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The Smell of Entitlement

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Smell of Entitlement

November 25, 2011

What is the spirit of entitlement, and from where did it come? To answer the question, one must see its connectedness to compromise and then go beyond that to see how this relationship played out in the nation Israel.

The answers to all things are found in the Garden of Creation as written in the first three chapters of Genesis. Man was created with the blessing of being made in the image of the Creator to become part of His intimate family, sharing the love of the family and sharing in the throne of the God of the universe as His marriage partner, called to be fruitful and to bring forth more children for God through the marriage commitment of a man to a woman. The natural and the spiritual world were united at creation in a plan for an eternal family to share the throne of the God of the universe.

Was man automatically entitled to that throne, no matter what he should choose to do? The answer is no – there was no entitlement without obeying the words of God, which brought certain accompanying restrictions to keeping the blessing. The Creator is a holy God who rules over a holy kingdom and He will not marry a partner who is willing to compromise that holiness, which exists in His holy kingdom.

He made a very clear Law of the Garden, which stated that He would not tolerate His truth being compromised by the spiritual food of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It was forbidden for man to eat of this tree; for, in the day he should do so, he would surely die. The good of creation would be compromised with the knowledge of evil as well and there was no place for evil in God’s kingdom here on earth or in the heavens.

The power of the lure of the first belief system of religion came with the message, which effectively stated that God’s Word is not truth and that He does most certainly exist, but He does not mean what He says, for He will not let His creature He created die. Satan used words such as these to persuade his victim; “Man, take a look at yourself! Did God not just create you in His own image? Do you know that you can be a god like God, knowing both good and evil, with the power found entirely within yourself to be like Him? You actually do not need Him to rule over this world; I can give the world to you.”

And so the serpent disseminated the seeds of compromise and discontent with the status quo, to create a desire for man’s fulfillment being found in the things of the world rather than in the obedience to the truth of God. Temporal reward became more important than eternal reward.

Man deliberately rejected the light of creation to embrace the darkness attached to the lie that leads to death. He disobeyed the second commandment of restriction given following the command to be fruitful and multiply in the marriage bed. Man chose the compromised position along with the lie that he was entitled to God’s eternal place in the family of God without having to obey His commandments. Thus, the spirit of entitlement, which will kill mankind, was born.

Israel, not unlike Adam and Eve, bought into the same lies of compromise from the devil. Were they not God’s chosen people to whom God gave the Law with its encompassing message of blessing in keeping the Law and cursing for not obeying God? She accepted the marriage vows of the Law and promised to love and obey the Lord God. It lasted no longer than three days, at which time she became hungry and thirsty, with the murmuring and complaints directed at Moses and the whole idea of separation from Egypt. She preferred slavery in Egypt to God’s plan for her salvation. She was willing to sacrifice her freedom to have the food of the world by being in compromise with it.

Ultimately, she broke covenant and joined the religious world in Judaism, forsaking the truth of Scriptures for the lies of religion. To this day, the pagan star of Moloch is the banner over the nation called Israel, and the entire world is deceived into believing this U.N.-appointed nation is the Israel of God and His chosen people. He walked away from her temple centuries ago when she failed to worship only Him within its walls.

The other, deceived, so-called people of God, entombed within the walls of Christianity, want nothing more than to be allied with this nation, with whom they share in the same deception that believers can remain the people of God and embrace religious lies at the same time. Christianity, to be united with Judaism, must share a unity formed outside of a belief in Jesus for salvation. This will lead her directly down the path of the Garden, which will see her expelled from the kingdom on earth, just as Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden for a sinful alliance with the devil.

America, once also in covenant with God through His Law and knowing the truth of the words of Scripture, is now a nation in a revolt rooted in the spirit of entitlement. Her young people think the state owes them security derived from the wealth of the worker, especially those who have worked hard to supply their own needs. This opens the door for Satan to organize the disgruntled members of society to violently and immorally demand their rights of entitlement to the wages of the hard workers, especially the rich ones who have succeeded financially.

Why should those who work hard be forced by law to turn over a portion of their wages, which in many cases go to someone, who has refused work because it is easier to suckle at the public teat? This is the thinking and government of Satan; but God’s government does not work that way. Therefore, it is necessary for the promoters of entitlement, a demonically based group, to get rid of God and His book of truths and moral values, if they are to receive that to which they believe they are entitled.

Satan is a mocker and mocks those who stand firm in God. How is it possible for a politician of God to be elected when God’s people have relinquished the schools to school boards filled with liberalism, preaching and teaching entitlement? The seeds of the socialist state are being sown in the classroom, whereby government becomes responsible for providing for the people and for making all decisions, which the people are deemed to be incapable of making for themselves.

If we look back to Genesis, chapters one, two and three, we will see that God will zap America just like Adam and Eve were zapped for being fools. He will take her land from her as He did with Israel, and she will be forced into separation from His protective hand, which He offered both nations who rejected Him for the lies of religion. Hence, they have blossomed into nations with a full-blown and severe case of the entitlement sickness. Satan has played his cards well and has conquered the schoolrooms by school boards full of unionized entitlement workers, working for the cause of Socialism.

Unless the institutional church smartens up very soon, like yesterday, there is no future for America. Her ideals of liberty have all but been dissolved by the poisonous waters of the entitlement spirit. We are now a nation exhibiting the same violent convulsions as those being experienced in the eastern nations of the religious world of the Middle East. We are not separated anymore in the purity, which only the Word can give as it washes the nation and its people clean. We have nixed the Word, while Satan, on the other hand, has fixed the spiritual flow of entitlement firmly in position.

Satan hates the first three chapters of Genesis and so developed another theory based on the lie about the beast more or less becoming the creator of mankind. How else could the beast give a boost to his pride than being worshiped like the Most High God as a creator? Creator he is not, so wake up you fools of America before the year 2012, when your goose could be entirely cooked, with the smell of entitlement rising from the flames of your destruction.