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Our Elected, Praying Hypocrites

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

February 05, 2013

A drama recently took place, in which 65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, held a 5-year-old boy, called Ethan, hostage in a bunker in a week-long stand-off with law enforcers, in Alabama. Dykes apparently intercepted a school bus, full of children, threatening to kill the bus driver and all the children if the driver interfered. He eventually shot and killed him and then took a young boy hostage from the front of the bus, who is a special needs child suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism.

Together, they entered a small underground bunker on Dykes’ property where he kept the child captive for nearly a week. It would appear that the child suffered no physical harm, but it would be difficult to assess the emotional trauma he would experience from such an ordeal, which included an armed storming of the bunker that resulted in the death of Dykes and the safe rescue of the child.

It was interesting to note that, during this entire incident, the church family of Ethan’s parents, along with various others, was praying around the clock for the safe return of Ethan to his family. How about the children themselves? Would they have been allowed to pray in the classroom? How could they, if laws have been enacted to stop prayer in the schools, so that there can be no mention of Jesus’ name, which might offend someone, and no Bibles in sight to instruct the children in truth? At the same time, the religion of Secular Humanism permeates every level of the educational system at the direction of school boards in bed with government lawmakers, who bend to the culture rather than to the electorate once in office.

Now, here is the hypocrisy that can sicken one’s stomach. Whenever there is a national tragedy, such as 9/11 and school massacres, the elected government leaders come out in droves, like praying mantises, praying to whom, no less, but God, for the safety of our children and the families whom they have denied the same right to prayer.

It is what I call the prayer of hypocrites – the “do as I say but not as I do” elected officials who live by a double standard once in office. They are the same ones who swear on Bibles because the Bible is deemed truth in this nation, and then pass laws to prohibit children from using Bibles in the classroom for whom they pray the prayer of hypocrites in times of crises. If not to Jesus, to whom do they think they are praying, except to false idols and false gods?

These are the same elected officials who increase their spending and take outrageous liberties with taxpayers’ money, greatly adding to their own coffers while reducing the take of the average citizen. Has there ever been a greater example than that of a rather uncomfortably-larger-than-usual-looking Al Gore who sells out his country in a move to dodge the tax laws, which his party is creating, and then goes on to lecture about a non-existent global warming caused by oil consumption – the very same oil money, which has just lined his pockets?

Going on at the same time as the media frenzy over the rescue of Ethan, was the competing media frenzy over the Super Bowl. This time, the advertising of Coca Cola, which offended the Muslims was picked up by the media, along with a greatly touted Super Bowl half-time show, which was praised by Michelle Obama as being phenomenal, making her proud of this black cultural display.

Now, I am not talking ‘black race’, although racism on the part of all involved was evident. I would have to call the Obamas the most racist presidential family to ever inhabit the White House. But, rather, I am talking about a dark, immoral culture, which is permeating America and is growing darker by the moment at the same rate as the music is becoming a black cesspool of filth.

Beyonce and her trio, which included Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson appeared in form-fitting, spandex, black leather, which, when removed, revealed black lace beneath, along with enough gyrating skin to set all minds into motion. It brought forth admiration from the Hollywood crowd, which included raves from Alec Baldwin’s wife who called the show ‘amazing’ with Beyonce and her two friends leaving her mouth on the floor. John Travolta agreed, saying, “She killed it, she was awesome.”

Now, Beyonce, who made sure screens showed multiple, video, double-sized images of herself, also made sure that praise went to all three women with the words, “What a proud day for AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN!!! You are all beautiful, talented and show so much class! It was an honor to perform at the Super Bowl with you phenomenal ladies.” She continued her raves by calling them ‘classy’, unaware that the term, itself, shows no ‘class’ whatsoever.

Well, I guess I would fit today’s bill of what this dark culture might call ‘white trash’, as part of a culture, which came out of England, Ireland and Scotland, as opposed to Africa. Our ancestors came to escape the darkness of the other side and then set up a nation of light to the world for those who chose to no longer be called anything other than Americans or Canadians, rather than be defined by the nations of their origin. This vessel, which is now being trashed culturally, would never agree with Michelle, the so-called first lady of Constitutional America, but one who would prefer to be the first lady of the same black culture, which Beyonce and her ilk embrace.

In the Founding Fathers’ plan for America, neither the term ‘ladies’ nor ‘class’ would have any place in the description of the half-time, humanistic display of bare, gyrating flesh with its brief covering of black leather and black lace. No, indeed! Unlike the Obamas and friends, I, personally, would prefer to watch the bunker drama unfolding, as opposed to watching the Super Bowl garbage, and give thanks to God in prayer that there still are those committed to the well-being of others, like the men who went to the point of risking their lives so that the little boy, Ethan, might live.

It is interesting to see the contrasts in American society, which this week has shown to us, a contrast represented by two, very different women, the one – the woman in the White House calling the Super Bowl half-time show a phenomenal class-act, as opposed to the other – the mother of the little boy, Ethan, a wise woman who, while awaiting the rescue of her child, reached up to God of the spiritual world in prayer desiring no media attention, whatsoever; she desired only the attention of God. I wonder if the President’s wife took time to ‘tweet’ this mother along with her ‘tweet’ to Beyonce.

And then, too, one needs to consider at this same time the offense of the Arab-Americans, caused by the Coca Cola ad the Muslims wanted pulled from the Super Bowl. Is it not strange how offensive Arabs on slow camels can be to Muslims, yet nothing is heard from the Arab-Americans in the way of concern in times of tragedy such as the bunker drama and school massacres? Does praying ever take place among Muslims for fellow Americans in the public square – for the innocent victims of horrendous crimes, though not of the Muslim faith? I have yet to see it.

However, I would have to confess to the fact that they, at least, are not hypocrites like our praying, elected officials who pray when it is politically advantageous to do so, but deny the same privilege to our children. If Muslims want the death of infidels, how can they justify praying for the lives of the same infidels? If politicians rule against the name of Jesus being used in the military or the schoolroom, how can they pray to His Father, without being the worst kind of hypocrites?

Indeed, the hypocrites are those whom we would call true Americans who are our own kind of people – from president and prime minister all the way down the scale to the impoverished voters who keep electing the fools who run to God in prayer when danger surfaces within the nation, but then say “No God” when it suits political expediency. It is the same darkness of evil upon which the first lady and her Hollywood friends lavish praise. There is no other name for her and all the other elected, praying mantises, but the name of elected, praying hypocrites. There is “no God” at the heart of their prayers; they are what one would have to call generic, prayer warriors for their political ideologies.