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Corruption in the Vatican

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

February 12, 2013

Within my life-time seven popes have come and gone and, if it pleases God, I will live to see the eighth. During the regime of the first, in 1929, and prior to my birth, Benito Mussolini signed the Lateran Treaty or Concordant enacted between the government of Italy and the enormous, religious institution of the Roman Catholic Church. The purpose of the document was to recognize the sovereignty of the Vatican State while officially declaring it to be the state religion.

This Concordant was merely the latest incarnation of the papal state, including an $85 million transfer of money as compensation for confiscated, papal lands in exchange for Catholic neutrality in international affairs. This was a milestone in the history of Romanism, for the early Roman Empire established Roman Catholicism in its dying days to become the ruling, Roman glue, which linked the early Roman Empire to the latter-day Roman Empire.

At the time of the signing, Hitler and Mussolini were getting ready to commence the final move toward the great and final world empire being established under the coming Antichrist. The time of the Revelation, as seen by John the apostle, had arrived, and the Babylonian system was about to come to its fullness in a Revived Roman Empire, which would result in a One World Order of religion and government with a single, world-wide, economic system. That means there is going to be a United World Religion, which will partner with the Caesar of the day. Did the Treaty not make the Roman Catholic Church that partner by creating a state religion?

Roman Catholicism is the product of the cultic and pagan practices of the ancient Babylonian religions. The early church of Jesus Christ suffered a love affair with the Nicolaitan system between the years 65 A.D. to 300 A.D. The local church gave way to the autonomy of bishops, and the simple form of worship of the early church, which was from the heart, was replaced with the rituals and splendor of Roman paganism. Ministers became priests and pagans became “Christians” by a little sprinkling of water. “Sprinkled paganism” would be about as good a definition for Roman Catholicism as you can get.

Through a religious system of popes, bishops and priests, Satan took ruler-ship, removing the Word from the people to plunge them into the dark ages as he took control of Europe in partnership with an apostate priesthood. Fortunately, Jesus always has His remnant that will not conform to the religion of Babylon. Daniel and his three friends were the first. The 144,000 will be the last as we march headlong into the Day of the Lord, that day when He will take His revenge on a sinning world.

The story of corruption within the church reads like that of “The Godfather”, where the fathers of crime can barely be distinguished from the fathers of the Catholic Church, ever since that infamous signing in 1929. Their paths cross and crisscross in the handling and moving of money from one nation to another, and from one continent to another. It involves collaboration of the church with such men as Roberto Calvi, chairman and managing director of Banco Ambrosiano in Milan, Italy, who was found murdered in London in 1982.

He was only one of a cast of many, shady characters in the story of Catholic corruption, which includes members of organized crime, political groups, secret societies, major financial institutions and the shocking Institute for Religious Works, known as the IOR, the official bank for the Vatican. What a far cry this monetary giant of an organization has become from the true apostolic church of Jesus Christ, with its holdings in Immobilaire, which give the IOR a piece of the real estate action – the Watergate Hotel in Washington, resorts in Mexico, and apartment complexes in Montreal. Through Chase Manhattan, the Vatican has stocks in General Motors, Gulf Oil, Bethlehem Steel, IBM and other major companies. In fact, the Roman Catholic Church is a big business organization with private interests extensively throughout the world.

An early patron of Calvi was Michael Sindona, another shady character who befriended the Archbishop of Milan, Giovanni Montini, who became Pope Paul VI. Sindona then began working closely with the Vatican, using church money for leverage, laundering money back and forth between IOR and Banca Privata and other holdings. Sindona’s empire grew in part from deposits from the Institute for Religious Works (IOR) and, together with the church, they invest in any number of enterprises, which included becoming partners with David Kennedy, chairman of Continental Illinois.

The political and financial worlds could not have become more embroiled, if they had tried, than they were with the religious world of Roman Catholicism. There was even the hint of murder surrounding the death of John Paul I, the 30-day pope. And so the mark of the beast, 666, is written all over the face of the Catholic Church as it now begins its journey down the road to destruction.

These have been amazing, papal times in which I have lived. However, unlike most who are going to bow in awe before another religious man to whom they will apply the title of ‘his holiness’ while granting him the position of inerrancy, I see just another religious fool on parade in all his finery. But the truth is, he is every bit as much a sinner as I am, as he parades about in king’s robes, but never in the robe of the humility of Jesus, which is the covering of Christ’s true church.

We cannot ignore the fact that thousands have been deceived by the Marian Movement, which has its place in the bigger picture of corruption within the Roman Catholic Church. It is another whole story involving a Czechoslovakian Bishop called Paolo Hilica and the events, which took place in Medjugore. The apparitions of the Virgin Mary have had less to do with the supernatural and more to do with creating visions on demand for political and religious purposes, with Hilica at the center of another Catholic, commercial scheme. This bishop is the key figure in the Marian movement. Everywhere there are images of mother and child, but such pagan, idol worship all goes back to Semiramis and her son, Tammuz, supposedly born of a sunbeam, which takes us all the way back to Nimrod and the construction of the tower of Babel.

I am quite sure that there will be no end of accolades in the press and media for the great, new pope and many will be deceived over again about who the man called pope really is. He is simply an ordinary man like all others, but with a little problem most former popes have not had to deal with; there is going to be another former pope out there who is also inerrant and either he will have to remain silent or go into hiding, lest there could be a clash of inerrancy, one pope against another. How can two be inerrant at the same time if they differ?

Can the former pope still bless, or has he lost the power of the touch in his hands upon resigning from his position of power? Will he now bow to the new pope or does the new pope bow to him? If the Spirit is leading in this entire process, will they increase their criminal, political and financial dealings, or will they, as Jesus advised the rich man, give their substantial holdings over to the poor and then truly begin to follow the true teachings of Jesus, instead of focusing on religious rituals and practices?

Whoa! In what some call a mysterious omen of fire from the sky, lightning hit St. Peter’s Basilica in Italy’s Vatican City just hours after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation Monday. Some suggest that it shows God’s displeasure with the pope’s resignation. One needs to look to Revelation to see that it is more likely the fulfillment of prophecy, when the apostle John recorded what he saw with the coming forth of the Antichrist’s false, religious prophet.

He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men (Revelation 13:13).

Could it be that the false prophet is about to come upon the scene masquerading as the Lord Jesus, Himself, the only perfect, inerrant Man who ever lived?

Reference: Murder, Banking, Strategy – The Vatican – by Conrad Goeringer