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A Spiritual Inheritance

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

 January 25, 2013

Let us consider the difference between Israel, the nation made up of two nations, and America, the nation made up of two nations! The fact jumps out at us from the pages of the Bible that the God of Abraham and of Israel is the same God as the God of America. However, Israel, the nation, is one of a bloodline inheritance, into which foreigners have been grafted on occasion, while America is a nation of foreigners by spiritual inheritance, into which the Hebrew people have been grafted on occasion.

Those who came to the shores of America, seeking citizenship, agreed to accept God and His Word at the border, as well as swear allegiance to the God of Abraham and His Son, Jesus, the Word made flesh and one with the Father. There was no constitutional way around this, though our governments recently have been ignoring this truth in their thrust toward multiculturalism.

The superior position of America among the nations has been a result of accepting the work of Jesus on the cross, as a foundational belief system of the Founding Fathers of both nations of America. There was a crossover that took place on the cross, which was irrevocable with respect to the inheritance of the throne of David and the southern nation of Israel called Judah. Never would the inheritance of, and the right to, the kingdom ever exist apart from the spiritual nation, born again of the Spirit of life to receive freedom to enter into the house of Israel and the house of God through the spiritual lineage of Jesus who, Himself, was born of the Spirit of God. There is no other way.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).” America declared constitutionally that no one comes to America except through an oath sworn on Him, when one swears on the Bible. It means they accept it to be truth that God and Jesus are Father and Son, as declared by the truth of this Book.

What is it that has made America a dysfunctional nation? She has allowed people to enter this land, who do not accept our standards of truth, and have only one aim in mind, which is to destroy this nation and compromise its acceptance of the Bible as truth, by trying to partner her with religion. How has this been allowed to happen?

Americans have chosen religious men as leaders who have a stronger allegiance to the religions of the Babylonian system than they have to the truth. They have made the same mistake Israel made; when it was suggested by the Roman ruler, Pontius Pilate, that Jesus was King of the Jews, the Israelites responded by saying that they had no king but Caesar, insisting that His blood be on them and their children.

And so we see the results of such a choice being played out today in Israel. The Israel that we know in the Land is not the Israel of God, but, rather, is a nation of two major religions, surrounded by enemies on all sides who call its Hebrew people sons of pigs and apes, just waiting for the opportunity to annihilate them. Now America is falling into the same pattern as that of Israel, which we all witnessed when the DNC demanded that there be ‘No God’ in America, choosing the would-be-Caesar, Obama, to rule over them in His place.

Make no mistake! Obama has a very clear purpose, which is to destroy the nature of America as a nation under God, in order to make it just another powerless, socialist state ready for the big ‘swallow-up’ of nations by the coming One World Order of the Revived Roman Empire of the Babylonian system of empires. The true Jew who is of the apostolic church of Jesus Christ will arise as a tiny, little group of 144,000 witnesses to the truth, who will openly challenge the lies of the antichrist ruler and his armies of this world.

The early Roman way of capturing and conquering was to first destroy the top five or six leaders of the defeated armies, and then frighten their enemy into submission. Obama has his mockers and full-time name-callers of the media slandering the loyal opposition regularly. His next tactic is to accuse his opposition of practicing his technique of lies and deceit. The goodness of God, in His holiness, has no place with such evil intents of the Antichrist and his would-be-Caesars. God will walk away from America, as He did from Israel, and America will become just another nation like Israel, hated by the religious nations for her ties to the God of Abraham, with all of these nations vying for position of ruler-ship over her.

Once the coming world order begins to take shape, no nation will ever be allowed to retain allegiance to the God of Abraham; only a generic god of a single, religious One World Religion will be tolerated by the so-called people of tolerance. All will be required to take the mark of the beast and bow only to the new Caesar of this day, as were the Israelites required to bow to the Caesar of their day.

Obama is taking every measure possible, now, to establish himself as a god and to be worshiped as such at the expense of the American Constitution, which has established God as Supreme Ruler over the land, the God in whom Americans have declared they trusted. The battle has surely begun between the Christ and the antichrist spirit, which is raging through this nation, attempting to destroy every semblance of the true church in its wake. Obama is clearly allying himself with the Egypt of the Muslim Brotherhood, bent on totally destroying America and Israel.

There is no understanding of the fact that this battle began back in the Garden and has continued to this day. Jeremiah twice declared to not pray for the sinning people of Israel, or lift up a cry of prayer for them, nor make intercession to the Lord, for He would not hear their pleas at the time of their trouble (see Jeremiah 7:16 and 11:14). He goes on to say that if the nation does not obey God, He will pluck it up and utterly destroy it.

People ask why wickedness and evil are growing at an alarming rate in America. They are the same people who refuse to open their Bibles, but willingly will endorse multiculturalism, secularism and tolerance for religion while, at the same time, being unwilling to make any effort to gain understanding of the truth of God’s Word. They are intellectually and spiritually dishonest with themselves, easily led into believing in their own goodness, which is an illusion.

God is not searching for our goodness, for there is none in us; He is looking for hearts after His own heart, people who seek righteousness, love truth and hate the lie. He wants an obedient and faithful people, but America and Israel have made their decisions. America does not want God now, any more than Israel wanted Jesus in His day. The cry is for the counterfeit messiah and would-be-Caesar. “Give him to us,” they say, “for we want no other king than him. Who cares if the blood of Jesus is on our heads?”

“So be it!” God says, as His wrath begins to build against America, just as it built against Israel, until the day His judgment fell on her and she was driven from the Land.