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Enough is Enough!

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

September 08, 2012

Have we had enough, yet, of floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and earthquakes? Are we weary of wars and rumors of wars coming out of the East? Then Americans have decisions to make about this upcoming election in November; time is running out very quickly.

The first choice under Obama is a fast route to a totalitarian, socialist state, perched and ready to move quickly into a deadly, satanic One World Order of nations ruled by the Antichrist, or Satan himself. The second is a government under the control of religious, satanic forces, greatly deceived about the difference between truth and religion, but one, which might at least give mankind extra time for a final witness to the truth.

America was required by God, through His church, to demonstrate to the world what liberty looks like in a nation ruled by His truth and not by any religious organization, including the many denominations of institutional Christianity. She was to be the light to the world of a peaceful regime, which only the Prince of peace can deliver in truth. Jesus is the Word made flesh and the Word is the Bible, not any religious book, such as the Koran, or the book of Mormonism. They come straight from the ruler of this world of religious empires, called Satan and his angels from hell.

The voter needs to understand what is basic to both cults of Islam and Mormonism. I have always claimed that Obama, professing to being both Christian and of the Muslim faith, is an anti-God, antichrist-spirited man. His problem is reflected in his followers, as seen at the Democratic National Convention. They hate God, and they hate the idea that He chose a people from out of the eastern, cultic religions through Abraham, whom He would lead westward under His rule and into the Promised Land for His people Israel. In the same manner, He brought His church to America, delivering it from the religions of the East, including Roman and Protestant control, to bless it in a land of its own. These God-haters cannot abide the notion of God’s people, and they want no part of either of them.

It would have been unthinkable that any American, even those of the Democratic Party, ever would want to be classed as an anti-God person, only a few short years ago, within the lifetime of many of us. It would have been unthinkable in the war years when men fought for God and country that they would have returned home to a country no longer under the God for whom they had fought and died. Many survived because of a single desire to return to this good homeland and family they loved. Is it any wonder Obama doesn’t want the military to have its rightful vote to preserve this land and the God for whom they fight?

The Democratic Convention was a demonstration of the result of the Islamic Brotherhood of the East infiltrating the West, taking over American cities (i.e. Dearborn, Michigan), American universities, and the American Democratic Party, which made a charade of voting at the DNC with respect to whether or not they would leave God in their party platform.

One only had to look at the ‘No-sayers’ to see that the signs held up by the attendees indicated the Arab Americans were actively promoting the removal of God, and aggressively so. There was no one-third/two-thirds consensus; there was only a teleprompter decision. In testing the waters to see just how far they could go in deceiving the American people, it appeared to be a dangerous move to make at this time among majority voters in America. How then could Obama finish his speech by invoking God to bless America? Does he really think God listens to the prayers of those who reject Him? He simply had to look at the numbers of those attending the Convention to see that they were abysmally low. In fact, they had to move to smaller quarters to try and fool the public about the American people’s response to his dismal record.

May I ask, “How do priests and nuns appear at such gatherings, which show support for spiritual corruption like that of the DNC?” In a previous interview with Bill O’Reilly, the same nun who spoke on the DNC stage spoke on Fox News T.V. to reveal how completely lacking in understanding she was of exactly what it was that she was supporting, and what the agenda of Obama really is.

As for the priest, I have said it before; for the most part the Catholic priesthood is like the little monk salt and pepper shakers, I once had years ago. They shake where their bread is buttered in a display of their own piousness, rather than witnessing to the glory of God who hates their religious, public display of piety. The DNC was a disturbing scene for the God-loving, God-fearing Americans who can see that God’s judgment will fall on such a corrupt people and it will fall very hard and very soon, if a godless route is the route they choose to go.

On the other hand, the Republican National Convention fared only slightly better, by condoning Mormonism, a cult, which will cause millions to enter an eternity in hell under the preaching of its false doctrine while, at the same time, emphasizing wonderful family values and a love for the good of mankind, which they connect to this doctrine.

The only common ground between Catholicism and Mormonism is the fact that they are both cults, though very different in nature; one believes God evolved from mortal man to become a man-god in heaven, while the other believes that a mortal man, the pope, was appointed by heaven, as its inerrant god-man who is above sin. Both are based on extremely unbiblical belief systems, with strong pagan roots.

The Mormon doctrine of the law of eternal progression is stated as follows: “As man is, God once was, and as God is, man may become.” Their entire lives are mapped out as they seek their own destination of becoming a god in the after-life. Mormon cult members led mostly Christians in prayer at the RNC, not to God but rather to Satan, for they do not pray to the God of the Bible, but rather to a mythical god they believe was once a man.

The founder of the Mormon cult was a documented, convicted, con artist, polygamist, pedophile, racist, and murderer, claiming to be visited by an angel. Satan masquerades as the angel of light, and an angel of God would never lead His own into an apostasy, which is not co-operated by the Bible. His name was Joseph Smith, the Mohammed-type prophet of Mormonism who also had a demonic visitation, but certainly not one from God, which would lead only to the Word and to the work of Jesus Christ on the cross for the salvation of mankind.

There was a “White House Prophecy” by Smith that says the nation will be in complete chaos, and a Mormon will be elected President and set aside the American Constitution to enact a Mormon theocracy. What Romney fails to publicly reveal is that, as a fifth-generation high priest and Temple Mormon, he wears 24/7/365, ‘the temple garments’ (magical underwear) of the priesthood, with the markings of Satan.

It was not as obvious at the RNC as it was at the DNC, but it was, no-less, a divided convention between those for God and the apostates against Him. No wonder Sarah Palin and Ron Paul were quite obviously snubbed by the Romney camp for fear of their not falling fully in line with the rampant apostasy on stage.

It has been stated that Mormonism is the “American Islam” by comparing the claims of Joseph Smith to those of Mohammed, and the book of Mormon to the Koran. They both lead to spiritual death as well as natural death. However, Islam’s promotion of Jihad allows for no other religion to exist beside it. There are no religious rights in Arab countries, but they use these rights, which we hand to them in America, to set up their evil laws here.

One needs to look to England to see how damaging it has proven to be to the British people to have allowed Muslims to take over whole sections of the country, where Sharia law is now being enacted. It has resulted in totally isolating the English people from large parcels of their own land, which will continue to grow in size, until England becomes just another, Muslim-controlled country. This is a preview of what is coming to America very soon, unless we put a stop to it immediately, and prevent men like Obama from taking her in that direction. Canadians are not faring much better under their leadership, regarding Muslim immigration, than are those in the United States.

If we continue to allow such leaders as Obama to lead in that direction, Sharia law will impose a seventh-century pagan culture on all of America, once Islam gains control. Do not be fooled by the term ‘radical Islam’. What we call radical is simply the fundamental doctrines of the Koran being carried out by its leaders, with the priesthood and the terrorist leaders in the same bed together, promoting Jihad from the mosques. And the sheep will always follow, as was shown by Hitler’s control over the German people being made complete under the threat of death, even to their own people.

The DNC shows us how the hatred of God and the hatred for Israel go together, no matter who the empire rulers are. The present-day little man, Ahmadinejad, who aspires to the role of being a god, wants control of Jerusalem, with all of his supporters, in both Iran and America, wanting God out and Allah in. The Democratic vote is most assuredly for ‘God out and Allah in’. Unfortunately, in America Bible instruction has been forcibly taken from the people, by liberal agendas being enforced in classrooms and the marketplace.

Allah is nothing more than a pagan moon god; hence the crescent on all forms of Muslim flags. In demonic exhibitions of foaming at the mouth, Mohammed, in the early 6th century A.D., claimed to receive revelations from an angel of light. This was an uneducated man who, in all likelihood, could not even write, yet he became the author of a religious book. It was supposedly revealed to him that he was to loot and rob caravans and then kill the men, all of which satisfied his greed. It is also reported that he killed tens of thousands, thus setting the foundation for a killing religion.

On one occasion, he was supposedly told by revelation to kill 1000 Jewish men by beheading, and so this murderer laid the foundation for the Muslim religion and desire to kill and annihilate the Jewish people. Satan had found his man and 5 million of his followers have come to conquer America from within. A Democratic vote will cement their power just as a Republican vote will lead to the spread of Mormonism and its deadly effects upon the souls of men.

The sadness is that Christianity has accepted the apostasy of its own religion, which will tell you that Islam, Judaism, Mormonism and Christianity are all kissing cousins under one god. It teaches that Allah is just another name for God, which is a lie from the pit of hell, and will lead millions of lost souls into deception. If America chooses to ignore these facts, then she will quickly fall to the enemy with many falling along with her. The light of the lamp of liberty will go out and a nation blessed by God will fall into the same desolation and darkness, which came upon Israel.

Wake up, America, and do not be deceived by seemingly nice people who are giving apostate messages, which are not in the interest of the American people at all, in the long run. The only answer for this nation is to return to God and repent of our wickedness against Him, who has so blessed us as a people. Take a close look at how the Palins, Bachmanns, Cains and Pauls, and, yes, even Todd Akin, have been treated by their so-called Republican brethren.

There seems to be no such kind of brethren, whatsoever, in the Democrats’ camp, which seems to not include men and women of this nature, who are devoted to the Lord and not to religion, wanting to serve God and country. Such people would not be compatible with the far-left liberal policies of the 21st century Democrat Party. It is a political party perched and ready to say, “No God at all”, and has become a willing partner in the war against Israel. In fact, the party has become a self-destroying force, which will take Democrats, as well as Republicans down, when His nation willingly makes the choice to turn itself over to the enemy of God and His truth, with barely a ripple from the religious Christians.

It is time to turn off the snooze button. Let the igniting effects of 9/11, which led Americans to their knees before God, be revived as a burning fire in their hearts, on this, the anniversary of the beginning of the end, on the dawn of the seventh and final millennium of history!

Listen to the roar of God’s voice, which is heard in every flood, tornado, earthquake and fire. Fear God, for it is the beginning of wisdom. How is it our leaders, the hypocrites, and those who follow them can read the face of the sky, but cannot discern the signs of the times (see Matthew 16:3)?

Reference: Fast Facts On False Teachings by Ron Carlson and Ed Decker (world-renown authorities on cults).