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How Do We Know it is not the Israel of God in the Land?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

How Do We Know it is not the Israel of God in the Land?

November 30, 2011

The Exodus is the event of history upon which the rest of history is contingent. It sets the pattern for the coming kingdom, when man will escape the final judgment of God by being separated and apart from judgment in the protection of the cross of salvation. It is the point of Passover whereby the Lamb of God takes up His scepter, like Moses, and requires that His blood be on the doorpost of men’s heart, eating only the Lamb’s flesh, the truth and the Word of God, before man’s final exodus from this world of sin into the kingdom.

Anyone who is going to return to Israel with Jesus when He returns to Jerusalem to set up His kingdom on earth must carry out this Passover, just as Israel in Egypt had to fulfill the requirements of the original Passover before miraculously coming through the waters of judgment to freedom and, finally, enter the Promised Land.

Can Israel return to the Land without Jesus, the Passover Lamb? The answer is a resounding “No!” The pattern was set with the nation and cannot be broken with the spiritual nation. No amount of wailing at the Wailing Wall will change this fact. In fact, he is not the true Jew who wails at the wall of the temple. He is not the true Jew who wants to rebuild the temple. He is not the true Jew in the United Nations-appointed Israel, who has been placed in the land by the nations, and not by God.

In chapter two of Genesis, Adam was given the role of naming the living creatures, but God would reserve the right to name His human being, whom He called man – male and female. Those who were of Judah, the line to the throne, were called Jews. At the cross the person’s name had to cross over with the person, and, at this point, the national name of Jew crossed over to become attached to the believer, in order for him/her to become a spiritual Jew, now on his/her way to the kingdom.

When Jesus returns to set up His kingdom on earth, then and only then will the believing Jew return with Him. As an overcomer, he/she has earned the right to be ruler on the throne of David in Jerusalem, along with her Beloved, the Lion of the tribe of Judah – King of kings and Lord of lords.

The house of God, discovered by Jacob at Bethel, could never again be a Jewish nation, but rather a Jewish kingdom with the throne of Judah in the line of David becoming a spiritual throne for Jesus and His bride, the church, the house of the spiritual Jews of the kingdom. Israel will only possess the land when Jesus returns with His bride to set up His kingdom in Jerusalem, fulfilling the promise of God to Abraham for the blessing going to all nations of those believers who, through the blood of the Passover Lamb, become a part of the ruling house of David.

Those in the land today hold to the Talmudic law of Judaism, and most certainly do not have the blood of Jesus on the doorposts of their hearts. They have never kept the real Passover, the act of which gives right of entry into the coming kingdom with Israel being the place of ruler-ship for Jesus and His bride. In that country today, there is no sign of this Passover, without which the death angel will not pass by, but, rather, will steal away the nation’s first-borns who have never been born again to become second-borns.

They are an unprotected people in the Israel, which the nations have placed there. God told the Israelites to get rid of the nations when taking the Land. Now, the world is saying that the nations have control over the immigration policy of the Land. The question is, “When did God say that any nation had the right to remain there?”. Was it not His plan to drive them all out, in order to purify the Land of the religious nations and make it ready for His pure Jew, free of all religion through circumcision of the heart?

Moses was only a type of Jesus, and he could never lead anyone in to possess the kingdom ruled by God without Jesus of whom Joshua became the type for kingdom entry of God’s purified people in the blood of the Lamb. Those in that country today are still trusting in the Law of Moses for salvation instead of in the blood of Jesus, and so, under Moses, they have no rights in the sacrificial blood of animals. Jesus took the place of the beast on the cross and henceforth there was no turning back to what was a mere shadow, with the pattern and principle giving way to the precept.

The Israel of the nations is not the Israel of God. Neither those who call themselves Jews, but are not, nor the Palestinians, like the former Philistines in the Gaza Strip, have any right whatsoever to the Garden of God. Israel is His Garden and only He can replant it.

She was Mary Magdalene who first saw the risen Lord after He had come out of the tomb and believed Him to be the Gardener. She had a very special vision of seeing the Lord as the Gardener of creation (see John 20:15), which He has been from the beginning of time, since the planting of His creation in the Garden. It, in turn, became the Promised Land, a promise of the kingdom return of God’s people to the Garden after traveling the full journey along the Way.

It will be the true, repatriated Garden of God, with the Gardener seated as He should be on His throne over His creation with a redeemed world in which all things are good again and at peace, which only the Prince of Peace can bring. The United Nations can never bring peace to the world and can never set up any lasting kingdom in the land designated for God’s ruler-ship over man. The Antichrist will try to rule through the temple, but Jesus will destroy both, for all time. There is no temple in heaven other than God and the Lamb and there will be no antichrist spirit there.

The kingdom of the House of Israel is here on earth. It is divine ruler-ship married to man through the bride of the church. The religious nations of Satan will never have any part in it; for the entire religious system of Satan will all come tumbling down on that great day of battle, the Day of the Lord, when He takes His vengeance upon those who have killed His prophets, His saints and all the others they have slain on earth.

That great Day of Judgment is right at hand when the battle of Armageddon will take place in the land of Israel, when ruler-ship of the world will change hands. From that day forward, Jesus and His bride, the inheritance of the throne of David, will rule over the entire earth from the city of Jerusalem. Then, and only then, will Israel be back in the Land as the one and only house of God, of which Jacob caught a glimpse in a dream many centuries ago.

And he called this place Bethel, meaning the house of God. He was Jesus, and not Moses or the nation Israel, whom Jacob saw as the ladder or stairway to heaven upon whom the angels of God were ascending and descending (see John 1:51). He is not Pharaoh, Buddha, Caesar or Mohammed; He is not Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin or Ahmadinejad. His name is Jesus. There is no other name under the sun.