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There are no Religious Rights under God

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

There are no Religious Rights under God

March 27, 2012

Is it any wonder Saul, the Pharisee, needed the scales of religion washed from his eyes before he could see again to become Paul, the apostle who almost single-handedly turned the world up-side-down? His encounter with the light was powerful because of its brilliance. At that moment in time the refining fire would either cleanse or wash away. On the road to Damascus, the blacksmith blew on the coals to turn up the heat (see Isaiah 54:16); on the cross the Redeemer washed away the darkness caused by the filth of sin.

Jesus became the very antithesis of Saul, as He became sin for the three days that changed history. From the tomb emerged the glory of God to show that the only way to wash away sin had been made very simple for mankind. He must be purified or washed clean, something, which no political party or religious priesthood is able to do; only the Word can wash us clean and His name is Jesus, the Light of the world. Saul’s new journey from his Damascus experience forward as the apostle Paul would be one of pointing the religious world to Jesus, and the way back to life.

At the moment man sinned, the Spirit of life departed from him, so that, ultimately, he would no longer be able to breathe; the blood of life had become poisoned, which would cause him to die and lose the breath of life. He was no longer worthy of the Garden kingdom on earth provided in perfection for him; so he was driven out and eastward, with the east side being closed to the tree of life. God began the process of leading man back to the kingdom through the rainbow covenant with Noah, which told us that only through the broken light and the shed blood of His pure, sinless Son, would God remember fallen mankind.

With His covenant with Abraham, God began leading the way along a trek for His chosen nation, which was to be blessed by His ruler-ship once again and led back westward to the Land of Promise. This Land could have become a kingdom, had the people not failed to honor their God. The detours along the way were made to allow the blacksmith and his refining fire to burn off the impurities of the nation Israel until she would become fit for kingdom living with her God. Such a blessing as God lavished upon her who, in turn, would choose the curse that religion brings with it, only to lose the blessing, as did Adam and Eve, before her! God’s plan for His kingdom has never included religion of any shape or sort.

The blessing then went to the apostolic church, which stood on a firm foundation of truth. Can we not see there were no Pharisees among the twelve, for as Jesus said, their father was the devil (see John 8:44) but, as He said to Mary Magdalene, He was ascending to His Father and to hers? The Father of the apostles was God, with the exception of one, who never broke his ties with the religious system. As Father, He is also the Creator, for life from the marriage bed begins with the seed of the Father.

Abraham was called to separate from his father’s household, if God were to become his spiritual Father and Ruler, instead of Satan, the father of the religious world and ruler over the religious, gentile empires to which he had belonged, that is to say, up until his encounter with God. The move westward back to the Garden or to the Land of Promise, where man had rejected God’s offer of life, began as a process of separation for Israel from the religion of the East.

God was in the process of separating religion on the East and His truth on the West. Beyond Israel was the sea, the way by which, once again, He would lead His people. This time He would cross His church over the sea to take her to her own land separated from the rest of the world as a parcel of land from sea to shining sea.

America, like the Promised Land, held the promise of liberty in the truth of God’s Word, leaving the religious world behind, to demonstrate the exceptionalism of a nation that stood on truth. The nations of the East could only aspire to the peace and prosperity, which grew out of her capitalistic, economic system and the liberty she offered for the pursuit of happiness. It was all the result of the truth of the Bible becoming the guardian of her borders.

As opposed to this, the Koran was nothing but a meaningless religious book based on an ideology rooted in killing, opposed to being rooted, like the Bible, in life. Merely forty years ago, America would never have allowed such a book to grace her courtrooms, her public educational system or her government. God does not share His glory with the pagan gods of religion and myth. His Law reigns supreme, and His first commandment states that His people shall have no other gods before Him.

So, how did we ever arrive at a place of tolerance for this kind of religious rights? God has zero tolerance for religion, with the liberalism, which decrees that there are other ways to the Father than through Jesus. This is at the heart of the message of the serpent in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; it stated that His Word is not true.

Satan’s aim is to make us believe God does not really mean what He says, and the best way for him to do this is to use his tools of Political Correctness, coupled with tolerance for all religions, which are being pushed today as the backbone of the liberal agenda. In Canada, our father of liberalism, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, introduced the Charter of Rights in direct defiance to the Ten Commandments of God. He wooed China and the East into trade, while, at the same time, snubbing her trading partner to the South, which was the only partner we needed for economic success, as two nations under God.

So we, in America, took the mark of the beast, the destroyer, and now we are reaping the consequences of refusing to stay separated from the East to remain strong under the rule of God. God’s Law grants no rights to religion, which Saul, who became the apostle Paul, learned in his crash course on the road to Damascus.

Jesus defeated the god of religion on the cross by being nailed as the truth of the good tree over the dead tree rooted in lies. It was this same truth, which He declared to be the cleansing suds when He washed the feet of His apostles, all of them that is, except one. He was the one man in history who went down as the traitor of all traitors, called Judas. One could say that for a pittance of money, he made a deal with the devil and the devil was dressed in the ‘Prada’ of the priesthood. Along with Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, the religious high priest in Israel, called Caiaphas, exerted his religious rights to unjustly lead Jesus to the cross.

Religious rights and a liberal agenda of government, along with a traitorous Christian church, a misnomer in itself, are putting Jesus to the cross, again, as they celebrate Easter, the hypocrites they are, sitting in their church pews supposedly worshiping the risen Lord.

I wonder if the religious church of Christianity would ever open its doors to allow Jesus to come in and wash the feet of its parishioners. My guess is the response to Him would be negative. Would they not rather get on with the Easter program, which is nothing but a blend of Easter eggs, rabbits and a modern, sleek cross, without Jesus being shown in the agony of it? The cross might be missing altogether, so as not to offend anyone in the pews. Sadly, we have become a nation of religious rights, which means the cross must go and so, too, must the Bible, if we are not to offend the religious bunch.

Picture this – America, during WW II times, saying to the German people that her borders would be open to them and that they could come to this land, even though they wanted to destroy us and our freedom under God. On top of that, we would agree to give them room in our airports to preach Nazism and shout ‘Heil Hitler’, while the other passengers would be forced to watch.

We would agree to remove Bibles from our schools so we would not offend the German immigrants breaking down our borders and the Word of God for whom we fought and whose peace we enjoyed. We would even go further and welcome them into our government, even though they might have refused to swear on the Bible, instead, insisting upon Mein Kampf as a book of truth. We would agree to the tearing down of the Ten Commandments, displayed on the walls of the courts of justice, an offense to a dictator like Hitler, and the German people. We then would grant full religious rights, which would allow the German people to take ruler-ship in this country, when enough Germans had arrived on our shores, to destroy us from within, using religious rights as their tool for destruction.

Is this not the picture of exactly what the Charter of Rights has brought to fruition, as the door-opener for Islam, which constitutional law under God would never have allowed the German people during wartime? Profiling Germans sent even those who were naturalized American and Canadian citizens to the camps, but today profiling might cause the enemy offense, to which the liberals would never agree.

The fear is that we might be the cause of an unjust war, whereby we must show respect for the enemy, which jolly well hates us. Still, knowing this, we treat the enemy better than we treat our own army. Our soldiers are condemned if they dare to use their guns to kill or their matches to burn filthy books of religion, which are at the root of torture and the maiming of our own men – books, which should be destined, without question, for the dung heap.

Let me ask you once again exactly what the cross means to you at this time when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even the celebration of Easter is named in honor of the goddess, Eostre, who claims to have turned a chicken into a hare. To this day the rabbit, searching for its eggs in the nest, exemplifies Easter for most Christians. The church I once attended used to distribute Easter eggs as we departed from the sanctuary on Easter morning. I wonder if Jesus were to come to that church would He be an embarrassment to its well-dressed parishioners, with His torn, filthy clothing and nail holes in His hands and a hole in His side.

Would we touch Him, or would we draw back in disgust? Would He ever have to say to us what He said to Mary Magdalene when He spoke these words to her? “Do not cling to Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, ‘I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God (John 20:17).’”

Would the muttering not begin at this point by asking whether or not the Man was deranged when almost everyone believes that man descended from the monkey? And Jesus, sadly, would have to respond in agreement with the religious men and once again declare that their father was indeed the devil, the beast.