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The Bigger Cover-Up

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

October 20, 2012

Obama made a statement before the United Nations, after the terrorist attack of 9/11/12, to the effect that America was founded on the principle of respect for all religions. He tried to distance himself and this nation from being part of any public slur to the divine prophet Mohammed, whose name Islam holds sacrosanct.

He also attempted to point out that some dark character had committed the evil act of making a derogatory movie about Mohammed, which, in no way reflected the sentiments of the American people. He apologized saying they had no part in it, and should not be held guilty for, any slurs against Mohammed. He claimed this movie alone was responsible for the disturbances and demonstrations in Libya, which erupted into violence and the terrifying attack that led to the killing of the American diplomat, Chris Stevens, and three other Americans in the burning of the American Embassy and the American flag.

However, anyone watching the events unravel on television could not call this a mere disturbance or demonstration. It was a cleverly planned act of terror from the very beginning. The armed nature of the attack indicated, apparently, to everyone else but Obama and his henchmen, that a terrorist attack on American soil had just taken place against the American Embassy in Libya. Caught in a sea of lies, the Obama camp has responded with nothing short of talk and rhetoric about looking into who was responsible. And so we move into another long, drawn-out investigation, instead of the President simply fessing up to the truth, as he plays politics, and accuses his opponent of that for which he, himself, is guilty.

This has become an on-going, type of answer from Obama about the failure of his American foreign and domestic policies. This means he is going to try and get away with no answers while there is an on-going investigation into Whitehouse irregularities, hopefully, until the election is over and the President and his lackeys can escape further investigation. These investigations, like the other on-going investigations, if stretched out long enough, will simply lead to a dead end, where they eventually disappear from public view and are forgotten by the media.

The ‘respect-for-religion’ hypothesis is nothing more than the ongoing Obama mantra for a “No God” policy in America, in order to pave the way for her ultimate Islamic takeover. God is not a respecter of persons and He hates the religion of the nations, which He forbids among His people. As Supreme Ruler over America, He does not share His truth and His throne with that harlot, Babylon the Great, mother of all harlots called religion, one of the three sixes of the mark of the beast, 666, the number of man. Religion is the name of Satan’s government partner.

Obama is not just a harmless, misguided politician; he is a dangerous traitor to God, liberty and America. The bigger cover-up, which is presently taking place, is all part of the dumbing-down of Americans in relationship to the growing threat of Islam around the world and, especially, within America, where it is being allowed to grow. Hopefully, the up-coming, American, presidential election will remove him from office, but if not, there is sufficient evidence for a presidential impeachment following the lies and various cover-ups by his government concerning the Libya scandal, which resulted in the death of four Americans, with the buck stopping at his door.

The on-going excuse that he is never informed of the facts, coupled with the blame game, ever stopping at the door of George Bush, allows him to never take responsibility for the continuing failures of his regime, during his last four years in the Office of the President. The American people have never before been faced with such a presidential coward. Knowing the weaknesses of the George Bush administration, his pre-election promise was to change the situation and turn the country around, by improving the economy and creating jobs for the work-force. Did he not take office with the unions in his pocket? Still, the results were dismal at best, as he lied to the American people constantly, concerning domestic and foreign affairs.

He has been purposely growing Islamic influence in America. This is clearly visible in his support for the U.N. agenda to make any derogatory speech against Islam subject to prosecution as a hate crime. Obama will quickly agree to any such treaty among nations, as proposed by Islamic sympathizers.

But the truth remains; Islam is a dangerous, killing, pagan religion, and a cult, which wants to see Israel annihilated, and America turned into just another Islamic state under the severe dictates of Islamic Sharia law, which would remove America’s heritage and liberty under God. This is why the present cover-up of Obama in the Benghazi-gate scandal and his Democratic Party cry of the “No God” mantra go together. It is a deadly serious situation for human rights and the liberty of all American peoples.

All three systems of America – the educational, judicial and governmental systems are infected with this growing and dangerous disease. Unless it is treated immediately by the Federal government, it will continue to grow until America gets caught in the death throes of her exceptionalism, which will disappear from the face of this earth forever. Then the world will all be one – one massive World Order of evil, which will bring down the wrath of God in a show of fireworks, the likes of which this earth has never seen before.

Do not think you can cry “No God” and still believe that He will hear your prayers when things begin to go from bad to worse. The signs in the weather – the winds, the floods, the fires and earthquakes, are only hints of the devastation to come. God warns us in Proverbs of the fools we humans are, having absolutely no understanding of the signs of the times. Oh yes! We can read the signs of the weather, but we cannot read the signs of the times (see Matthew 16:2-3). We have no earthly idea about the spiritual battle going on, even as I write, for the very souls of men who have always bought into a lie when they will not believe the truth.

The Koran is one massive lie designed to set the Antichrist up as ruler over the world. The Bible is truth, which sets up the Christ and Son of God as Ruler over the entire earth. Which one do you think is going to inherit the throne? You had better make up your mind before Obama and his regime endorse the burning of more Bibles while, at the same time, prosecuting those who speak out against the evils of Islam, as outlined in a religious book, good only for the burning.

Mohammed is neither a prophet nor a risen Lord. He is as dead today as the day he died. Jesus is very much alive and well. I, for one of many, can testify to His presence in my life. He is known by the truth alone and never by religion, whether it is Islam, Judaism or Christianity. He declared it Himself when He said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” No one, – no one – comes to the Father except through Him and never through Mohammed or through membership in any religious organization.

Though Muslims trust in their god, Allah, we do not; we trust in our Lord and God, Jesus. There is no other God and, as Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well, the day is coming when we will worship only in spirit and in truth. “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Revelation 19:10).” There is no prophecy in the Koran and no self-validation as there is in the Bible. Jesus is the Word made flesh, and the Bible is 100% prophetic. He embodies the coming kingdom on earth. If you want hell, then follow Obama and his broad road to Islam; if you want the kingdom, then follow Jesus and the narrow way to the kingdom; for He is the only Way.

Obama is stalling for time and stammering over the 9/11/12 cover-up. Moderate the situation for yourself and do not back up the lie with the false premise that the lie is correct. If Islam is not rejected in this land, and ejected quickly from it, she will go down with it, just as Israel went down for the evil within her land to become nothing more than a scattered people among disbelieving gentiles.

Danger and devastation are knocking at your door. Do not open it to the enemy, which will destroy you! Do not be a fool! Keep the door closed and the enemy on the other side. Does it make any sense, except to a fool, to open the door to one who will cut your head off as quickly as one can say, “Allahu Akbar”?