgment poured down on the city of Sodom, and it is with Sodom again, today, where God’s people are casting their tents. From dust they came and back to dust they will go.

Yet, the separated of Abraham will be as the dust at this time, once again having the breath of life breathed into their dry bones. They will come out of this horrific time unscathed by the judgment as the redeemed of the Lord. Everyone will be in one group or the other – on Lot’s side or on Abraham’s side of the water dividing the East from the West. For it is time for the bride to arise and shine and stake her claim in the kingdom coming to earth (see Isaiah 60:1).

But before the kingdom of truth comes on earth, the religious are going to stake their empire claim in the form of a One World Order as the Babylonian system reaches its fullness of the four empires, the last of which is divided into two parts to make up the five. We are at that point when events are moving swiftly, like the flow of the water of Niagara toward the brink of the falls, where it rushes down and through the gorge and finally into the last lake, symbolic of the last empire, before it runs into the river and from there out to its final destination in the sea.

Here in the heart of America, dividing it into two nations, are the symbols of the spiritual waters of the empires of the Babylonian system. As with Babylon on the Euphrates, we have Chicago located on the headwaters of Lake Michigan, whence so much evil has poured into the country. It is a windy city from where the winds of change come into the nation today. Is the Chicago group not behind the Wall Street gangs and, in fact, behind Obama, himself? Let us not be naïve in this matter.

The five Great Lakes represent the five Babylonian empires – the first, Lake Superior, indicative of the Babylonian Empire; the second, Lake Michigan, pointing to the Medo-Persia Empire; the third, Lake Huron, symbolic of the Greek Empire; the fourth, Lake Erie, representing the Roman Empire, as a lake, which becomes shallow before becoming almost entirely dormant. This shallowness is as the Roman Catholic Church and its foundation of Christianity, which has been the glue, keeping Romanism alive until the present time, when it will revive as the fifth empire, the Revived Roman Empire in the form of a One World Order, which will extend world-wide.

There will be a spiritual rush of religious spiritual waters like that of Niagara Falls, before entering into this last Empire, represented by Lake Ontario, into what will seem to be calm waters but, in fact, are deadly with a false sense of peace within a false system. Suddenly, there will be a last burst of water, flowing out of the religious spiritual water of the last empire, only to disappear into the river, which opens out into the sea, washing away as many as those who would not hear the truth of what the Spirit and the bride have to say just before the fire of judgment falls. From dust they came, and numbered as the dust, they shall return to it.

But those spiritual descendants of Abraham will stem the flow, as if the Lord, Himself, has picked them up by the scruff of the neck, like a dog lifting up her pups to carry them to a place of safety where the waters are peaceful, far above the rush to the sea. The flow of the religious gentile waters to the sea is seen not only in America, but also in Israel, the only other nation, once separated from the religious gentile nations, to be ruled by God.

Within the heart of that nation, the fresh, clean water flowed down from Mount Hermon into the contaminated Sea of Galilee where the church was either fished out of the waters, or she became as the fish in the sea. The sea spews its contents into the fast moving waters of the Jordan, which lead eventually into the Dead Sea, where nothing lives in this, the lowest spot on the face of the earth. Hence the importance of the Jordan water for baptism and a change of the spiritual waters in man’s life.

Out of Rome, from the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the source for a Marxist, economic agenda and leftist thinking equal to that which has come out of Chicago through Obama’s leadership, the call comes forth for all nations to surrender their sovereignty to a one world body. This is to be endowed with the authority for taxing and managing all movement of capital between countries. Gone would be the constitutional protections of freedom, life and property, which the Americans now enjoy. The entire world would become a part of the One World Order, the longtime goal of Socialist Marxism, the United Nations and that powerful religious/political/economic system of the Roman Catholic Church. The pope is pushing the world to the brink of a ‘global public authority’ and a ‘central world bank’ to rule over financial institutions, and ultimately every institution built by man, including the Christian institutional church.

Perhaps one can see how deceived the world is if it thinks the Romanism of Christianity has anything at all to do with the true church of the apostles of Jesus Christ. It is like comparing oil and water. God’s plan for Lot in Genesis, chapter 13, as opposed to His plan for Abraham, puts them at odds with each other. The church is going to have to separate from all the religious/state, empire-building nations, including Israel and America, which will be unified under the religious rule of their father the devil. There will be no place for the church, which means it will have to be removed from Satan’s world. The extermination of the true believing church will be as sure as the extermination of the Jews, in the last World War. The entire world will be deceived and take the mark of the beast upon itself, but not so the true apostolic church, which will be marked for the coming New World Order of the kingdom of God on earth.

In separating and laying the foundations for His church, Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against her. She would never take a position today in unity with that of Roman Catholicism. He is a fool who remains in such systems from which Jesus is separating His own as He separated Abraham from Lot before the judgment. It is time for Genesis, chapter 13 to be repeated in history. “Come out of her (Babylon), my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).”

As the church makes her exodus from religion, the plagues of Egypt will fall on the world, but God is going to make a difference again between His people and the Egypt of this world. While the world suffers the plagues, the bride will have miracles swirl around her (see Exodus 8:22-23), just as did Israel, when the plagues did not plague her as they plagued Egypt.

God has recently given a sign by dumping snow upon the Northeastern states of America, where the impossible happened when thunder was heard in the midst of the snowfall. God’s voice is heard in the thunder on a day America has foolishly decided to worship the demons of hell, giving power to evil in the land. God’s people, once again, are worshiping satanic idols and God is answering with a clear message as to who has the real power – Satan or God. God demands the white purity from His nation, along with her separation from the darkness.

The tower building in religious unity at Babel was once destroyed and the people scattered. The tower building in unity of religion has begun one more time before God destroys it all, including the people for whom He stated that from dust they came and back to dust they would return (see Genesis 3:19). But the bride will live on in the only peace and joy this world will ever know when she enters the kingdom come to this earth, and the Prince of Peace returns to rule on His throne forever more.   

Ref: Richard Viguerie: The Vatican’s Frightening Call for an End to Economic Freedom
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