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‘Screwed-Up’ by Liberal Indoctrination of the Children

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

November 08, 2012

How have we arrived at the mess in which we find ourselves today in America? We are in the time of the fullness of a plan counterfeited by Satan against God’s creation of the Garden: it is called the time of the fullness of the gentiles. It is, in fact, the time when man is completely ‘screwed-up’ by evil, and is in complete rebellion to God’s government plan for His ruler-ship and partnership with man.  

America, a nation in covenant with God, has made her choice for ‘No God’, and, has put in His place, a dim-wit of a politician who thinks himself the messiah and the god of provision through entitlements. There will no longer be a nation of this world, which is ruled by God and His truth. A world religion will rule with state in a one, grand, world order under the supreme ruler-ship of Satan and his Antichrist.

First of all, to trust in the lies of a belief system, as opposed to trusting in the truth of God’s Word, leads to death according to the number one commandment given in the Garden. Of course this was after God established the marriage bed, its nature and its purpose for fruitfulness with the spiritual Father and Husband of mankind. To disobey meant sure death; yet a wily serpent was able to lie to its victims who believed the lie before they would believe the truth, so easily being deceived.

But the problem is that the two are not compatible. One says life is possible without God because you can become like God and run your own show. It gives freedom from the moral boundaries set in God’s Word, a process, which we call ‘Liberalism’. The word then becomes synonymous with death and the pit of hell in separation from God, the Creator. God, on the other hand, says that truth and life come together in the equations of God. In conjunction with His Spirit, He establishes His moral standards whereby man partners with God in a covenant such as that found in marriage, based on love, in kingdom living where all things are created good.

Secondly, there is a dividing wall between the two. Truth is on one side of the divide, with the lies on the other. Adam and Eve brought it down in rebellion to the truth by believing the lie. America rebuilt this dividing wall of truth, something Israel had been called to do, but failed in her rebellion like that of Adam and Eve, who acted in favor of the compromised society. Jesus has been on assignment ever since the fall to rebuild that wall between the truth-keepers and those who believe the lie and serve the author of lies, the devil.

National failure would lead to spiritual success. God made a provision for His own on His time-table, when those who would choose to let go of religion and stand only on the truth of God would receive the last opportunity to be a window of light to the nations, shining forth from American shores for the entire world to see the good life being lived under the sun, as it is in heaven. He offered the opportunity to live in a New World under His rule, where religion was tolerated, but truth ruled; for Jesus had not yet led the exodus of His people, spiritual Israel, the true church, out of her captivity to religion.

It was an entirely new government concept in the New World of exceptionalism in a nation ruled by truth and God. He had as surely separated His people again from their captivity to the religious empires, as He had separated His nation first from her captivity to the first religious/state empire of Egypt, in the ancient days of the Pharaohs, when they ruled as man-gods, with the mark of the beast, the serpent, worn on their foreheads. The protecting wall at the borders of the New World was the Bible, which kept all who wanted to be ruled by other gods out of God’s territory, and apart from His people whom such foreigners would contaminate with their gods.

Those desiring citizenship in America were required to swear allegiance to God and country; there could be no dual citizenship whereby God’s people could serve other gods in religion and also serve the God of truth. The Bible had found its home apart from any religious book sharing authority with it.

America had become the home for God-fearing people who kept His Law, which meant teaching the children in school and in the home that there is only one God, and one way to kingdom living with Him, and it is through Jesus Christ. It was required that they must be taught at an early age if they are to be raised in an upright manner in complete agreement with the Word. Education in the classroom, which began with biblical truth every day, ensured that the entirety of the day’s teaching began on a foundation of truth, so all children had the opportunity to grow like Jesus grew to become strong in the Spirit, filled with the wisdom of the truth, so the grace of God could be upon His people and bless them.

The entire world saw the light of liberty as a raised torch in America, God’s country, free of religion and its accompanying controls on government. Godly men grew from childhood to become their own rulers who set up a godly judicial system based on biblical truth and justice. The three – education, government and justice – worked in harmony, with the Bible being their common denominator. Along with prayer only in the name of Jesus, this nation became exceptional, and the envy of the world.

God ruled with His Son, and herein lies the source for the pride of America, a proud nation of her godly blessings, which no other nation had ever seen, with the exception of ancient Israel. And this lasted into the youth of my lifetime. I grew up in the classroom with Bible instruction daily, singing God Save the King, whose person, but not his religion, ruled. Then, we prayed the Lord’s prayer like the nation south of us where they pledged allegiance to the flag, sang their national anthem asking God to bless America, all of which concluded what we called the day’s opening exercises, to begin each day of school on correct footing.

Let us not be deceived; the Lord’s Prayer is the prayer, which Jesus, the Son of the God of truth, taught us to pray, as His church. This is the real health and wealth prayer He wants to hear, as a spiritual call for the kingdom on earth, and not for physical healing, when it is spiritual healing the world needs. It is at this time of the latter days, and the coming Day of the Lord, when Satan is beginning to make his bid for world rule on a full, world scale, much larger than the attempts of any previous empire. It is that of the coming Revived Roman Empire and the final empire of the Babylonian system of empires.

Hitler was to become the first of the antichrist, power-hungry dictators to challenge the entire world. How did he begin? He revamped the education of the children to enforce Nazi principles were taught to them so he could raise a nation of indoctrinated young Nazis, ready and trained to direct their wills to the will of the master planner, Hitler. He was about to transform them into believing that the German people were a superior race, born to be rulers over the entire earth. They would become like the gods they were trained-up to believe they were. A re-adjusted educational system in a few short years changed the hearts of the German people in preparation for their becoming the puppets of Hitler, ready to fight Satan’s well-orchestrated wars.

The teaching provided the base needed for establishing Satan’s foundation of lies and liberalism if he were going to rule the world. The leader would have to be possessed, to literally allow Satan to enter into his being and take spiritual command over all the evil schemes he could devise to gain his much sought-after, world ruler-ship. It became a battle between the Antichrist of the religious world and the Christ of the New World and His coming kingdom. American soldiers fought against Hitler for God and country and to preserve the liberty He had given to His people. Jesus was ever present in the minds, hearts and spirit of the American military, and they would not go to war without first recognizing the God and country for whom they fought.

One who has not lived through WWII has never known how much God meant to the military and to those at home who had nothing but admiration and respect for their soldiers, giving them all the back-up they could, unlike our American leader today. Women, tied to homes by full-time care for fatherless families, served in the war effort as well by knitting socks and sweaters for soldiers they did not know. They worked voluntarily in ammunition factories, in the Red Cross, and even took foreign children into their homes to protect them from the war overseas. God, country and soldiers worked as one unit in God’s army to maintain the freedom of the free world.

You cannot introduce multiculturalism and combine such freedoms with cults and still maintain a single-focused nation. It means confusion reigns and the exceptionalism under God will most certainly disappear to accommodate diversity. It all begins with establishing a satanic, liberal, educational system so that instead of raising Hitler’s children, we raise Satan’s children – the ‘God-haters’ and lovers of themselves. That wily beast knows how to grab the vote of liberty, by first, putting a grab on the children and then, breaking down the borders, which keep aliens and religious cults out. Once the nation is infiltrated, the cults can use Charter Rights, which guarantee religious rights of the minority, now able to use our laws to supersede the rights of the majority. The now-packed liberal courts have taken liberalism to the extreme in allowing religious minorities to rule over the majority to the detriment of the country.

By such a process the nation in liberty is breaking down from within to become just another third-world kind of nation, like all the other nations ruled by religion. The aim of Satan is to destroy marriage, destroy families and destroy all that is good and created by God. The ultimate destruction is to destroy the very concept of man being either male or female, as a God of love created him to be. The lie is that he can be whatever he wants because he is an evolving creature, not a God-created, living, breathing being. If this is the best the secular mind can come up with, then I would suggest it is time to stop mocking the spiritual, which is far more sensible and realistic.
So, we have it America! It is the breakdown of a nation by the open-door policy for Satan to come in and set up religious shop and a religious/state, to replace a country, which once stood on the truth of God in her glory days. The hue and cry will be that the exceptional way is not for the masses and the masses will level their scorn with cries of bigotry and intolerance against the successful who have flourished under God’s plan that has always included the work ethic.

I know of only a handful of our Christian, religious leaders who, in the name of Jesus, do not call for religious tolerance, including that perfectly sane and wise man who publicly burned the Koran in His name. He is the same Jesus who, by the way, called the religious priesthood of His day a den of vipers and sons of the very devil, himself.

This was no meek and mild Jesus who showed no respect whatsoever for the religious crew. He was the Word made flesh, who could not abide the leaven of the Pharisees, and said so in no uncertain terms. He was no meek and mild Jesus who respected religion when He turned over the tables of the money-changers in their religious temple and scattered their goods with a whip. He was no meek and mild Jesus calling His followers to respect Judaism, in the manner in which the Pope and Billy Graham call to the Christian world to respect the religion of Islam.

We are surely now ‘a screwed-up’ people in America who have no idea whatsoever of the difference that exists between truth and religion. We are blind to the fact that they are the tolerant Christians, holding government offices, who are legislating Christ, the truth of the Bible and God’s moral laws right out of this nation we call America the Good. All three – Obama, Pelosi and Reid – claim to be Christians of one sort or another as the ‘No God-er’ crew. Even Prime Minister Harper is seen with his Bible on the official occasions, which demand it, to keep up Christian appearances.

My advice to Americans is to not cry to God when the stones, fires and earthquakes come, for it will do you no good as disasters begin to roll in one after the other at an ever-increasing speed. Get down on your knees, repent and turn back to God before it is too late to escape the religious sword of Satan. He is swinging it across America, so wake up, people, and recognize that you, and you alone, have invited him into the land! The ‘No God-ers’ are now ruling by the people’s choice, so what are you going to do about it?

“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).”

She is that great harlot, the mother of all harlots, Babylon the Great, the abominations of the earth, all of which begin with the lies of religion, which lead to liberalism from God. The mystery is no longer a mystery. God has been trying to reach the world with the truth for 6000 years, and now He has split the sealed book wide open, written not as a scroll, but on both side of the pages of His book of His story – the Bible. Only Jesus can open up the understanding, which no priesthood, Ph.D., or otherwise, can do. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and the Root of David (see Revelation, chapter 5).