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What do you see in the Mirror?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

What do you see in the Mirror?

June 04, 2012

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? How do you stack up according to the laws of the universe? Have you ever wondered about such laws, for they most certainly do exist? Much and all as man believes it, he is not the ruler of the universe, but rather is subject to its laws.

Its governance is light; its opposition is darkness. Light is on the right; darkness is on the left. One seeks to establish you; the other waits at the door to devour you. One stands on truth; the other stands on the lie. One is ruled by God, the Father and Creator; the other is a victim of Satan, the counterfeiter and destroyer. Jesus is the Author of truth; Satan is the author of the lie. In every man lives either the Christ or the antichrist spirit. Which is it you see, when you look in the mirror? Do you see a person of truth, or one of religion who believes the lies of Satan?

Do you see a rock standing firm, or do you see sand tossed about by the winds and the raging waters of every storm? Perhaps, a few simple thoughts might help you to see the image a little more clearly. For example, are you a person who pays your fair share of Caesar’s taxes, or have you made a deal with Satan? As a part of institutional churchism, do you remain silent before government in exchange for tax dollar exemptions from the Caesar of your day, when God calls you to be His voice of truth to the nations? Caesar never silenced the voice of the early apostolic church, though their very necks were on the line.

Are you a fisher of men or are you content to be silent among friends? Do you allow them to remain in the waters of this world so that you can compromise yourself, in order to have good relationships with them, while maintaining your popularity through neutrality? In other words, have you accepted the tolerance message, which says that you have your beliefs and I have mine; all are equal when it boils down to having peace together?

Do you accept the moral changes going on in America by simply embracing them without voicing any opposition? For example, do you join with the world in referring to couples living together in sexual sin as partners? Have Bonnie and Clyde become acceptable members of society as far as you and the world are concerned? Have Adam and Steve forged a marriage relationship worthy of the same respect as that of a husband and wife, in your thinking? Is it quite alright, in your mind, to extend the rights of adults at the expense of the rights of children?

Do you believe it a right of convenience to murder unborn children when they become an inconvenience to the mother? Do you feel you have the right to sit in judgment over the sick and the elderly by determining whether or not they should live or die by either killing them or assisting them to commit suicide? Do you believe in the adult’s right to view pornography on the web, when it can lead to the abuse of children, sometimes as young as two or three years of age?

Finally, do you adhere to a Christian belief system that offers Christ apart from the Word of God? Jesus, Himself, never did such an evil thing; He categorically stated that He was the way, the truth, and the life. He based His church on the foundational doctrine that He is the Son of God. John, the apostle, stated that He is the Word made flesh.

He convicted, even name-called, the religious priesthood of His day. He did not attend synagogue to learn from priests; even as a child He went there to teach them, only to be evicted by them and killed at the first opportunity they could find. Jesus and religion were like oil and water, for religion is the brain-child of Satan. Jesus is the truth made flesh, so how can there be room in His flesh for the lies of religion? How about in your flesh? Is it a vessel for truth or for religion?

Among Jesus’ followers, there was one, called Judas, who tried to make room for both religion and the truth. Eventually, religion won out and he joined forces with the religious agents of the Antichrist. It proved to be a disaster, for he discovered, too late, that he could not serve two masters. It cost him his life.

Do you look into the mirror and see such a person? Do you see someone who thinks he/she is serving Jesus, but is trying to do so while embracing the culture of the world, which officially belongs to Satan? For this reason Christianity is failing very quickly and can be seen writhing like a snake in its death throes. They are the Christians who are saying, “Take down the cross” so they will not offend other religions. They are the Christians who want all gods and all religions to be deemed equal and worthy of the same respect befitting only the true church.

The sadness is that the true church cannot be found in the religious system of Christianity today, for she will be forced out on the principle that separates her from religion of any sort, which is the truth of who Jesus is as the Son of God. There is no other like Him.

Would you dare to stand before Him in judgment and claim He should tolerate others who claim to be gods but are not? Would you dare to stand before Him and say you spent a lifetime serving your world of friends and family, but never had the time to serve Him? Would you dare answer His question when He asks where the fish are that you have caught by saying you never caught any because you left them in the deadly waters in order to have a good relationship with them, while, ‘by-the-by’, being able to remain popular, yourself? Were you really your brother’s keeper? Did you really have to face the spiritual stonings Paul and the other apostles had to face for proclaiming the truth to all peoples?

When you look in the mirror, do you see the face of Jesus or the face of your own flesh? Do you see a solid rock or shifting sand? Do you see a witness to the truth, or a lover of religion with its pews of comfort? Take a good look and see whether or not you see a person who fills out official forms by ticking the box that says ‘Christian’ when asked which religion you espouse, or do you see a person who answers, “I have no religion; I believe in the truth of Jesus Christ, and so I am the church.

I neither go to it, nor am I called by any other name than that which was given by Jesus, Himself. I am called by the name of ‘church’, because I stand on a solid rock foundation of truth, which neither the winds nor the waters can wash away. For the gates of hell cannot and will not prevail against the true church of Jesus Christ.”

So no, Virginia, I do not see a Christian in my mirror, only the image of a little stone joined to the Cornerstone, safely pulled out of the seawaters of religion and placed firmly beside my Beloved on the way to the kingdom. Yes, Virginia, I see a very happy face indeed when I look in that mirror and see not me, but the Master of my soul. His name is Jesus.