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Hurtling Toward the One World Order

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

January 26, 2013

And, so, President Obama has achieved another one of his goals in the process of bringing down America. By putting women in military combat, just one more strain will be put on the family and on marriage itself, already under severe attack from the left.

Women never were, and never will be the equal of men – they simply are comparable partners with an entirely different set of physical attributes. Men were intended to till the ground, as biblically stated in Genesis, which, in this day and age, means they are the bread winners in the family; women’s role is to nurture it. Have you ever seen a man breast-feed a baby? The simple facts are that men and women are physically and emotionally different.

The family is foundational to the structure and uniqueness of this nation of America, and remains so, although our governments are doing everything possible to break it down rapidly by passing anti-family laws, which are being upheld by our Supreme Court justices. This is all within the plan of Satan, the author of liberalism, and it is being carried out by his left-of-center minions, such as Barack Obama, in their commitment to take America into the coming One World Order. Putting women in combat is just another way of weakening the military, already weakened by allowing the abomination, in God’s eyes, of homosexuality within the ranks.

The power of a nation under God lies in the strength, which comes from obedience to His Law, His leadership and His insistence upon no sin within the ranks of His people. He does not tolerate men deciding what is right and wrong; He sets the rules, requiring His people to recognize His authority, and then abide by them. He is not interested at all in what academia, gurus or chief justices have to say about the Law. It reigns supreme now and will continue to do so forevermore, with belief systems being irrelevant.

Let us examine the battle of Jericho! On careful scrutiny, it becomes evident that the victory of the nation over the city was attributed to God and not to the army. He commanded the people, Israel, to take nothing belonging to the Canaanites from the spoils of victory, all of which were accursed. For, if they were to do so, it would make Israel a curse and trouble it.

Now, there was a man called Achan, who disobeyed God and took some of the accursed things for himself. His sin most surely brought trouble upon the Israelites as the anger of the Lord burned against them. The next battle was to be in the region of Ai, where Joshua employed 3000 soldiers in which 36 were killed as they fled in defeat before the enemy. Does America under God today, like Israel, at the time of Joshua, think she can get away with sinning against God’s Word, the same sin, which brought dishonor and death into the camp of Israel?

We only have to watch to see how Obama is weakening the military daily with his lies and deceit. The enemy has just killed American diplomats and soldiers in Benghazi and notice how slippery and evasive the whole Obama Administration became in the face of defeat. They laud themselves for the defeat and murder of Bin Laden, a feat put in motion by George Bush, to whom they give no credit whatsoever while, at the same time, blaming Bush for the failing economic programs, which Obama, himself, is either keeping from the former administration or initiating.

This man has made the Office of the President of the United States a tool for the blame game, lies, evasive actions where accountability is required, and a self-serving government that prospers as the people pay the price and lose the benefits to themselves for which they worked so hard, only to have to hand over their money to bureaucrats. Through all of this, we are filling our children’s minds with liberal propaganda, which makes them ready vessels to receive this Washington garbage without question.

Obama has used these programmed children to boost gun-control laws coming against the Constitution, which he, himself, puts forth, seizing the opportunity opened by a maniacal massacre of children. His motive is to prevent Americans from arming themselves against the fools who carry out foolish, government policies, outside of their constitutional rights, and, in the process, disarm the innocent while placing all the gun power in the hands of criminals. This keeps a seething nation from taking action against his demagogic rule aimed at making himself Caesar in this land.

In order to take America forward into the One World Order, the nation must be stripped of God’s ruler-ship, His Law and His Bible, the Book of life and liberty for the nation. She must move into the realm of satanic, empire rule if she is to enter into the final One World Order of the Revived Roman Empire, which will be ruled by the Antichrist, the agent of the devil. Far-left-of-center ruler-ship is the only way to achieve this goal.

But, at the same time, Jesus is opening the scrolls to give out a daily dose of spiritual manna from the Bible to His bride of the church, the true Jew, who will witness to the truth before such an enemy, as she spits out fire from her mouth. This will infuriate the beast, which rises up and out of the seawaters of this world.

Make no mistake about putting the women of America into military combat! Obama’s driving force behind the move is to rush this nation forward toward her destruction, putting her in readiness for take-over by the enemy by weakening her military. Sexual equality is not achieved by assuming men and women can be unisex creatures. It only comes when each is free to carry out his/her intended role, which is one of complementing the other by strengthening the union between a husband and his wife to make them comparable partners, having entirely different roles within the family and society at large.

The notion of sexual equality, as that which is being promoted by those wanting women in military combat, is a lie of the feminist, liberal movement, which is exactly the type of lie that got Eve into trouble in the Garden, in the first place. Nothing has changed, and the situation has not improved. The world is quickly hurtling toward a terrible time of tribulation. Placing women on the front lines in military combat is just another sign of how close we are to the brink.

Wake up, shape up, and take up your cross. The barbarians are at the very gate as evil is about to be unleashed to a degree, which this world has never seen before. If it is the devil we want, then it is the devil we will get. Compared to Jesus, how well do you think you will weather the wilderness testing, which lies directly ahead, when He has already taken the burden for you?