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Cult – the Root Word of a Dying Culture

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

September 28, 2012

The word ‘cult’ is the root word for the word ‘culture’. Multiculturalism is nothing more than a program in support of many cults. A cult is a religious belief system, which emanates from the first religion established with the sin of man in the Garden of Eden, when man rejected God’s truth for the lie of Satan. This lie was the foundation for the religion or culture of all of the nations, known to the Israelites as the gentile nations, over which Satan rules to this day, with a plan for ruler-ship over the entire world.

It has led to nations forming empires growing ever larger and stronger, as they encompass more and more nations until they form a One World Order. But first, Israel and America must be eliminated as the two nations called by God to stand on His truth and never on the religion of the empires. These two nations were formed in separation from the religious idolatry of the world.

The religions, governments and economic systems of this world, ruled by man, form the foundation for the fallen human being, created by God, with the number of man being 666, the mark of the beast, Satan, and his world ruler-ship. His desire is for all religions to come together in the worship of him and not of God. So, he hates that throne of David, which belongs to Jerusalem awaiting the return of Jesus, to rule over His kingdom on this earth. Satan must possess Jerusalem and set up a throne of his own there, if he is finally to defeat Jesus for ruler-ship of the world.

The first man and woman rejected God and all His goodness, so why would man, given free will by God, not reject Him again today? It appears the lies of Satan are much easier to believe than the truth, especially when it appeals to the pride of man and his own inherent goodness.

The nation Israel, a people God drew from out of the gentiles and separated unto Himself, found herself captive in slavery to the first empire of man called Egypt. God made two covenants with Abraham, the father of the nation – one, the national covenant that numbered Israel as dust, and the other, the spiritual covenant, numbering her like the stars of the heavens, free of the spiritual waters of the empire rivers reaching their fullness in the Babylonian system of empires at this time of the coming One World Order. The church of Jesus Christ will return to her apostolic roots and make a full exodus, as did the nation, from the slavery in which religion has entombed her.

The nation, Israel, could not escape the judgment of God anymore than any other nation, for He is a just God and a holy God who returns the rebellious to the dust. But of His church, Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against her. For she does not submit to the lure, which sucks in the religious, but rather will choose to fulfill her calling to witness only to the truth of the gospels, for which reason she shall leave the Roman rooted system of religious bodies, called the Christian Church. You will recognize her by her commitment to Jesus, the Word, and an absence of religion and religious practices in her midst. She will be a voice for the Kingfisher of men, and will teach all who have ears to hear her witness to the light. Only the true apostolic church will shine forever as the stars in the heavens.

 When it was time to deliver Israel from the hands of the Egyptians and place her in her inheritance of the Promised Land, she was required by God to depart from the culture and cultic religion of Egypt described in Scripture as leaven. We know it as a substance, which grows and expands to fill an entire loaf of bread. This was the time of separation for God’s people from the religious culture of the Egyptian Empire in what was the Passover night, which involved eating a lamb and placing its blood on the two doorposts of the house where they would eat it; they were to eat no leavened bread at all.

The leaven here was referring to the spiritual food of the cultic religion of the Egyptians, and God cannot co-exist, in His holiness, with the rebellious cults of man and man’s pride, which cause rebellion to grow in man, putting him in conflict with the will of God. Did Jesus not warn about the leaven of the religious Pharisees of His day, which had crept into the life of Israel in the form of Judaism? Today, the religious form, which spiritual Israel takes, is that of Christianity.

Later, at the cross and the crossover point for spiritual Israel on her way to the kingdom through salvation in the blood of the true Passover Lamb, there could be none of the leaven of the Pharisees, in their religious rebellion to the truth, found in the Judaism of the temple priests. Jesus had openly declared them to be sons of their father, the devil.

Judaism had sprung out of the Babylonian captivity of Israel, to return with her to the Land as a form of national religion, but having nothing to do with God’s establishment of the Levitical priesthood. John the Baptist was the last to be born of the Levitical high priest lineage, as recorded in Scripture. He would turn the reins over to Jesus at the time of His baptism, when He would become the King-High Priest as King of kings and Lord of lords, born of God and of Man, Son of David and Abraham, and also Son of God.

The cross changed the nature of Israel and the nature of the Jew forever. The history surrounding the Old Covenant of the rainbow, the Promised Land and the Mosaic Law came into the cross to cross over to become the basis for history, beginning anew with a New Covenant founded in the salvation of man through Jesus. Israel became a spiritual nation through the waters of the river of life with the throne of David going to the Son of his loins, Jesus, and His bride, the church, the true Jews of the eternal house of Israel and the everlasting throne of David. This is not a cultural throne of the empires or a throne that can belong to a religious sect or cult, though they all are ready to endanger the entire world in order to possess an empirical throne in Jerusalem.

Like Judaism, which sprang from the first of the Babylonian Empires, Christianity sprang from the last of the Babylonian Empires, the Roman Empire, producing every bit as much sons of Satan as did Judaism produce in Jesus’ day. They are religious cults, which like to hold hands over the centuries, both thinking themselves to be the inheritance, with neither being the bride of Christ nor the inheritors of the Davidic throne.

Though Netanyahu is perhaps the greatest and the smartest politician of our time, he is greatly misinformed about his rightful inheritance as a Jew in the Land. It will never belong to anyone of any nation, all of which God counts as less than nothing and worthless (see Isaiah 40:17). Only Jesus and His bride will ride through that east gate of Jerusalem for Him to take rightful possession of the Davidic throne and His kingdom on earth. That is the time, which has been prophesied for the Jews to return to the Land.

I am afraid the fact remains that anyone in the Land of Israel today is as much under the fire judgment of the Lion of Judah as are the rest of the gentile nations of the world. There is but one Israel yet to come, and they are the overcomers of Satan’s lures and the witnesses to the light who serve the Lord as His burning torch of the covenant between Abraham and God. They are the true spiritual sons and daughters of Abraham and the adopted sons and daughters of God of the house of Israel and of the coming kingdom on earth, when cults and multiculturalism will no longer exist.

It has always been about keeping covenant with God, a covenant that goes back to Adam and the curse on mankind, and to Noah and the rainbow as the basis for salvation by depicting the Light of the world broken for you and me. When the nation Israel rejected Jesus and the cross, she numbered herself as dust with no one to blame but herself for her stiff-necked attitude. Israel chose her father, Satan, along with embracing the religious leaders of Judaism called the Pharisees.

And, so, the Abramic blessing became rooted in the Way, not only as that of the way back to the tree of life through the rainbow, but also as the ladder of God into heaven as seen by Jacob at a place he called Bethel. It was there that he saw the pre-incarnate Jesus as the ladder with access to heaven at a place he called the house of God long before there ever was a nation Israel.

America needs to wake up to some facts to which she has been blinded, as has been Prime Minister Netanyahu, with respect to what multiculturalism and the honoring of religions mean. It is a deadly practice in God’s eyes, and will bring disaster upon America, as it brought upon Israel, before her, with Islam persisting in overrunning both of their borders.

Without the living water there is no separation from those spiritual, empire rivers described in the second chapter of Genesis. The nations will fill up with religious leaven and will surely ride the beast to the bottom of the sea to disappear forever. A “No God” response in America serves as a ticket on the iron, Titanic ship of Babylon the Great, the mother of all harlots, in the final iron empire about to be crushed and returned to the dust of the earth.