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Protected Criminals Released into American Society

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

March 06, 2013

Now that we no longer are allowed the Bible and crosses, we have stepped off the edge of being America, the good, and into a new American identity. It has become the age of rewarding evil, with Mr. Obama as the presidential, Chicago godfather; a Messiah – he is not! When the funding was stopped and his spending mania curbed, they were the most dangerous criminals of the criminal illegals whom he spitefully decided to reward, instead of the good, law-abiding citizens of America.

In line with this Obama mania, Arizona Sheriff, Paul Babeu, sought answers from the administration as to which illegals were being released. He approached ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) assistant secretary, John Morton, and further up the ladder to Janet Napolitano, requesting information about, and the identities of, the criminals being released into the streets of Arizona within his jurisdiction of law enforcement.

Now this seems like a most reasonable request, if he were to do his duty of protecting the citizens in his jurisdiction, but his first request was met with the statement that none had been released; the good sheriff knew better. As he pursued the matter, he then was told that 200 had been released, followed by the number 303, and finally, he was told that 2000-plus had been released with 3000 more to be released. However, the 3000 were quickly stopped as the administration realized it was coming under scrutiny.

All lied, including Janet Napolitano, who said they were non-violent, low-risk detainees, yet the truth is that they were jailed for having committed all kinds of crimes, from acts of violence to murder. Each and every one whom the sheriff consulted could have immediately answered his request for information about these criminals about to run loose in the streets, but the authorities refused to release any information to him. One can only wonder as to what sinister plot lies behind these actions (see the Greta van Susteren interview with Sheriff, Paul Babeu, on Fox News channel, On The Record).

One also has to ask if indeed there is any transparency at all behind the Obama administration, or is it one cover-up after another, from the Benghazi murders of Americans to the release of thousands of criminals within the United States. Is there actually any leadership or accountability at all behind the Obama new mentality, or is it just a series of lies? Since Napolitano formerly had stated that the criminals were imprisoned for violence and criminal activity, how is it possible for her then to declare that these same criminals are harmless? She can’t have it both ways.

Of all the illegals who have entered the United States, only the most dangerous were jailed. This is the crew, which has been released and then protected by Obama minions so they can move undetected among the law-abiding citizens. Are these same citizens aware that they are the victims of the Obama government, while their new dictator rewards evil? Are they aware he is plugging the legal channels of immigration with a new electorate that wants evil, and not God, to rule in America, as we saw by the cry, which came forth at the DNC (Democratic National Convention) for “No God”? Is it by chance this is all happening at the same time?

Is it also by chance that America can no longer depend on honesty at the election polls? Former congressman, Allen West, felt the pain in the last election, the true results of which will most likely never be known, after several boxes of votes went missing in his riding where the election was too close to call. This was only discovered because West pursued the irregularities. How many other results could have been rigged when there were 27 or 28 ridings in which there was not a single vote for the Republican candidates? I would suggest that there was a well-constructed outcome to the 2012 United States election, the irregularities of which will simply be passed over.

America is dealing with a Chicago-mob-brand of rule, for which Obama is their poster-boy – one with strong Muslim and Communist ties. Only three decades ago we had a great man called Ronald Reagan as president – a good, a strong and godly man who faced the challenges of the Cold War and a threatening Communist attack at any time. When meeting with Communist leaders who called for a halt to the nuclear and space programs of both countries, Reagan said, “Absolutely not!” Stopping the greatest defense for the strongest offense meant to Reagan that rogue states could acquire information and begin their own programs.

Not so with Obama. He met with Russian leadership and agreed to dismantle some of America’s nuclear programs, along with Russian disarmament, only to learn evil regimes never deal in truth; they are completely untrustworthy. At the same time, Obama has made it his cause to cut military spending and every form of program that would assure America her place in the sea and land race for supremacy in the world.

America is becoming a tired, old country, no longer having the resources necessary to protect her shores and to ward off aggressive forces from around the world. In the short time from Reagan to Obama, she has declined to the extent she now puts a new mentality to the face of the nation and it is one that draws ever closer to the fascist state at the expense of losing her democracy and her liberty.

This is not happening by happenstance. Obama fiddles while Rome burns because he wants to bring this nation in line with his socialist ideology. Some of the problems the nation is facing socially and financially are a direct result of a president who is spending tax-payers’ money lavishly at a greater rate than any other president ever has, while in office, making sure he keeps up his outrageously extravagant life-style at the expense of the people.

He claims the rich will pay for nearly everything, but never believe for a minute that the majority of Americans, who can least afford it, are not the ones who really are paying the price for this man’s Caesar-like mentality. He will never suffer, but they will. He will never turn off the lights of the White House like Harry Truman did to save on the electric bill; he simply will shut out the American people so that, like Al Gore, he can keep the juices running extravagantly for his own purposes.

It is a tragedy to see this new mentality taking hold in America, a nation, which once was the envy of the world. She is like a bride approaching the altar in a stained and tattered dress, abused by the very one she has chosen to marry. What may have looked good one day with the promises of hope and change, has proven to be nothing more than a pipe dream, which, once alluring, is now seen to be full of fatal flaws.

The nation has been forced into harlotry to her beloved God, the Father and Giver of all good things in this once great land. Without gratitude, she has said, “Thanks, but no thanks! Give us a king so that we might be like the other nations of the world.” And so, God said, “So be it!”

And so, she has him, Obama, himself, a rogue from Chicago, with a mentality to reward evil and destruction of that which is good. America wanted him and she got him, but it is never too late to repent, turn around and turn the tables back on him. It is time America challenged the “No God-ers” and said “Yes” to God and “No” to the one who brings evil into the land to destroy the good, which only God can provide.

If it is evil America wants, then Obama is her man. If it is good, then God will rule supreme again over this great land of liberty, for which reason she must turn back to Him.