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Dr. Ben Carson’s Star Rises

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

February 17, 2013

No one has caused more of a stir on the political scene recently than Dr. Benjamin Carson, neurosurgeon and Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital. He graduated from Yale University to go on to take his doctorate at the University of Michigan Medical School. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on June 20, 2008, the highest civilian award in the United States.

This is an extraordinarily accomplished man, whose latest book, America the Beautiful, has risen into fifth place on Amazon’s bestselling list. His political star began to shine brightly, this past week, when he was chosen to be the keynote speaker at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, where his incredibly clear, logical words, free of politically correct, double talk, weighed in heavily against Obama’s socialist ideology.

It was with fearlessness that he made his points, which he attributed to being God-given words.  Now, this would be enough to raise the shackles on any liberal neck, but he spoke truth with authority, and it is pretty hard to tangle with that. If anyone wants to do so, they will have to take up their battle with God, for this is a man who lives as he suggests others should do; there is no hypocrisy in one who lives by the truth of God, using his Bible as a guide to life and a guide for the nation.

Carson was warned that the ‘Cookie Monsters’ of liberalism would come after him but he simply replied that he had nothing to hide. A man like this will be hated by the liberals who will not have any darts capable of piercing his spiritual armor.

Ben Carson is a principled man who finds it necessary to warn the nation that is continuing along a path that is strapping it to a poorly educated, failing culture. How blessed we have been by God to have the freedoms we have enjoyed! Now we have a generation indoctrinated with a liberal agenda perpetuated by a president whose ideology can only be described as ‘un-American’. In so far as Carson lives by biblical truth, Obama rejects the ‘God society’. What has come as a shock to the proponents of liberalism is the fact that the people are responding to real truth, something, which has been missing from the American political scene for a long time. If it should surface, liberalism would jump upon its opponent to discredit, mock and marginalize such thinking.

Yet, here is a man who openly invites a challenge to policies based on God’s Word. “Who among you, who are liberal, have a better plan than God who is the most ‘just’ Judge of all things?” is his challenging retort, in so many words, gently, but firmly spoken. Those who disagree have no ground upon which to stand.

There have been claims that he has no right to make challenging remarks before the President, concerning policies that differ from those of the President. Indeed! Since when have Americans been forced to kiss the ring of politicians? The politicians are merely the hired hands of the people, who are the rulers. Dr. Carson’s response is simply to qualify the position of the President as not being that of a monarch, but of a mere man like all other men, hired to do a job for the people. Carson believes we need to remember this fact and not run from it. We need to know that government exists for, of and by the people, not for, of and by the government alone. This is a philosophy, which runs totally in opposition to President Obama’s concept of government; he is a man who has put the nation into an ideological battleground within its own borders.

Of course, Dr. Carson has the right to speak, and rightly should do so, on issues such as health care and taxation. Does Obama, as president, not already have the advantage of tax-paid, television time to speak on such issues? He would have an enormous problem if he were not able to sit through someone else’s moment in the lights, or even begrudge another, his/her point of view. He is neither king nor dictator, though he may fancy himself as such. But then, as I say, this could be his problem and not a problem for the incredibly logical doctor who speaks the language of ‘common sense’.

Doctor Carson has a remarkable story of overcoming childhood poverty, which he can attribute directly to the wisdom of a very hard-working, illiterate mother who was determined her children would rise above their circumstances and take responsibility for their own futures with no whining and no excuses. She turned off the television and placed books in the hands of her children, requiring a summary of a ‘two-a-week’, reading program. Unable to read herself, she check-marked their summaries so that, as children, they never knew her secret.

The wisdom of such a mother is sadly missing from among the mothers of the feminist movement who care more about selves than the future of their children who grow up on television and video games to become little more than zombies who eventually will depend upon the dole of entitlement monies. What a beautiful contrast the wise mother of this gifted man offers irresponsible, young mothers of our culture, today!

This inspiring doctor has dealt Political Correctness a much deserved blow with his statement that it is nothing but sensitivity, somewhat like that of the raw nerve of a tooth. It is a muffler, and a dangerous one at that, to our founding principles of freedom of thought and freedom of expression. Even our conservative, political pundits, such as Cal Thomas, immediately go into a self-destructive mode by sharing in the politically-correct-police view that Dr. Carson has no right to make such remarks before the President, demanding that the President be given an apology.

When will the conservatives stop becoming their own worst enemies by playing into the hands of the liberals? If they want to play the fools, then, for goodness sake, bite their tongues before they do so in the public eye, giving fuel to the liberal fools’ fire. Thank goodness Dr. Carson does not yield to such foolish demands, but, instead, stands tall on principle, while declaring that it is time to stand up to the ideological bullies.

Liberal tactics are based on the principle of mocking and bullying those who do not share in their ideologies. What a delight it is to see a man who is able to challenge the giant because he has no skeletons hiding in his closet for them to go after! He knows exactly who he is in God just as the shepherd boy, David, knew exactly who he was in God as he stood before the giant, Goliath, to do battle. The cry is growing for the good doctor to run for president and to challenge the liberal Goliath. His response is exactly that which one would expect from such a man as he. When asked directly if he would consider running for the office of the leader of the free world, he responded again as he always has responded to this much-asked question of him. He said that if God were to grab him by the collar and place him in that arena, it would be the only way he would choose to do so.

Can you just imagine the joy of having such a leader in the West, one whose life is ruled by God and skeleton free? As the leader goes, so goes the nation.  Picture America back in the hands of God and out of the pocket of the United Nations; one can only imagine what it would be like to breathe such fresh air again. It would appear that Dr. Benjamin Carson just might be the right man to make it a reality.