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By Grace, Amazing Grace

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

By Grace, Amazing Grace

February 26, 2012

By grace, and only by amazing grace, is it possible to retain freedom and liberty under God’s protection from the slavery of a religious, fascist state. Has America given up the slavery of the black people only to become enslaved by them? In the irony of it all, is the black vote not able to put white America into slavery under the ideology of one black man?

Could this not be the divine judgment of God on a rebellious people who are choosing to enslave themselves with moral decadence, and a rejection of the Law of God for the law of religious rights? God offers no rights whatsoever to religion within a nation under Him and His Law. His first commandment declares that such a state shall have no other idols before Him. His Law stands firmly against multiculturalism and Islam invading this land.

Idols, at the heart of religious nations under Satan, are the result of the works of man, using worldly substances to create them; in other words, they are not birthed of the Holy Spirit. God is a God of truth and those who worship Him worship in spirit and in truth. He is the Power that can make things happen. He is the Creator of all things, out of which spring the fruit of His creation. There is no power in the spirit behind religion.

If we want a world of peace, then we must repent of our sins and pray for it through the power of Jesus – the same One who claims His role of Creator in Proverbs 8:30, “Then I was beside Him, as a master craftsman.” There is no other Master and Commander beside Him. There is no other Creator who, by His grace, has covenanted with mankind in a marriage relationship that will make His people rulers with Him over the earth and the entire universe. As long as religion thinks it can rule through empires created by religious nations, there will be no peace.

The only reason America has been at peace in this land, was for the reason that she chose God and not religion to rule over her. The more religious rights become the rule, the less the peace. Religion has no right in the Law of God. That is why there has never been a religious high priest in the annals of American history, other than the High Priest, Jesus, with the Bible being His final word on all things – governmental, economic and religious. Truth has no place with religion. He is Satan who brought that unity together, using the truth but not applying it, to establish the liberalism of religion in the place of truth.

We are living in a period of grace until truth returns in the person of Jesus to rule over His kingdom in spirit and in truth. There will be no other high priest. There will be no false messiahs at the helm of nations; there will only be the saints of His church, who shall rule and reign with Him.

His mercy endures forever, but He grants grace only to those who choose Him as Ruler over their lives, and then repent and trust in Him for salvation. The religious will tell you otherwise, with an emphasis being placed on one’s own goodness, attributing goodness where there also is evil, yet giving goodness the nod necessary for a heavenly send-off. This will always be found at the heart of the antichrist spirit based on the deception that “You can be like the Most High God.” Satan tells us that our good deeds nullify the cross, by which standard our wealthy philanthropists and do-gooders believe they have no need of either Jesus or the grace of God. They place their trust in their own goodness.

God’s Word tells us that all things were created good, but remained so only until evil was found to be present. When evil was added to creation, death was quick to follow, exactly as God said it would. The only solution was a washing away of the spiritual waters of sin, and no one but God, Himself could accomplish this. There would have to be a change of the spiritual waters in the world and that could be done by no one but God and His grace, whereby He would send His Son to make the ultimate sacrifice for man.

Do not think that He has not paid the price, which makes man a slave to His cause. By grace, the evil of our sin is washed away, the only thing that can again separate the evil waters of the religious empires from a people under God. This is what baptism is all about, bringing about a change in our lives by entering into the water of the empires, to go into the seawater of this world, to come out as though born again of the living water.

We must look back to the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist – when Jesus came up from the worldly waters of the Jordan and the dove landed upon Him, signifying the spiritual water from above, which will wash the believer clean of the waters of this world. God would freely impart His Spirit to man again simply by His mercy and His grace, something we do not deserve because of our passion for the cults of religion.

America can never go back to her glory days except through repentance and a change in the moral life of the nation. She must return to God’s Law and give up the multicultural, animal droppings of religion found in the very stable where Jesus was forced to be laid as a struggling baby at birth, granted life by the Spirit in Him. He lay in a manger amidst the animal drooling of the feeding trough, for God was showing us the filth of a world ruled by the beast, and author of religion, the fruit of which produces more little beasts born into the spirit of death. How else but through Him could life come to the beasts who were so filthy in their own sin? Yet, by the grace of God the Father, this sinless Child came into the filth of such a world to save it.

Surely we can see that it is by grace alone that we can be saved, offered to us by a God whose mercy never ceases. The choice is ours, as a nation, whether we want to receive His grace, or would rather trust in ourselves to work our own way to nowhere. If we want the cults, and it would appear that we would rather have the witchcraft of Islam and trust in a non-existent Allah than trust in our own gracious God, then we will be turned over to this unholy god of religion. God’s judgment will replace His grace and we will be left to sink into moral decrepitude.

When God’s people reject Him for the religions of the world, having been given the light and freedom that only He can give, in order to partner with Satan instead of with the Christ, His wrath will be aroused until His people learn the fear of the Lord they rejected.

This nation of America is cruising for a bruising when, in point of fact, she could have received the blessings of God and enjoyed His bounty in peace. It is the only peace there ever will be and it cannot come from treaties between nations or any other union of nations. To be involved in the Peace Corps of the United Nations is nothing but involvement in an illusion within a world gone mad. America can never bring the democratic process to religious nations, which live by the dictates of the Koran. The essence of that religion is to war and kill until all are of that faith, worldwide. But there is no place for the light with such darkness.

Repent and confess your sin, America! Return to God and He will return to you with blessings so great you would not be able to count them. His grace is, and always has been, our sufficiency as a nation. Only by His amazing grace will the captives once again be set free from the looming fascist state, which a black messiah is trying to implement, where grace once reigned supreme.
When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan (Proverbs 29:2).

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34).

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14).”