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From an American Majority to a Foreign Minority

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

March 05, 2013

The two governments of America, Canada and the United States, are rapidly moving from the majority rule of their Constitutions, according to God’s Law, to foreign minority rule, according to the laws of the jungle, that is to say, according to the rule of the beast.  In the Garden of creation, man was presented with two very different types of government – one, under God, according to the Law of His truth, whereby man took ruler-ship over the beast; the other, under Satan, the author of lies and deceit, who took ruler-ship over man through the beast. None was more cunning than the serpent!

Each form of government came with its own corollary. Obedience to God’s supreme ruler-ship in truth meant life, but to disobey the Law or Commandment of God by accepting the lies of the belief system of Satan, as delivered through the beast, meant certain death and the end of all mankind, newly created in the image and perfection of God. God made it clear from the start that He was a holy God of truth, in whom there dwells no lie of evil or imperfection, nor will He tolerate a compromised creation where good is mixed with evil.

Once man sinned, in disobedience to God, the door had been opened for the Ten Commandments, which God would require man to keep, in order for him to break the cycle of sin and its growth within governments ruled by Satan. Yet, God knew that man, in his sinful state, would not and could not keep all of the Law for his heart was desperately wicked. Satan’s lure to man to be like God but without God’s laws of holiness would always appeal to a fleshly heart, bent toward wickedness.

Thus, the battle lines were drawn between God and Satan for the souls of man, with the way to the tree of life being closed on the east side – the side where Satan enters through eastern religions. Politically, one could equate it to the left side of liberalism where the truth is hated and every man does according to his own desires. It all boils down to the liberal lie that there is no truth; for every man has his own truth according to his own standard and not according to any moral standards set by God.

By such a message Satan paved the way for the empire-building ruler-ship of man where religion rules in liberalism from God, which will eventually lead to a fascist state where the strongest rule by force according to the dictates of tyrants. Their rule is inflicted upon the people, whether they like it or not.

God divided the ungodly at Babel into nations from which He chose one faithful and obedient man to establish His own nation of people under His Law. By this means, He began the process of the redemption of man from his captivity to the rule of Satan, and from the death sentence, which must be served for the rebellion of man to God. The nation was Israel whence came the perfect, substitutionary sacrifice for man of a perfect lamb’s blood, that of the Son of God who, as the only perfect Keeper of the Law, could, in fact, offer clean blood for the corrupted blood of man.

But He would have to suffer and endure all of the sin and hatred of this world, so that those who accepted His gift could live by merely choosing life, provided by Him, over death. God offers no other way back to the tree of life. Man must come out of the East, pass through the gates of Israel and into the kingdom established on the foundation of Jesus’ apostolic church, in which there is none of the leaven of religion.

The apostles were established as strong as stone on a foundation of truth to become one of three – the prophets, the apostles and the latter-day revived apostolic church, all free of religion and all walking safely with the pre-incarnate Jesus in the fiery furnace of judgment as prophesied in Daniel 3:19-25. These three represent those who have been given the authority to speak for God as His voice to the world.

Just as Satan first went after Adam and Eve, and then after Israel, he also went after the church to ensnare it into becoming part of a belief system of religion. As God separated Israel from Egypt, so, too, will He have to separate His people, who stand only on the truth of the gospels, from the religious system of Christianity, in order to bring forth the fruitful bride of the church, the woman of Revelation 12, wearing the apostolic crown of spiritual Israel. The gates of hell will not prevail against her for she will overcome Satan by rejecting his beastly rule in religion, in order to embrace only God’s truth. The important basic principle of His uncompromising holiness does not allow for any foreign god to share in any other kind of ruler-ship alongside of Him.

This brings us to an America where the nation has compromised God’s rule of Law, which has given her people liberty in freedom from the rule of the religious, cultic gods of the world. Our Constitutions declared the Bible to be the foundation for truth for our courtrooms, our governments and our schoolrooms, that is to say, until the liberal move became aggressive in promoting multiculturalism. This opened the door for rights laws benefiting every segment of religion, totally in opposition to the rule of God, which calls for separation from all such cults.

And so, our liberal governments have slowly pushed God and His truth aside to return this nation to the captivity of religion from which God freed His people in truth for the sake of all, requiring that His people uphold it. They could believe whatever they liked, but God’s Law was to rule in this nation. Immigrants either became a part of this great country under God’s rule or they were rejected at her borders, where one was required to swear allegiance to God and country on the Bible. No one was required to come here, but it was clearly established that if one should choose to do so, then it would be on America’s terms and not on the terms of the countries from which they came. And so it should be!

Slowly, but surely, creeping liberalism, through the agent of Political Correctness, pushed its way into the space reserved for majority rule, to allow religious minorities to press for special rights for the cults. In so doing, the minorities have been given special rights, which have over-ridden the majority, subject to the Constitutions, in one of the most idiotic moves ever made by any nation in the history of the world.

As the fools God sees us to be, we, the most blessed people of the entire world, threw away our liberty in God’s Law, our peace and our bounty, and for what – for a very few minority causes, which end in death cultures as did Adam and Eve when they rejected God before us, for the beastly empire rule under the beast himself. Satan has nothing but destruction to offer man, but, once again, man will believe the lies, which ultimately lead to death. We have been like harlots to our God, throwing ourselves before cults to dishonor Him while honoring Satan in His place.

So be it! The judgment is coming. Unless we are on the same time-line and within the moral compass of God, seeing things as He sees them, then we will go down with many others who will cry, “Lord, Lord” and the Lord will reply that He never knew them. They will be washed out to sea with the waters covering over them just as the sea covered over the soldiers of Pharaoh, at the first exodus of God’s people from the evil, empirical control of Satan.

Once again, man is choosing the way of Satan, by forsaking the God of truth. Will we ever learn that peace never comes from unity of nations or from religious cults, but rather, it is a gift from God? Jesus, not Mohammed or any other false god, is the only Prince of peace. If we do not want peace here in America, then God will surely give us our hearts’ desire.

God will allow the foreign minorities to take over this land and destroy the greatest nation on earth. America is about to become just another nation ruled by the culture of death like all the other nations of the world. She no longer is a blessed nation under God and will disappear, as did Israel before her, while she passes into oblivion before our very eyes.