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Sarah’s Key

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

January 07, 2013

Were there two keys delivered by God to the house of Israel, or just one? In a sense, it could be said that there were two and one, at the same time. There was a key of the promise delivered to Abraham, along with the vow of God, which we call the Covenant. It came in the form of a marriage covenant to the nation Israel, which would ultimately bless all nations. The key was subject to two different – very different – outcomes.

At the time of the Covenant, Abraham was old, and Sarah, his wife, was an old lady who had not borne him any children, yet God promised that from his body would come an heir, with his descendants being numbered as the stars of heaven. Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him as righteousness. He was promised a land, which he would inherit (see Genesis 15:1-8), much as one might receive a dowry.

Now, when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell on Abraham (then known as Abram), and horror and great darkness fell on him. The Lord God spoke to Abraham, saying that, for certain, his descendants would be strangers in a land, which would not be theirs, and that they would serve its people who would afflict them throughout their stay. However, they would come out of that land (Egypt) with great possessions.

Abraham, himself, would not experience any of this, but, rather, would go to his fathers in peace at a good old age. In the fourth generation, they would return to the Land, for the iniquity of the Amorites was not yet complete, the nation used as a blanket term to cover all of the pagan, gentile nations of Canaan, representing the religious/states of Satan, which were in control of the Land.

Again, the Word goes back to the point where the sun goes down and it was dark for a second time, which is really back to the future and the Day of Judgment, which will come upon the entire sinning world of nations. At this future time Abraham was given a vision of a smoking oven and a burning torch. In the 20th century, we see the gas ovens of Germany used against the Hebrew people of Israel while, at the same time, we see the burning torch of liberty in another land committed to, and applying the Law of God and the truth of His Bible to its foundation.

Did this wonderful inheritance of Abraham not depend on the key of Sarah who had this miraculous son of Abraham, Isaac, bound in her womb, as sister and spouse to Abraham? Did she not hold the key in her possession, which could unlock the door and way to the Land of Promise and to the people of the inheritance promised to Abraham by God?

Yet, these people, who would come to be known as the nation Israel, would continually reject their Lord God’s Covenant to embrace the religious gods of the gentile nations, which surrounded them. Instead of carrying high the burning torch of light for all the nations to see that their victories and liberty came from God, and not any other god, they made a deliberate choice, which would lead to the smoking ovens of death, in the camps of Germany.

Religious rebellion would ultimately lead the nation to reject Jesus, the Scripture, or testimony of truth of God, made flesh as the Messiah of the entire world of nations. With this rebellion and rejection, the door would be locked to the sons of the nation, now doomed to lose their inheritance. Instead, they would be scattered among the gentile nations whose gods they loved, but which could not save them from the smoking oven of death. The key of Sarah’s womb would be given over to another bride, who would choose to carry the burning torch high, unlocking the door closed to the nation when they were driven from the Promised Land. They would now be drawn back into the rebellion of man against God, and the darkness, which would follow them wherever they should go.

Israel made a deliberate choice, in the face of God’s offer, to reject Him and, instead, chose the fire judgment, which is always accompanied by violence, wars and the human suffering, which come with it among the members of the human race. The smoking ovens of the holocaust of Germany were the outcome of Israel’s rejection of God’s plan for them with its enormous privileges that accompanied the Covenant. It is hard to imagine choosing to go to the eternal pit of darkness, when one can live eternally in the presence of a loving God.

Now the inheritance would go from first son to second Son, in a crossover blessing, passing from Isaac to Jesus, as the last of Abraham’s bloodline inheritance in Israel. He would be the first and only begotten Son of God, from the seed of the woman, and not of the man. This line would reflect the faithful righteousness of Abraham, beginning with the perfect Son of righteousness, Jesus, born of the living Spirit of God. Thus, He was both fully Son of Man and Son of God.

The Husband of His church, spiritual Israel, would give the key to not just a Land Promise in the natural, but, rather, to a Kingdom Promise in the spiritual, into the hands of His bride. She would have in her possession the ability to open the door to the kingdom of God and to the spiritual family of the house of Israel, and house of God. The blessing, which could have gone to the nation, but was rejected for religion, would now go out to all nations, just as God had vowed in His covenant with Abraham.

But, we must not forget that the vision of the deep sleep of Abraham is looming like a horror and great darkness before this new bride, who has the son of inheritance in her womb. She, like Israel, must make the choice, which has now become one between the fire judgment of the smoking oven of hell and life eternally, with her Beloved Lord and Savior who came to rescue her from the fire, by dying so that she might live. The choice has been set before the church of Jesus Christ, just as it was set before Israel.

God has never hidden the outcome from us since the beginning of recorded history. He described the evil empires by their spiritual waters in Genesis two, and then, at this time, He liberated America from the idolatrous cults of the empires. The responsibility rested with the church to see that this nation’s light of liberty was as a burning torch held high above all the other nations of the world. It was her job to spread the gospels and the testimony of Jesus given in the spirit of prophecy to the entire world, so that the glory of God might be seen in a dark world.

I ask you who call yourselves by the name of church, “Have you held that torch high, or are you about to drop it completely by choosing a ruler whose followers demand that there be no God in the nation and that His Word not be taught to the children who are wasting away for the lack of good, spiritual food? These spiritually deprived children are becoming killers of one another, different in no way from the pagan Muslims and Communists, who kill their own, along with anyone who gets in their ideological ways. Do you think restricting firearms will stop it, or is the answer found in going back to the beginning of the Book of Life to discover where the real root of the problem lies?”

America is on the broad road to the smoking oven. Hitler was nothing but a hint of the Antichrist to come, who will rule over all nations. But he will never rule over the bride of Jesus Christ who will carry her cross all the way to her grave, holding high the torch, which lights the world – the same light God called forth in Genesis 1:3. God saw the light was good. His name is Jesus, the Light of the world, and upon Him is the very creation of God dependant.

The only possible salvation for the two nations of America will come from restoring His name, and once again holding that burning torch of liberty high. For she is the bride of the church, who holds the key – originally held in the hand of Sarah – which will unlock the door to the kingdom, thus fulfilling the promise to Abraham of a blessing to all nations.

Reference: Sarah’s Key: a movie based on a novel about a fictitious story of a journalist’s research into a tragic incident, which took place in the ‘Vel’ d’Hiv’ roundup in Paris in 1942.