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At the Gate of the New Year – 2012

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

At the Gate of the New Year – 2012

December 26, 2011

As we approach the gate of the New Year, we also are approaching a juncture in the road. There is a choice to be made between two very different paths, which have a huge divide between them. One leads to the life of a nation, and the other leads to its death.

You would think that there would be no contest, with it being a simple, straight-forward choice to make. Yet, 6000 years ago, man faced the same choice in the Garden of creation and got it wrong when he chose death. As a result of the ensuing pain and suffering, it would appear that man has not learned his lesson about walking away from the truth of God, to choose death.

God sent His Son into the world in the midst of our pain and suffering to offer the choice anew, hoping man had learned from his lessons concerning the wrong choices he has made. Jesus offered us the path or way back to life, by suffering a miserable death, so that we, in turn, could defeat death. Have the years taught us anything about God’s Laws of creation? They were put in place for our benefit to give us freedom from the rule of the religious/states of demi-gods, bent on man’s destruction.

 The two paths have a huge dividing wall between them. On one side is the truth of God and, on the other side, are the lies of Satan. God wants to give us life from the tree of eternal life. Satan wants to feed us death from the academic tree of the knowledge of good and evil – the tree of compromise – where the good of God now has the added component of sin, or evil. This add-on of evil could be called the Gold Image (see Daniel 3:1-7), which refers to the worship of religion, separating us from God in that vile corruption and rebellion against Him, known today as Liberalism. The lure, which is so appealing to the senses, carries the same deadly deception offered to Eve by the serpent lurking in the forbidden tree of the Garden.

What could sound better to the senses than talk about a green earth and the salvation of the animal kingdom? What could feel better than giving our money to the third world countries, even though their religious leaders keep change in their lifestyles from ever happening? It makes us, as wealthy Americans, feel as though we are good stewards aboard the Good Ship Lollipop, when, in point of fact, it is as though we are on the sinking Titanic. America is like a big ship with a hole in its rear compartments caused by a deadly collision with the buoy set in place to mark her path for safe navigation.

The nation has come up against her own Law of God by refusing to acknowledge its ‘raison d’être’ as a marker for a safe path through dangerous spiritual waters. It is a light and lamp to the nation, but we have ignored it for the religious rights laws of liberalism, which have put a gaping hole in her side, allowing the seawaters of destruction to enter her and ultimately take her down. We have refused to use the chart of the Bible, which maps out the spiritual waters of the world. It alone can prevent a wound to her people, which can lead to blood-poisoning without the cup of salvation, or the life-blood transfusion it offers.

Multiculturalism results in the ‘blood poisoning’ of Satan, which is deadly if not treated soon enough. God made it clear to His nation, Israel, to rid the land of all religious cults. She did not do so, and look at what has happened to that Good Ship Lollipop. She has become an exposed sitting-duck in the midst of angry, religious nations, just frothing at the mouth to chew her up and spit her out.

It was the religious cult of Judaism, which kept her from recognizing the long-promised Messiah when He came. The leaven of religion grew exactly as God warned her would happen, before ever she was freed from the clutches of the religious empire of Egypt. In making her Exodus from the religious/state, God gave the sign of the Passover Lamb of God, who had no leaven attached to Him. For He was the Word of truth made flesh, keeping the Law perfectly while standing on a foundation of truth in every aspect of His life.

The juncture in the road has Satan and his religious cultic giants in a face-off with God’s Davidic army of today, which stands ready for battle with no other armaments than that of truth, which is at the heart of the armor of God. There is the incredible power of victory in it, which America, like Israel, is refusing to claim by embracing the leaven of religious cults. God leads to life, while Satan always takes nations down by the leaven found in cults. Never think for a minute that Judaism and Christianity are not part of the religious systems of Satan!

We are either going to repair the gaping hole in the national boat, or we are going to see the spiritual waters of the sea enter into her and take her down.

King George the VI gave his nation incredibly good advice in 1939, as she stood at the gate of a new year, with the storm clouds of war having formed. It bears repeating as we stand at the gate of another new year with signs of a coming war between nations and a religious attack upon America, which is becoming very heated indeed. He quoted from a poem called God Knows by Minnie Louise Haskins, stating these words:

I said to the man who stood at the Gate of the Year:
 “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.”
And he replied:
“Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God.
That shall be to you better than light and safer than the known way.”

What perfect advice for a nation facing a New Year of growing darkness, threatened by coming wars! Will we still be victimized by the serpent in the Garden who can place the scales of darkness over our eyes, in order to shut out the light and lamp of God? If we would only put our hand in His, He would then lead us into a kingdom on earth instead of allowing Satan to have his One World Order of an economic, governmental and religious system, which destroys liberty and freedom.

The choice is ours, as it always has been throughout the entire human journey from Garden to kingdom. The question remains as to whether or not we will take the wrong road at the four-corner-crossover of civilization, which leads to destruction and death, or follow the way led by the Son of God, whose light will light the path to His coming kingdom here on earth.

May our choice be a good one, so that this nation may be blessed in the New Year!