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The Bionic Knee and the Cross

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

March 08, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I made the decision to pass from the natural world I inhabit to become part of the bionic age. As easily as it was to slice through my knee, cut out the old and put in the new, with a simple replacement, I became a new bionic woman of the bionic age. Though it sounds like a simple procedure, I would venture to guess that it is just about one of the most painful procedures this human body can endure.

Yet, as I think upon the events of the cross, with no spinal to have eased the pain, I am caught short in even trying to compare the two. With my new knee, I am hopeful I am going to be able to function reasonably well for the rest of my life, but with the cross, I can anticipate an eternity of bliss, free of suffering for which someone else suffered excruciating pain in my place.

What is it about mankind that makes us such fools? We can quickly say yes to the knife, knowing a painful time will follow, but we cannot say yes to the cross, which is painless for you and me, yet has so much more to offer us. Does the real problem with the knee not come at the walker stage and the unrelenting demands of the physiotherapist who insists a straight leg and a properly bending knee are the goal, if one is to have a restored walk?

How about the cross? Are we able to receive its benefits without immediately embracing a new walk based on an incredibly deep cutting away of the old to make way for the new? We are no more able to put a soft cushion under our feet than we are able to put a pillow under our bionic knees, if we want to make the necessary changes for a perfect walk.

In both cases, there is purpose for the retooling. In the case of the knee, I would like to walk again as God designed my body to do so. In the case of the cross, I want to walk again with God in the manner He first created us to walk with Him. It is at this walking point that we begin to feel the pain; for that which was acceptable before is no longer acceptable to a holy God. With the first cutting away to the work of the spiritual therapist, the process can be quite painful. The things you once loved and shared with friends, no longer hold their appeal, nor do you and your new love hold any appeal for your old friends. In fact, both friends and family can become quite hostile to the replacement the cross can bring into your life.

Yet, the Beloved Healer promises something perfect and so much better than that which the bionic offers to the natural world. The cross quite incredibly works in an opposite direction from that of the bionic. To the knee is added dead metal. The cross takes us from dead metal to life in the Spirit – from gold, silver, bronze and iron to the living water, which is the antidote for death. In an incredible burst of life, on the other side of the cross, the bud opens up and the flower comes forth; the seed buds and blossoms, and the tree yields its fruit.

Does the Gardener not look down upon His creation with delight as He surveys that which once was dead to see it come alive again and be redeemed to the point He can rejoice and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant? I sent you forth from the womb to be fruitful, but received the bionic back. So I sent My Son to retool you, but few would receive His precious gift. You, My faithful servant, will sit on the throne with My Beloved Son who took all that pain in your place. Together, you will go forth, from this day forward, to light the entire universe.”

Planet earth is like ground zero where the old shall soon pass away to make way for the New Heaven and a New Earth. This was merely the testing ground for separation – the light from the dark, the truth from religion and the Spirit of life from the spirit of death.

Repent, rejoice and be baptized in those heavenly waters from above; for the old bionic world is about to disappear as the metal gives way to the kingdom with the flow of the river of life from above. Jump in and enjoy the clean, refreshing waters for the King is coming and He is coming soon. Are you ready for that great day?