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And He Shall be called Immanuel!

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

And He Shall be called Immanuel!

December 19, 2011

It was the greatest moment in history! There was only one other time that rivaled it when a voice like a trumpet from heaven said, “Let there be light,” and with these words the light dispelled the darkness. All things were created good and man was created out of the darkness of the dust to have the breath of life breathed into him, to become a living being created in the image of God. Man could see himself, the heavens and the earth, and he walked with the God who created him.

But then, something happened like an atomic bomb going off; rebellion had entered into the Garden. Man rejected the image of God for another image. He chose to cross over the wall of truth, leaving His image of truth behind to become a part of the image, which was attached to the author of lies and religion. He gave up his son-ship to God to become a son of Satan, the devil, in the image of the beast. He was now entrapped in the prison of sin.

The good gold of Havilah, the worship of God, was rejected for the idol worship of religion, the golden image, attached to the evil ruler-ship of Satan, which man had not known as a son of God. The dastardly deed of sin had been committed, and sin attached itself to the blood of man as the golden image, which brings death with it.

Man no longer was an eternal being in life, but had victimized himself by his disobedience to his God, doomed now to return to death as his lifeblood would be required back by God. He had freely given him the Spirit of life, but man rejected it in this one act of disobedience. The spiritual waters of life drained from his being and the spiritual flow of the waters of the world now ran through man’s veins.

His spiritual thirst was only about to begin, a thirst, which would never be quenched by the evil waters of religion. They would eventually wash him away and then they would dry up to make way for other religious waters of the next empire of man, which would take over where the previous ones left off.

The seed of Adam had been corrupted and the fruit of man would blossom, only to bloom and die. Mankind was left in the world to die, had God, his Creator, not taken compassion upon him and provided a miraculous way back to life – a way and a plan, which man himself could not provide with his tainted blood in which the Spirit of life had once flowed, but now, when shed, would cause him to be no more.

God had created man in every way to be His partner in shared ruler-ship over the earth. It was an inheritance, which could only exist in truth and holiness; He would not share His kingdom with a partner of sin. Any fruit man could produce from the marriage bed for God would now be of a corrupt nature, with no holiness in it. The God of the Spirit of life could only reject a vessel, which had Satan’s mark of the beast upon it, for it was a vessel doomed to die in the sin of rebellion.

So the right moment in history had arrived. It was the hour of man’s redemption, when a great light was seen in heaven and another Son of God was about to come to earth, this time born of the Spirit of God. He breathed His Spirit of life into a virginal woman, who had never had the seed of Adam enter into her, causing the contamination of Eve, the mother of all living, who could produce nothing but corrupted fruit, doomed to die.

The young virgin would birth a child not doomed to die, but rather He would choose to die at the hands of the very same wicked men, He came to save from themselves. His name would be called Immanuel, meaning ‘God with us’, for by His pure blood, which knew no sin, He was going to live and die as a man, perfect in the eyes of God, the perfect Lamb sacrifice who would take man’s place on the sacrificial altar of God and die in man’s place, shedding the perfect, pure, untainted blood sacrifice required of man by God for his sin.

The star shone down brightly on the place where He was born as the rejected Son of Man and Son of God, for whom men could find no place in their lives. Of such was the manger scene, just as it should be, for He was put in a feeding trough for the beasts, which was so prophetic of His being the bread of life for mankind in its beastly state. He would feed truth to the sons of the beast, as Truth incarnate, Himself. He was the only possible way back to the God of truth, who hated the lies of religion, which had destroyed His creation.

The way of redemption had just been born, and this Babe would bring into the world with Him the greatest gift any man could receive. He was going to redeem the lost souls with the gift of life. Magi, representing the kings over men, and shepherds, representing the priests over men, would come and bow before this child in humble surroundings, the only King of kings and Lord of lords, as the High Priest of the kingdom. For He had left the throne of heaven and His glory behind, to humble Himself by squeezing into such a tiny vessel as this baby of the human race, born to suffer at the hands of the men He came to save.

It would only happen once, as the defining moment in history; for when He returns to establish His throne, after having collected all of His sheep to the right of Him as the Good Shepherd of mankind, He will then be seen returning in the cloud as the roaring Lion of Judah. At this point, He will be ready to set up His kingdom on earth, sharing it with those who accepted His gift of life.  At the same time, He will judge those who rejected the Spirit, which would allow them to be born again with a second opportunity for eternal life.

Man would either choose to be born again of the Spirit of life and die once to the resurrection in the Spirit, or he would reject the idea of being born again of God’s Spirit to die twice, the second time, after having been resurrected to the judgment, only to then be returned back to the dust and darkness whence he originally came.

Such a glorious moment is this celebration of the birth of Christ! He is an unimaginable gift from God, the greatest gift any man can receive. The question is whether or not you want life or prefer to stumble about in the darkness leading to death. Yes, the lights of Christmas do have meaning, and rightly so, they should hang on a tree – for Jesus is the tree and we are the branches – the greater and the lesser lights, the witnesses to the light, the truth and the way back to the kingdom on earth, lost in the Garden.

It was the Garden, which became the Land of Promise, surrounded by the living water of the Pishon. But the evil waters of the empire spirits of religion flowed through this land, which God called Israel, and they stole her people away and then dried up as the waters of successive empires took their place. The final empire of the Revived Roman Empire, which will take the form of a One World Order, will see the last of the rivers of Genesis, the Euphrates, dry up just before Armageddon. After the battle, the spiritual water of life will again flow, not only in Israel, but throughout the entire world once Satan has been chained. There will be no further attempts to establish world empires of religion, once Jesus takes ruler-ship and all knees bow before Him.

This Christmas, we need to be so grateful that the Light of the world came 2000 years ago and will come again. Let us bow down and rejoice before the King of the Universe, who made the choice to give up His kingly robes to don the mantle of truth in humility, suffer at our hands, die, and be resurrected so that we might live!

Look up and see the light of His second coming, for He is coming soon to end the destruction, which the evil of religion has wrought! He is going to restore all things when His kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven. God shall rule in truth, and the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of life, shall be with us every day.

Rejoice, for a Child was born to be King, so that we might become His inheritance, a blessing beyond our wildest imaginings. This is the real meaning of Christmas behind the lights, the trees, and the gifts, with life being the greatest gift of all. And He shall be called Immanuel!