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Religion Calls for Unity; God Calls for Separation

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

March 20, 2013

And, so, the white puff of smoke has gone up, the political primaries are over and the cardinals have elected their new high priest of Romanism called the Pope. Is he any different from any other political appointment by men? Is he not part of the brotherhood of high priests, appointed by Romanism along with the pharisaical high priest, Caiaphas, also a politically appointed high priest by Rome in Jesus day?

There was a different high priest called John, of a double, Levitical high priest lineage through both mother and father, God appointed and sent to prepare the way for the High Priest and Son of God by introducing the concept of water baptism. It pointed to the true spiritual baptism to come with the High Priest, Jesus, to whom he turned over the reins of the Levitical high priesthood as the only Son of Man and Son of God.

Jesus was a High Priest who would truly unite heaven and earth in truth. There is none like Him, nor will there ever be any other high priest, except those who are the counterfeits of religion who come straight out of Babel. Babylon the great is plastered all over the face of the Vatican – elaborate costuming, elaborate surroundings, elaborate living and an elaborate bank account – much of which has come from the poor to build up the net monetary worth at the heart of the Roman Catholic religious system.

Jim Hnatiuk, the Leader of the Christian Heritage Party, says the puff of white smoke and the political election of a new pope have recaptured confidence in him for the Christian people (see CHP Communiqué, Vol. 20, No. 12, March 19, 2013). He considers it a privilege for those who have made it to the Vatican to witness this event, and he sees power in the millions of Christians who have united over this appointment.

I have to assume he is quite happy to see the election of a pope by men and not by God, an apostate high priest who dares to assume the position God has designated only for His Son. The root of this Roman high priesthood began with the pagan priest of Rome, back in the 4th century, when Constantine created a new religious system called Christianity out of Roman, pagan practices, forcefully bringing the church of the day into a compromised arrangement, which tried to unite the truth of God with the lies of religion, just as Satan did in the Garden.

In such manner, was birthed the new pagan religion of Christianity, which has held the church captive to Babylonianism, to this day. It is quite interesting how Christianity has attached itself to the pagan religion of the Pharisees, called Judaism, which came back with the captive nation of Israel from Babylon when Cyrus gave the order for them to return and rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. The purity of the time, under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah, lasted but a few years, with Judaism taking over the nation and growing until the corruption of the pharisaical priesthood led Jesus to call them exactly what they were – the sons of the devil (see John 8:44).

Hnatiuk speaks truth in quoting David Kupelian, who writes that all Christians have been seduced by the marketeers of evil. Yet, Hnatiuk clings to the unity of the principles of Judaism and Christianity, surely knowing the book of John where Jesus calls the Pharisees, not only sons of Satan, but he also goes on to state that they are a brood of vipers (see Matthew 23:33). The CHP leader sees Christian unity as the basis for the political success of a nation. He is only a step away from the Rick Warrens of Christianity and the ecumenical movement of the Christian church, which Billy Graham has promoted for years.

Now, one does not need to look very far to see that a political, religious unity is the goal of Satan for the One World Order of politics, economics and yes, religion as well – the 666 number of man and the beast. Jesus never, ever, suggested His church should unite with any uncleanness of religions under Satan. He called His church out in separation from the evil of the world to stand on truth only and never on religion. That is why the gates of hell cannot prevail against the true, religion-free, apostolic church, and why they are prevailing daily against that Christian, religious organization that dares to call itself the church.

Jesus was at odds with the Pharisees of Judaism, as He would be at odds with Christianity today and a pope who assumes the role of high priest, a title placed on him by Rome and the Babylonian system, just as Rome had placed it upon Caiaphas. The pope and Jesus would have about as much in common as Caiaphas and Jesus. Still, Hnatiuk suggests that, regardless of such apostasy, all Christians should unite.

The truth is found in the book of Revelation, where Jesus calls His true church to come out of her lest she share in the plagues of Babylon the great and receive of her sins. A coming exodus of the true, revived apostolic church must separate her from all religions and their practices. Jesus will lead her out of the religious system, never to leave her in a relationship signified by iron and clay, which is easily broken and destroyed. This is the route of value-sharing people but not the route of a truth-based church, which stands only on the gospels of the Bible and never on a religious system.

It is one thing to see biblical principles reflected in public policy; but it is an entirely different thing to see Judeo-Christian principles inflicted upon a Canadian people who accept no other High priest than Jesus, having set her Constitution firmly on the truth of the Bible and never on any Christian organization tied to Judaism.

The atomic bomb sets off a great plume of white smoke. I would suggest to Mr. Hnatiuk that the smoke of both the bomb and the Vatican chimney are more closely united to the smoking oven of Abraham’s dream (see Genesis 15:17) than to the burning torch, which speaks of a living witness to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The waters, which divide us, are the waters of the religious empires of Satan. He was the Light of the world who divided them at creation when God separated the waters from beneath from the waters from above, and it was the sin and rebellion of religion that brought the evil waters back into the Garden. The Lord God parted the waters because He wanted no unity with sin or the apostasy of any religious system. There is no unity that allows one to eat spiritually at both the table of Satan and the table of God.