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He Created him; Male and Female He Created them

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

September 26, 2012

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them (Genesis 1:27).

Man built an iron, floating giant of a ship, the buoyancy of which upon the seawaters depended upon twelve compartments. It was named for that great, mythical god of this world called Titan, the most powerful god of all gods, or so man was deceptively led to believe. He was also led to believe that not even God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, could destroy this ship, the biggest and greatest of man’s creations called the Titanic.

And so, its passengers wined and dined themselves, and danced to the music of the night, completely impervious to the impending disaster. After all, did they not have it on the best authority from those who had created the ship that it was unsinkable? They trusted in men of the empires, who placed their trust in the gods of the same empires of this world. These empires had nearly reached the time of their fullness with the last one called the Roman Empire, as depicted in the book of Daniel centuries earlier in a dream of King Nebuchadnezzar who ruled over the first of the Babylonian system of empires.

God Almighty had given the king a dream about a statue, which revealed all of the coming, world empires of the future.  The body of this statue was divided into four different parts made up of four different metals, which increased in strength as they proceeded down the statue from head to toes – from gold, to silver, to bronze and, finally, to iron. The two legs and ten toes made up the final and strongest of them all, the iron empire, which was divided into two parts, numbering twelve in all, including the ten toes and the two legs. You might say it was made up of twelve compartments in all.

We are speaking of the Roman Empire, in which we live today, the early part of which was represented by one leg of the statue, which went into sleep mode around the time of the 4th century A.D., with the second leg of the statue representing the coming Revived Roman Empire. The two parts have been held together throughout the Middle Ages, a very dark time indeed, by the Romanism of Christianity with its seat of authority lodged in Rome in the palace of a worldly priesthood, of which the high priest is called the Pope, who is ruled over by the Caesar of the day. But a new Caesar will come forth from the second leg of the empire to be made up of ten separated political entities, which will compose the entirety of the One World Order of Rome.

The power of the coming Caesar, as the Antichrist, will extend like an iron grip over the entire world, in which none will be able to buy or sell unless one takes the mark of the beast upon which this entire structure rests. It is the number of man, 666, who has always wanted to be a god like the Most High God. So, under the lure of the beast, Satan, man takes on his mark of man ruling, instead of God, in the three areas established by Satan – the government, the financial system, and the religious system. On these, rests the power of the iron empire of the coming One World Order, the second leg of the Roman Empire rising up from the spiritual seawaters of death upon which it floats like the great iron ship Titanic once floated.

But God had created a world in which He wanted to rule, in which all things were created good, where man could live in peace because of his complete trust in God for His provisions of life, and could enjoy liberty, as well, knowing none of the terror and violence of rebellious men. As Ruler over America, God offered a picture of exceptionalism to the entire world to see the difference between those marked for God in truth and light, and those marked for the beast, the devil, in lies and darkness.

Sinful men were doomed to feed on the leaven of religion until it would grow to fill the entire earth with terror and violence, as it was in the days of Noah, when the flood finally came to destroy mankind. His ark was the lifeboat of his day, which floated safely over the seawaters as they rose up to destroy the one world order of violence and terror, much like what we are seeing today.

God never does anything in the spiritual without first showing us what He is doing in the natural. Imagine the terror of those violent demonstrators when the rains began and there was no safe ground left anywhere, to which they could run for protection. Now, God said He would not go the water route of a flood ever again to cover over the evil rebellion of man. Instead, He provided a rainbow, which was the picture of His broken Son, who was the broken light of the world, broken for the sins of you and me. He was the very Creator upon whose brokenness He would look and remember the men and women who trusted in Him to save them from the spiritual seawaters of the empires of this world rising up to fill it entirely.

Man has but one place to be at this time, and it is in the only saving ark that exists for this world; it is the ark of the covenant, which God made with man, beginning with Adam, in truth, Noah, in grace and mercy, and Abraham, in separation from the empires, to come back into proper relationship with God. Those in covenant will become His own nation and portion of the people, called Israel. The old covenants, along with the Mosaic-Davidic covenants, were merely foundational for the New Covenant of Jesus with His church and bride of spiritual Israel becoming the true house of God, a vision of which Jacob had at Bethel.

For man was created to become as a woman in marriage to her Beloved Husband and God of love. Through His Spirit of life, He wanted to multiply man and woman in the natural act of a woman bearing children, born of the Spirit of life through the seed of man, for the Lord to populate and rule with Him over the entire universe, taking it from darkness to light until there will be no darkness left in an ever-expanding universe. The alternative is a dark hole, which sucks one into eternal darkness, falling endlessly, with nothing on which to grab hold for security.

The world is wining, dining and dancing in the dark of the night about to enter the spiritual Titanic of the final world empire, which is presently forming as the One World Order. It will join together ten world divisions of totally different cultures, which will break like clay when God looses His power of the sea to destroy them as easily as the frozen sea destroyed the iron ship, Titanic, made by man one hundred years ago today. There was nothing but silence heard after the screams of terror ceased, while those in the lifeboats watched in horror, as they slowly rode away.

This very day, when the world is about to take another ride on the Titanic of the coming iron empire, there will be no other place to be, but in the One World Order. The choice is yours as it always has been to either stay with the ship or become as a woman and bride for Christ, the body of whom was broken for you and me offering the only lifeboat there is to safety. He, alone, can mean the difference between terror and joy. One must ask oneself why it seems to be such a difficult choice to make.

The answer will rest partially in the choice we make for our leaders – between those who say yes to God, and those who embrace the author of terror, refusing to call terror what it is. At the same time, they will reject Jesus and allow Him to be spit upon and buried in urine without a whimper of disdain. Our choice of leader will have everything to do with our national and individual salvation.

Will the answer come forth as “Yes God” or “No God”, “Yes Caesar” or “No Caesar”, iron grip or liberty and, finally, the Titanic going down, or the lifeboat heading off for the kingdom of life under the perfect ruler-ship of Jesus, where Caesar is no more. The woman will at last be ready to go into labor in the fruitfulness of multiplying sons and daughters for the living God with the number of man gone forever (see Revelation 12), and the Spirit of life very much alive and functioning within this world.