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The Late-night, Show Freaks of the ‘Big-top’

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Late-night, Show Freaks of the ‘Big-top’

March 16, 2012

There is a new form of the circus called the media ‘big-top’, which is sweeping the country and coming nightly into the living-rooms of most American homes. It is found on nearly every television channel, where freaks of a new nature can now be seen. These freaks of the late-night show hosts, unlike most television show hosts, have no boundaries applying to them with respect to what is considered acceptable behavior, for after all, they are freaks.

They see themselves as the shapers of a new form of liberalism, to which no rules of decency apply like those, which apply to other show hosts. They have, in fact, become the freaks of the trade, with a covering from the media ‘big-top’ of the networks. They provide a kind of sideshow each night, daring to act outside of the social restrictions or mores, which society places upon men and women of this day.

In a way, they can be viewed as snake-charmers, spewing out their venom toward any and all the daughters of Jerusalem, to the right, who are under the opposing ‘Big-Top’, with a covering over them, which the freaks definitely do not like. If you were to ask them who the daughters of Jerusalem might be and what their gender is, they would not be able to answer you. All they know is that they are ‘the right’, which they hate with a passion, manifesting itself in the form of mockery and foul, abusive language. Their freakish nature appears to be ingrained into them, something over which they seem to have no control; they simply spew out a steady stream of venomous language at the daughters of no specific gender.

Let us look at Sarah Palin, for instance, perhaps the most hated of all of their victims because of the fact that their venom seems to have little or no effect on her. How is it they can spew out a double dose on her and her family, targeting her on a regular basis, and she simply fends off the darts and arrows with a shield they are unable to penetrate? Like the bunny, powered by the Energizer battery, she just keeps moving along in an upright nature with a smile, which causes the filth of the freaks to drop by the wayside, unable to put an end to her ever-increasing popularity, powered by the other ‘Big-Top’.

Their latest new target has become Rick Santorum, one of the GOP candidates seeking the nomination for President of the United States. Now, he gets the freaks going big-time, for he dares to talk about his ‘Big-Top’ covering. Not only he, but the entire GOP party is hated above all others by these snake-charmers of the media ‘big-top’. Those targeted don’t speak the ‘big-top’ language of filth, nor do the freaks understand or speak the spiritual language of their victims. Well, that is to say until recently, when one of the daughters of the male gender dared to use the ‘s’ word for a female of the liberal camp, a Fluke who was not a fluke at all, but rather a hireling of the shapers of liberalism. One might even consider her to be a ‘stoolie’ put in place at this time to fend off the tide of the political heat, which is now scorching politicians of the liberal camp.

Even the freaks are becoming powerless to stem the tide of public distaste for the destruction liberalism is bringing upon America. But then, aren’t Palin and Santorum the greatest threat of all to the freaks, for they dare to speak of God, the Constitution, and the special role of the family? How the freaks hate mention of all three, which have the potential for taking the freaks out of their place in the circus media ‘big-top’ to replace them with principled late-night, show hosts!

The freaks must go after that show host of the daughters, who dared to speak their language. Yes sir, they would go after him and make him an example. They would get him off the air before he managed to take over their night show spot – apology or no apology, for speaking their language. This would never do!

Now, the freaks have an ace up their sleeve. The President of liberalism is one of them, as the most liberal of all liberal Presidents. Throw a little money his way, in fact, a sizeable amount of money, and there is no telling how far it could go to help the freaks’ cause. After all, is he not the master of ‘double-talk’? Put him together with the late-night-show language of filth and they could become a formidable team against the GOP threat, which is always there like a thorn in their side. Those nasty Republicans seem to be just waiting to bring up the big three important points in the scheme of things, all of which are hated by the snake-charmers – God, the Constitution, and the family.

Well, the freaks certainly have tried, to no avail, to do a number on Sarah Palin and her family. Now it is time to go after that religious nut, called Santorum, who actually loves his family and has involved them in his election process, even perhaps as much, if not more so, than Palin did. The freaks are thrown by the fact there is no bimbo behind the scenes clinging to Santorum, with his wife and family always at his side. They don’t know how to dishonor a man who home-schools his children, so that the agenda of the public school system cannot shape them into becoming like the late-night, show freaks, speaking their kind of language. This, indeed, creates a problem for the freaks, who count on the control of the educational system to instill Political Correctness into the children. Is it not one of the most important parts of the liberal camp?

Indeed, the freaks will have to go on the warpath after Santorum and the other one of his ilk, that day-time show host, who dared to cross the boundary lines and use their language of filth. No, it would not do! They must get rid of him at all cost, when even a million from one of the freaks might not be enough to do the job. Perhaps a big political plug on his night show, including a carefully contrived interview with their liberal commander-in-chief, along with a teleprompter, would do the trick.

Now this late-night, show freak was photographed wearing a big smile for the cameras, for the plan had been hatched, with a million to do it. He simply had to keep the VP of liberalism out of the way lest he should open his mouth and become a handicap to his plan. It would appear that even the deceased Bin Laden knew what a disaster this man could be for the United States, if ever he should inherit the Office of the President.

War has been declared between the freaks and the daughters of Jerusalem, whoever they may be. Hadn’t Ronald Reagan given them a clue as to who they were when he spoke of that shining city on a hill in America? No, they could not even go there, for he was at the very heart of their hatred. The freaks had been like women scorned by him who gave up his Hollywood career and popularity for the sake of the nation and the real ‘Big-Top’.

He was just like all the others on the right, so hated by the freaks. This war must never take the form of a war against evil, for such is not within the realm of snake-charmers. They would have to make sure that the enemy would never be called the enemy, and that the terrorist would never be called the terrorist; radical would be a much more religious-neutral kind of name, which would give no offense to the enemy.

One must remember that in the world of freaks right is called wrong, and wrong is called right, with everything grey, but never black and white. “The forbidden tree is the one for me,” says he.

“Oh well,” says the late-night, show freak, “I’ll just bide my time and keep the filth rolling until I see how much a million can buy.”