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The Chicago Man

 Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Chicago Man

August 04, 2012

The contamination of a nation under God begins with the leadership and becomes a top-down process. In order to understand human government in relation to the Creator, we must go back to creation to see the pattern for success. The first government was established by God, making Him Ruler over all. It was not until man rebelled against His top-down ruler-ship that he was doomed to die, as were the natural peace and harmony of the earth doomed to disappear.

Why has man never understood that it was not the natural food, which killed him? There was no rosy-red apple on the forbidden tree; all of the natural food, which God created, was good. It was the spiritual food from a tree other than the tree of life, which would bring death to man. The truth of God from His tree of life would never harm anyone. The spiritual fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil would do considerable harm, for it was based on lies and deceit apart from the truth, which formed a belief system that was nothing but that ‘old-time religion’, which is not good enough for you and me, if we want to live.

Never has this been made more evident than in America today with the spiritual battle, which has erupted over the affirmation of God’s institution of marriage, and the proponents of sin, who believe they have a better plan than God, based on the religious belief system of the homosexual. The words of affirmation were spoken by the C.E.O. of a food chain, which provides nothing but good food, good service and respect for all its customers, regardless of creed, color, or sexual orientation.  It is a restaurant chain called Chick-fil-A, with restaurants spreading across America.

Now, among the major opponents to the Chick-fil-A owner and spokesperson’s policies, is the mayor, Rahm Emanuel, of the city of Chicago, known as the city of organized crime. He views the family-friendly restaurant as an evil, which would threaten his city of crime and therefore declared that he would not allow this restaurant within his city limits. At the same time, he welcomes the criminal element, which is definitely ‘family-unfriendly’, with a crime rate and number of murders escalating within that city to the extent it has become of national concern. Wrong has been declared right there, and right has been declared wrong, as the words of the mayor indicate.

The Chicago mayor’s ideology lines up with that of another Chicago man and elected leader of a nation ruled by God in whom it trusts. His American roots as an adult seem to take root in Chicago for there is no legitimate record of his birth in this country as has been determined by a group of experts who have studied his very-late-in-coming-forth birth certificate, and have declared it to be a fraud. This would clearly put him in the camp with the liar and deceiver, Satan, as the spiritual product of a city full of wind and crime, which cannot tolerate a family-friendly business organization.

The restaurant owner, unlike the Chicago man seated in the Oval Office of the president, has a real, legitimate right to do business in any city he should choose, because he conducts a good and legitimate business as a good and legitimate citizen. As an American citizen, he also has the right to express his beliefs in a country that grants the right to freedom of speech.

However, the C.E.O of this company, Dan Cathy, is being verbally attacked and abused as he is forced to face the fierce intolerance of the politically-driven, homosexual agenda from a group that claims to be the victims of intolerance. They claim they do not have the right to get married. Of course this is a bogus claim, for they have the same right to marriage that anyone else has. Their problem is that marriage is between a man and a woman, and they want to create a new relationship, and redesign God’s plan to suit their aberration in order to turn it into something it can never be.

It is impossible for such a relationship to be a fruitful union like that of a marriage between a man and a woman. They see anyone who dares to disagree with them as hateful. Of course, the crime element is in the same bed with the homosexual element, because a country under God has laws against organized crime, for which Rahm Emanuel seems to have an open door policy with a closed door policy for law-abiding citizens. Marriage entails legal requirements set by the Creator of the institution. It seems that the criminal element always wants to ignore God’s Law and set up its own moral, or rather, immoral structure.

The strongest opposition, which I have heard from among many, came from a black lawyer who, on a talk show on Fox News went into a shouting rant against the Bible and anyone who quoted it. His vitriol and evident hatred for God reached the point of becoming threatening. If one man, like Dan Cathy, the C.E.O. of the family-owned restaurant, who honors God and His Sabbath over the revenues of the business world, can arouse such hatred, one can only imagine the hatred this same lawyer would have for the Tea Party Movement in America. Like any other group, it, too, has every bit as much right to voice its beliefs, though it is labeled as hateful by most of these same voices.

We are seeing the battle lines being drawn between those who have a hatred for God and His Law, and decent, law-abiding citizens, who are tired of such an element of society determining the direction America should go. We are seeing a frightening picture developing for the future of a nation that clenches its fist at God and His Word, while embracing the satanic world, which graces the streets of Chicago. Such has become a huge concern to decent, law-abiding Americans. One can only imagine what an infusion of light into the midst of a city full of wind and crime might do to its darkness.

When we go back to the Garden and the covenant of God with man, we see that sin injected the element of disorder and resistance to God’s Word. God’s Law was the cultural mandate in the Garden, as it has been in America. It was not up for grabs by the criminal and rebellious element. Man’s human intelligence and free will were only free, in so far as the principle of freedom lined up with God’s will and His government. God has zero tolerance for sharing His culture with the culture of Satan, which brought disharmony upon the face of the earth, not unlike that which is taking place over a simple statement from a law-abiding, family man, who spoke up for his values.

As God’s representatives on earth, man was to exercise dominion that corresponded to His character and not to that of the deceiver, Satan. The first family had barely eaten the spiritual food of Satan, when husband and wife produced the fruit of the satanic spirit – a son and little beast for Satan; he murdered his brother, which was the result of knowing evil in the intimate, forbidden way about which God had warned man. Just as the first son, Cain, died, so too will a nation under God die, which goes the way of Cain and Chicago, rather than the way of Dan Cathy and God.

Now, it was interesting to see the follow-up and the outcome of a people who hate the Chicago control, which is coming from the top down, straight from the White House to the little man on the street, who is sick of political correctness and minority groups and illegals, strutting their defiance of the law, with the backing of a government, which itself defies constitutional law. If the leaders are doing it, so can the minorities try to rule over the majority in the security that they are part of a top-down rebellion against God in this country and against His Law, which the Founding Fathers chose to legislate with the American Constitution.

The ground-swell is increasing for a people to return to God, and November is the time for them to have their voices heard. Depending on their choices and whether they choose God or Chicago, they can look to December as being a month of new beginnings, either of strong winds and storms or of smooth weather ahead.

There is no truth to the ridiculous concept that Mother Nature is in charge; it is a mere figment of the lies of a satanic mind. There is only Father God who can breathe His wrath down on a rebellious nation and turn peace into chaos, removing His hand of protection from a people who choose not to have Him rule over them. Surely, we can now see that His wrath is growing as the fires, floods and hurricanes increase across this land.

God is not fooled. He sits upon His throne over His creation and most definitely is in charge over the life and death of man and the life and death of a nation. He raises up rulers and He takes them down, but we have been given free will to partner with Him. Let us make the right choice for God, and begin to speak in a way that honors Him, as did Dan Cathy!

The alternative is the Chicago-man mentality, and we have already had a taste of what that means with respect to God’s people. The Garden was the first to go into rebellion against God, and just take a close look at the warring violent empires, which followed in the aftermath. At the same time, the peaceful, law-abiding citizens of America have been a beacon of light and liberty under God, to this violent world.

Will it be forward for America into a One World Order of empires and war, or will it be a back-to-the-Garden type of top-down ruler-ship under God, in peace and liberty again, instead of remaining under the control of a Chicago man?