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The Costa Concordia

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Costa Concordia

January 17, 2012

Over 4000 passengers, aboard the Italian cruise liner, the Costa Concordia just experienced ‘a night to remember’, when the ship capsized off the coast of Italy, late last Friday evening. It was an experience, which some passengers have described as a terrifying escape that was straight out of a scene from ‘Titanic’, according to of January 15. It is interesting to note that it was exactly 100 years ago, minus three months nearly to the day that the Titanic went down in the early hours of the morning on April 15 of the year 1912.

In the commentary, The King’s Speech, Newsnblues – volume 650, January 9, 2012, I quoted the words of Jesus when He responded to the religious leaders who were trying to trick Him – religious men who could be described as the antichrist leaders of their day. They were looking for a sign from heaven, and He merely responded by calling them, “Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times. A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah (Matthew 16:3-4).”

He gave them a prophetic sign straight from a sea disaster, whereby the prophet was swallowed by a great sea fish prepared by the Lord for that moment in time. After three days and three nights, the Lord spoke to the fish and it vomited Jonah onto dry land. Thirty-six hours after the disaster, the Costa Concordia was still vomiting up its passengers who were taken to dry land, while the search continued for others.

How can one look at this disaster and not see a sign? First of all, the ship belongs to an Italian subsidiary of the Carnival Cruise line, and its Italian captain has been accused of significant human error, which has grave consequences. He not only navigated into dangerous waters, but he did so to catch the attention of the tourists for their entertainment. On board were people of all nations – Italian, French, Spanish, English, American, Canadian, Hungarian, Indian, Peruvian and South Korean passengers and crew, to mention a few.

What had started as a pleasure cruise of carnival or magical-type entertainment, turned into a night of terror. It occurred off the shores of Northern Italy with survivors taken to hospital in Rome. The cause of the disaster was from the rock, which destroyed it from beneath when it shattered the metal, allowing the seawaters to enter the ship. Did the captain care about those on board? According to the black box, which was recovered later, he was among the first off the sinking ship and refused to return to carry out his duty of seeing to the safety of his passengers, even at the pleading of the Coast Guard and members of his staff.

Now, one only has to look to the book of Daniel to see the symbolism of this event fully described in a vision given to the king of the final empire of the Babylonian system and how it would all come crashing down. The God in heaven revealed to Daniel the meaning of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream about a statue representing four empires to come, the last of which was divided in two parts, being the early Roman Empire and the latter-day Revived Roman Empire.

Each empire was represented by metal, with the last being iron mixed with ceramic clay. This speaks of its strength in its oneness, but its weakness within a divided body made up of many different cultures coming together into a One World Order. What would occur in the latter days was revealed in the king’s dream (see Daniel 2:28). Being mixed with the seed of men, they do not adhere to one another, that is to say, the warring seed of Adam, the father of mankind has always seen brother fight and kill brother, and nation rise against nation, throughout history, as sons of the beast.

In his dream, the king watched the statue of the empires while a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay (as was the bottom of the boat struck), and broke them into pieces (see Daniel 2:34). In that day of the kings of the nations, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed, and the kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall break in pieces and consume all those kingdoms, and it shall stand forever (see Daniel 2:44).

Was the Costa Concordia not like a ship of fools, being carried on the spiritual seawaters of Satan, which the Lord God separated from the dry land at creation? The nations are cruising along in oblivion to the disaster, which is about to happen in this world, at which time terror will break out. It will all begin with the collapse of the world systems, out of which a wily but delusional antichrist agent of Satan will arise as ruler (captain) over all, having no real care for the welfare of the people within his jurisdiction.

Terror is going to grip this world before it goes down in its spiritual rebellion against the Rock of ages, Jesus, who, in fact, is in control over the seas. The people are blind to the danger and have trusted in the judgment of an Italian captain from the Roman Empire, instead of trusting in the power of the Rock (the Son of God) who is about to return in judgment as the roaring Lion of Judah. He is coming for His own and will destroy the others who have been destroying and killing His people for centuries.

When they began their journey as passengers in a carnival atmosphere of gambling and entertainment by magicians (a woman was in the process of being cut in half), they most certainly did not want to hear the word sin. They had no idea they were cruising for a bruising.

It was impossible for us to miss seeing or hearing about this catastrophe, when it is another Titanic-like occurrence happening before the eyes of the world as they watch the terrorized people trying to escape from the horror. The functioning of the lifeboats on the Costa Concordia presented the same problem as did the lack of lifeboats on the Titanic.

Jesus, at the cross, offered every living being a lifeboat of salvation, but the captains of this world, the religious emperors and princes of the devil, have done their best to keep mankind out of them. What fools we have been to ignore the Word of God while on dry land, so that when the storm comes, and our boat is in danger of going down, we can walk on water. Jesus made it clear to Peter that when he jumped out of the boat to join Him in walking on the water, he merely had to keep looking upward toward Him and never doubt His power, for the Lord will always stretch out His hand to keep His own who trust in Him from sinking into the sea.

Will there be more survivors after the three days and three nights? My guess is that it is very unlikely any more will be found. If Jonah were the sign for the religious men of Jesus’ day, then he will remain the sign for the world today.

Wake up America, and get off the couch. Your world is going down while you neither know nor care about what is happening, until, too late, your money has all been taken away by Obama’s big government and redistributed among the other nations. Perhaps, when you lose your couch, as well, you may wake up to the fact that the One World’s ship of fools has stolen it all, and you are going down under the command of a very foolish captain, called the Antichrist, who will be found guilty of manslaughter in the judgment.

What a disgrace we have become to the men and women of WW11 who shed their blood for God and country in order that we might live in liberty. Today, we invite the enemy into the land as the cults of multiculturalism, which we are allowing to destroy our liberty by the enemy from within. We love this earth’s carnival atmosphere with its magic, more that we love God. Don’t be surprised when our world begins to tilt and capsize into the sea.

They are the liberal fools of Proverbs, found on every late-night television show, who think they can mock God without His tilting their world beneath them. They will quickly find out that the captain of this world, whom they have idolized as the beast of liberalism, will not be there for them when their world begins to collapse into the sea. It will no longer be a joy ride or a carnival cruise, when their captain brings them face to face with the Rock of ages, planted there by God who is just waiting to take His revenge against those who mocked and killed both His prophets and His Son.

How is it you cannot read the signs of the times?